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Path, Selebriti-Mikro, dan "Perubahan"

Baru (atau “Sudah”) sebelas bulan saya menggunakan Path sebagai salah satu media sosial saya. Sudah sebanyak 577 momen yang saya abadikan dalam platform ini. Artinya, dengan asumsi sederhana bahwa satu bulan terdiri dari tiga puluh hari, maka di setiap harinya rata-rata saya mengunggah 1,748 momen. 1,704 more words


Note on Analogies Between Freud's Psychic Model and the Dramatic Form

Thoughts on ‘An outline of Psychoanalysis’

1.  The rhetoric Freud opens with emphasizes psychoanalys’s basis in action. Its ‘postulate rests on an immeasurable wealth of observations and experiences’. 211 more words

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Some Stories We Can Tell About the Digital Humanities

What is there left to say about the digital humanities? I found myself staring down the barrel of that question last week, as an invited speaker… 2,038 more words

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Foucault & The Would-Be Drunk Drivers

This is a slightly modified version of a short essay I wrote for a class: Marxist and Post Marxist Approaches to Cultural Studies. This blogpost is cross-posted on my… 1,575 more words


Iraq 2: Sanctions and Bombing 1990-2003

Sanctions and Bombing 1990-2003

Where are our human rights here in Iraq? We have no electricity, no clean water, no trains, no safe cars, an environment which is being destroyed, and you are bombing us every day. 901 more words

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Iraq 1: The First Gulf War 1991

The Gulf War 1991

The greatest moral crusade since World War II.
– US President George Bush Sr. on the first Gulf War

…a sample group of children were asked, ‘What sticks in your mind about the television coverage of the war?’ Most referred to the hi-tech weapons and equipment; some mentioned specifically the Pentagon war ‘videogames’. 2,285 more words

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