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Here's to the Brilliance of a Plan Coming Together!

I need to remember and reflect on the pressures that everyone is consumed by in this marketised climate.  What we are required to do to prove that we are working in addition to actually working has increased year on year and the bureaucracy of doing this has really taken its toll on everyone. 387 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Living Our Values

Is collective and collaborative leadership possible? People often think about outcomes and vision as corporatised concepts that misalign with educational values. Although I like the idea of shared values very much and the notion of ‘our values’ within a work context even more, I am not convinced that there is enough time to really understand what individuals value and then where there are overlapping and intersecting connections that might compose shared values. 934 more words


Positioning My Critical Andragogy

In academic worlds, it is easy to fall into the familiar trappings of espousing values, theories and philosophies through meetings, conference papers and other means of publication.  471 more words


Power and Positionality

To begin Chapter 2 about the Slave Trade, we played the “Game of Power”. In this game, there are four chairs, a table, and a water bottle in front of the classroom and students take turns arranging the objects so as to make one object the most powerful object in relation to the others. 420 more words

Classroom Environment

Nativism Today

Samaj stood up at the front of the class and gave his best donald trump impression as he read the quote projected on the board. He mimicked the pursed lips, hand gestures, and even ad libbed his own comments. 73 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Resolution toward radical digital media literacy in a post-truth era

Below please find my Resolution for the panel, “Ex-Post-Facto? The Anthropology of Media and Journalism in a Post-Truth Era,” to be presented in my absence at AAA on December 1, 2017. 1,209 more words


Flowery Nonsense and The Idea Generation Mill

It is inspiring to be with like-minded people who want to positively affect change and bring people together to do this in an educational context. Being physically present in a group such as this means that ideas are constantly flying around the room and trying to catch them to nail them down to action can, at times, feel like hammering fog. 594 more words

Critical Pedagogy