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Listening with TING!

Listening…often times we hear, but how often do we listen.  Truly listen to what others are saying.  Most times, when we are in dialogue, especially with those with whom we disagree, we listen until we have a point to make.   530 more words

Social Justice

I am a Teacher and Learner

I typically begin every course I teach by asking participants to say their name, where they are from and to recite the words, “I am a teacher and a learner in this class.”  At first, people are quite reluctant to say these words and even somewhat embarrassed.   523 more words

Critical Pedagogy

The Emotional Weight of Critical Pedagogy

Designing and executing a unit on the chemistry of the Flint Water Crisis proved to offer me a lot to think about and grow from when considering social justice education. 448 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Letter Writing in Science Class?

Writing letters to government officials might not be the first classroom activity that comes to mind when you think of science class, but here are three benefits to science student letter-writing: 511 more words

End of Student Teaching Reflection

As I look back to the my initial reflection prior to student teaching, I realize it was very centered around the educational policy climate of Chester and how has manifested itself in the history of the school. 1,928 more words

Research & Theory Into Practive

Critical Pedagogy/Classroom Environment: Designing our Classroom Community - Lesson, Video, and Reflection

Lesson title: Community

Link to Video of Community Lesson: https://drive.google.com/a/swarthmore.edu/file/d/0B9FtG3Be8V-3T2JGWkI1SS15UjQ/view?usp=sharing

Understanding by Design Goals

Big Ideas: Community, classroom community, community operation

Essential Questions: What is a community? 1,280 more words

Classroom Environment

Critical Pedagogy: Stopping the Gender Binary

During my first week of student teaching, I filled page after page in my notebook just observing and note taking on the classroom, the teacher, the students, the hallways, everything. 481 more words

Critical Pedagogy