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A Supersession of Capitalist Dialectics within Her

Her, a 2013 film directed by Spike Jonze, is portrayed within the liberal deadlock of occidental Spectacle culture as a tale of abstract and incredulous proportions, in which a man falls hopelessly in love with an ultimately otherworldly intelligence. 1,658 more words


A Schematic of the Development of Colonial Sexuality within Annie John

The development of sexuality within youth has been the subject of much moral problematization and theoretical elaboration throughout modern and contemporary history, as is shown through the institutional regulation and cultivation of an ascetics within children that has been prominent during multiple points of history and has meanderingly evolved to fit a contemporary context. 2,591 more words


Theory and Scholarship

In my dissertation, I’m looking at the place of the Filipino in the United States, specifically in the US deployment of a new kind of imperialism. 1,169 more words


The Queer Diary of Mordred Vienna reaches #8 in sales rankings, but modestly.

The Queer Diary of Mordred Vienna has reached the dizzying heights of #8 at the Kobo bookstore, under the category Fiction and Literature > Literary Theory and Criticism > Gay and Lesbian. 10 more words


The Hunger Games & Critical Theory

Hi friends! I wanted to share some recently completed research on The Hunger Games series, in which I examine representations of gender, class, and race the in the first three films. 2,576 more words

Critical Cultural Studies

War in Video Games: Propaganda or Entertainment?

It all started a few years ago when I had to write a short paper for my media studies course. Thing is, all I wanted to do that week was laze about and play video games. 5,104 more words

Video Games

Gender Fluidity in a "Fukù" Generation

Gender is a “historical situation rather than a natural fact” (901). Junot Díaz, in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, presents three consecutive generations of the de León family to illustrate the gradual generational project in which they make significant strides in mastering the art of gender fluidity (Butler 901). 2,412 more words

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