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Wasted Time on Whiteness

This spring in an education graduate course I co-teach, we required students to read about whiteness and the need for critical pedagogy.  I teach my students about the need for critical discussions about race and racism with white students in white classrooms and white schools. 1,888 more words


Monologue Poetry on Language, schooling and Education

These are my magical students…ones whose gifts must be nurtured, but it must be brought out first. In our education system we have decided to skip that initiation, or transform it into a disciplinary tool, a segregation and re-perpetuation of inequities which have roots in injustice. 991 more words

Healthy Treats!

MOVE and the connection to school curriculum

Today marks the 30th year since the MOVE catastrophe in Philadelphia – 11 deaths and 65 homes destroyed. This incident has, hopefully, been integrated into the public school curriculum (but I have my doubts that it even appears there). 570 more words

Charter Schools

Now is the time to love, to learn, and to listen; Now is the Freireian moment

I have come to realise that, whatever my political future holds, I will never be a good strategist. I am too emotional, too raw. For me, to cite the oft-used phrase coined by Italian philosopher… 1,375 more words


#Rhizo15 week three: thoughts on "content"

Again, in library instruction (since that is my container of experience), content is somewhat secondary. Tools and their uses (to acquire information) are primary, such as search techniques, procedures, the inner workings of databases, and even search algorithms and logic. 396 more words


Inconsistent Message: TFA, Clint Smith, & Compliance-Driven Charters

TFA sent out this Clint Smith TedTalk to alum today and, at the same time, TFA continues to place large numbers of corps members in schools like KIPP, STRIVE, BES, promote compliance driven behavior management strategies, and tells its corps members to “Teach like a champion.” If TFA placed corps members in these high performing charter networks while also explicitly critiquing these models as schools that are “unjust” and part of the “broken” and “racist” education system, perhaps I would be more understanding. 290 more words

Critical Pedagogy