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What exactly is youth "engagement"?

Just read this post on NextThought.com–What do we talk about when we talk about student engagement? This “connected learning” blog is launching a four-part conversation with educators about the meaning of “engagement”. 74 more words

'Passport control' by Divya Madhavan

Author’s note: I have written this assuming the reader has some familiarity with the notion of critical pedagogy, and thus bypass some necessary definitions on what it is, how it is expressed and what it means for a classroom. 1,804 more words


"The deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard"

May 2015

“We know of course that there’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard.” 1,939 more words

Ethnic Studies

Critical Pedagogy meets Year 9 library orientation/ Focus #1

This post was written during my online course ‘MOOCMOOC’ which was about critical pedagogy. Here I was learning out loud, fishing from others’ posts to construct an initial understanding of critical pedagogy, its theory and application, and reflecting on how this understanding could inform my practice as teacher librarian.  2,030 more words

Focus 1

Reflecting on Writing

I keep a separate ‘snippets page’ while I write. It works like a recycling bin of usable pieces of text that would otherwise be deleted and lost. 236 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Wasted Time on Whiteness

This spring in an education graduate course I co-teach, we required students to read about whiteness and the need for critical pedagogy.  I teach my students about the need for critical discussions about race and racism with white students in white classrooms and white schools. 1,888 more words