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Scholarship as (an inclusive) Conversation?

Recently, I’ve come across a lot of readings that have triggered thoughts on the ACRL Framework concepts, particularly Scholarship as Conversation. To get a less heady overview of what this concept means, check out this video: 792 more words


Decoding Learning: Teacher Learning, Prof. Krishna Kumar and Soren Kierkegaard

The gloomy outlook … for education, particularly School Education in India… is all out there… ‘Blind Faith’ (Krishna Kumar, Indian Express, April 23, 2016, p. 15). 506 more words

From the other side of the firewall…

by Will Cardoso and Divya Madhavan

About two years ago, we finished the respective Master’s degrees we were doing – Will at Bath, Divya at Exeter. 768 more words

Critical Pedagogy

Moving from despair to awareness: why we read the critical stuff

Reading the ‘critical’ stuff can be quite a depressing process. It’s not easy to come to terms with what looks like helplesness in the prophetic words of those who talked about the McDonaldization of society and education more than 20 years ago. 562 more words

Reading Group

Digital Pedagogies

This image, shared from an article at teachthought.com, contends that the digital pedagogue is a particularly open minded individual posited toward inspirational expansion. I, myself, find that I engage with digital interfaces in my classroom and teaching. 232 more words

Digital Humanities

Understanding the communities our students are from

I (Pooja) have just returned from AERA 2016. I always leave AERA feeling inspired to continue my research and motivated to get back into the classroom. 578 more words

How do you teach 'email'?

A student came to my office yesterday. “Hi Divya, I need to reply to an email about a job- do you think you could read it before I send it?” Of course, I said, and sat him down next to me. 694 more words

Critical Pedagogy