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Some Days Are Good Days to Die, Some Days You Can Just Argue

As teachers of English, we are expert bullshit detectors. It’s abundantly clear when a student is trying to pad their ideas with excess or did not do the reading or thinking required to write the paper. 1,227 more words

Professors Are Priests, SJWs The Congregation

Universities have become a specter of what they once represented – higher learning, rational inquiry, empiricism and science. Today, universities are a bacchanalia of pseudo-science, mysticism and superstition. 1,809 more words


Links from the last week (Sep 11, 2017)

OK, maybe if I write these little collections on Sunday night and set them to publish on Monday I will have time to write them, and people might find them at a time they are actually inclined to read such things!   1,105 more words

Victim "Feminist" - Taylor Swift & Commercialised, Superficial Feminism

Before this essay even begins I would like to stress one important, nay, the most important message of the following production: the following critique is not an attack on Taylor Swift, and if that’s what you’re here to see enacted you may feel slightly underwhelmed. 4,037 more words


The Frankfurt School on Authority and Family

Nuran Yıldırım

Middle East Technical University

Within social science, the terms ‘Frankfurt School’ and ‘Critical Theory’ evoke more than just the idea of a particular paradigm; they trigger memories of a string of names – starting with Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse and Habermas – and associations with the critique of culture, positivist dispute, and the student movement of the 1960s. 1,125 more words

Cultural Politics

The Rhetoric of Addiction.

I was listening to This NPR report this morning:


We should recognize by now that addiction does not merely affect a few bad people. We should understand that addiction is not only a systemic issue, but a social and cultural issue. 952 more words

Critical Theory

A few hours in the company of Prof. Sheila Fitzpatrick

Yesterday I had the privilege and the pleasure of spending some time in the company of Prof. Sheila Fitzpatrick, eminent historian of Soviet Russian. For two hours a very small handful of UQ history postgrads got to pick her brain while listening to anecdotes from her groundbreaking and turbulent career. 898 more words