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Hello world. It's me, Chelsea.

So this is it. My conversion to WordPress from Tumblr. The Tumblr gods may be angry with me. . .

Hello world. It’s me, Chelsea. This is my blog dedicated to my super rad Viral Media class. 87 more words


"When Species Meet" with Donna Haraway

The following quotes are from the beginning of the book and help to frame our thinking about symbiotic relations and co-opted living with and becoming with non-human organisms. 2,049 more words


metaethical negativism and ethical exhortation

In this post I want to consider whether something inconsistent is happening when someone simultaneously makes strong substantive ethical assertions – assertions about what they and other people ought to do in a specific scenario, what “the good” might be in general, whatever – and makes strong negative metaethical assertions. 3,549 more words

Less Wrong

Habermas communicative rationality and how discourse ethics and a vibrant public sphere could break the stranglehold on rationality by elites

Te belief that meaning and reason were social in nature-i.e., required mutual cooperation and collaboration in its contruction-led early pragmatists to belive that an important part of the route to progressive social change lie in democratic deliberative approaches to addressing pressing social problems.

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Environmental Sociology

Comment on the comment of Tom Sparrow's "The End of Phenomenology". 

The New Realism is just that: A manner of justification for a new reality. No big deal; its cool. I just wonder how critical they go. 1,357 more words

Wither Cultural Studies?

As a teacher, I have a conflicted relationship with cultural studies. I don’t deny that cultural products are implicated in larger systems of power or that it’s advantageous to be aware of those relationships. 686 more words


"Maslow's Habit" - Elitism For All - by Ozgur K. Sahin

I’m back at my keyboard after a long month of conventions, book delivery, and a birthday. Having conventions for two consecutive weekends for a grand total of seven days would normally give me a lot of fuel for new topics, but this time around, it was a basic social issue which cropped up in one of the hotels that brought me to type this. 1,881 more words