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Creative Maladjustment for Reality Pedagogy and Healing

One week ago at the New Teacher Center Symposium on Mentoring and Induction Chris Emdin used Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and urged me to examine which parts of society I am willing to be deliberately maladjusted to. 2,446 more words


Critical Pedagogy-Paulo Freire

“As an alternative educational approach, Freire proposed that oppressed peoples need to become critically conscious, which is, in his view, the first step towards liberation and social change. 111 more words



If you are just joining my blog, please go back to my previous posts (3 posts so far), because I am picking up here, right in the argument I’ve been developing. 1,053 more words

Animals in environmental education research

Animals in environmental education research
– paper in current issue
Reingard Spannring
Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2017, Page 63-74

Over the past few decades, the increase in public and scholarly attention to human-animal relations has inspired an animal turn in a number of academic disciplines including environmental education research. 75 more words


On the Lack of Compassion in Teaching Non-Native English Speakers

I feel my depression acting up again, and I think my job is definitely to blame. I know it will sound pretentious of me to claim this, but I think I suffer greatly from being a person invested in my humanity on a staff that seems hell-bent on being half-dead. 1,281 more words

Higher Education Experience

My Introduction to ITP Core 2, CUNY

Today I begin my first class at CUNY, ITP Core 2: Interactive Technology and the University: Theory, Design, and Practice, co-taught with Luke Waltzer, Director, Teaching and Learning Center, CUNY GC… 506 more words


Use Secondary Sources in College Composition, But Use Them Wisely

About to begin teaching my favorite second-level composition course for the sixth time, I can safely say that I know every required secondary reading has a clear purpose in the syllabus. 1,941 more words