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The Afterlives of Roland Barthes

Neil Badmington discusses his fascination with the work of Barthes, the continuing relevance of critical theory, and his own approach to academic style

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From "Critique of Violence"

“…the function of violence in lawmaking is twofold, in the sense that lawmaking pursues as its end, with violence as the means, what is to be established as law, but at the moment of instatement does not dismiss violence; rather, at this very moment of lawmaking, it specically establishes as law not an end unalloyed by violence but one necessarily and intimately bound to it, under the title of power. 63 more words

Critical Theory

Theory and study week

Critical theory today, but this time, we had a bonus treat: a presentation by Joe. The subject of this presentation was “the unexpected”. Basically, Joe talked about artists who work is often bizarre, unpredictable and unexpected. 202 more words

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Beyond Postmodernism

Postmodernism is a trap. Linguistically it defies definition, that post- positions it as a critical framework that can only be defined by its relationship to modernism. 439 more words


Charleston Diary 1: Writing about art as art

By Chris Dohse
Copyright 2011, 2017 Chris Dohse

First published on May 28, 2011, re-publication of this article on Dance Insider is sponsored by Slippery Rock University Dance… 1,282 more words

Why We Have to Fight for Access to Theory: Judith Butler and the UCL Lecture

This post could also be called: Know what you’re letting yourself in for when you start an a campaign for disability access

UCL and the Inaccessible Lecture Hall: The Story of a Week… 1,962 more words