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olivia/failing at Freire

I can’t recall exactly when and where I first heard of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Perhaps in relation to following a #critlib… 531 more words

reading to not be neutral

I recently guest lectured in Rachel Gammons and Lindsay Inge Carpenter’s Seminar in the Academic Library class. I prefaced my presentation, “Neutrality is Hostility: The Impact of (False) Neutrality in Academic Librarianship,” by saying that my presentation is focused on my experience, as a woman of color,  in academic librarianship, but my experience is also reflected in the scholarship of our profession. 1,009 more words

Reflection of Critical Pedagogy(3)


Yes, Preschool Teachers Really Do Treat Black And White Children Totally Differently

When Tunette Powell’s son got suspended from school, she suspected this is his son’s fate because she got the same situation when she was young.   132 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Reflection of Critical Pedagogy(2)

The speaker summarized critical pedagogy into four main points.  Critical pedagogy Works toward social justice and equity and believes everyone has knowledge.  Critical pedagogy embraces theory and practice on the way to praxis.   66 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Critical Thinking VS Critical Pedagogy

Before learning critical pedagogy,I think critical pedagogy is equal to or to the most extent equal to critical thinking.  Now I get the awareness of the similarity and difference between these two concepts. 95 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Riot Grrrl in the Library: Employing Critical Active Learning

During library instruction sessions, Education Librarian Amy Gilgan employs a variety of methods to spark student curiosity, catapulting the research process from rote searching into active learning. 464 more words

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Reflection of Critical Pedagogy

What is critical pedagogy

As Klikauer (2016) said, critical pedagogy is a guideline that helps students form a critical awareness and practice in a free and equal social construction.  742 more words

Critical Pedagogy