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Teaching and learning in a world which has “had enough of experts”?

Current Environment Secretary and prominent Vote Leave campaigner Michael Gove stated during the Brexit referendum, “people have had enough of experts”. This apparent mistrust in the role of expertise has been highlighted in relations to a range of different contexts, with scepticism of climate change – despite the unanimity of research findings on this topic – and debates surrounding the Brexit referendum and 2016 US Presidential election being offered as striking examples. 322 more words

Learning And Teaching In Higher Education

Classroom Observation & Redesign

Written for an Applied Linguistics Master’s Course: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Part 1: Educational Setting

     The classroom observation took place at a primary school located in Nottingham, England. 4,114 more words

Non-Fiction Pieces

Some Troubles with Internet Time

In Spring 2019, I re-booted my course, Feminist Online Spaces. This time I taught it with Masters students in Liberal Studies (MALS) at the CUNY Graduate Center and it was called Contemporary Feminist Theories: The Nowheres & Everywhere of Online Feminism. 152 more words


U Is For Umpteen

“U” Alphabet Art by Neil Bain

“U” is for umpteen. Untitled, ultramarine, utilitarian,underground art, utopia. Understanding, university, undergraduate. Urn, unqualified, unit, uproot. Useful, ultimate, unique.

T Is For Tons

“T” Alphabet art by Neil Bain

“T” is for tons. Triptych, tableau, trompe l’oeil, tempera. Teaching, tutor, tracking, truant, taxonomy, transferable skills. Texture, tone, traditional, tied sheaf, teardrop, trachelium, tulip. 6 more words

LILAC 2019

I attended LILAC in Nottingham this year on the final day of the conference as well as the conference dinner on the night before. In response to calls in incorporate more criticality into library work as well as to highlight many of the ways the libraries and library workers marginalise voices and groups, these themes and ideas were much more to the forefront of the sessions I attended and ideas I exchanged. 993 more words

Professional Events

S Is For So

“S” Alphabet art by Neil Bain

“S” is for so. Spatialism, screenprint, sculpture, serial art, socially engaged practice, still life, street art. Studying, school, science, skill, self-esteem, syllabus, student. 15 more words