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Social Media Counters and Metrics: Measurement at all Costs?

‘The one question I keep returning to is whether we can dispense
with social media counters entirely’.

 Kane X. Faucher’s new book Social Capital Online… 1,881 more words

Critical Digital And Social Media Studies Series

Week 2 - Appropriation and Context

This week’s forum was a discussion centered around the controversy over “The Rights of the Molotov Man” and the case known as Joywar.  In 2003 Joy Garnett used an image taken in 1979 by Susan Meiselas of a Sandanista rebel in Nicaragua as inspiration for a painting in a collection called Riot.  521 more words


The Death of Melody

I don’t know exactly when but at some point, in the last 18 years Melodies disappeared from music. I realise this will all sound like the impotent ranting of a man on his lawn shaking his fist at the sky but as a musician there has been a noticeable transition away from melody in almost all genres of music. 1,134 more words

Critical Analysis

Surfaces and Strategies - Week Two: Remediation and Appropriation

This week we considered Remediation and Appropriation – with reference to ‘Joywar’ and the debate between Joy Garnett , the digital artist and Susan Meiselas  the painter  and its effect on us as individuals  if  someone created an artwork that appropriated, referenced or remixed one of our own images. 230 more words


Research Design & Transparency

Academics often claim their research is for the “public good”, and there is a wide range of literature out there (including plenty of inspiring TED Talks) about the open source movement within research. 598 more words


The DesOps Enterprise -Re-invent Your Organization  : (Volume 1) The Overview & Culture

Paperback on DesOps 

The DesOps Enterprise -Re-invent Your Organization  : (Volume 1) The Overview & Culture 


In this three-parts book series, we will be touching upon the practical approaches on how to prepare for this next-wave in service-design of that compliments  195 more words