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Zizek on Stalin [2:18 secs]

As a result of some debates I got involved in regarding my earlier essay on Zizek, I happened to come across this video of Zizek expressing his opinion on Stalin. 27 more words


Cruel hearts, hands, hopes.

It is not that we have lost our love. Merely, we have discovered, afresh, the fear of losing all we know we might one day have never had. 216 more words

Zizek : 21st Century Socrates

“Come on. I don’t have any problem violating my own insights in practice.” – Slavoj Zizek

Ugly and unrepentant in his own ugliness. Logorrheic to the point of exasperating those he manages to lure into discussion. 1,132 more words


Over Our Heads: What the Dink is Critical (and Literary) Theory?

Disclaimer: take what I have here with a grain of salt– not only is critical theory an ever-shifting study, but what I have to say is from an introductory standpoint. 1,103 more words


"Democrazy" - Elitism For All - by Ozgur K. Sahin

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a few fellow convention-goers that I intend to put out a call to action soon and get people to mail me with words, phrases, or even whole sentences that they have heard narcissists say. 1,870 more words


for M.F. – 17 March, 1976


God help me.
Should be long ago gone
so they and I
don’t have to hear me my
aleatory breaths

why you just
smile at wisps of thought… 253 more words

Presence and Print

I never have time to write anything but my dissertation these days, but in reading the media theory necessary to make my argument an interesting pattern emerged I want to briefly outline.   1,231 more words

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