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Virtual Reality and The Empathy Machine

Each epoch dreams the one to follow.

-Jules Michelet, “Avenir! Avenir!”

Every age has utopian dreams. These virtual worlds provide escapist allure, and they create a space in which to sort the residue left over from unrealised hopes. 2,177 more words

Critical Theory

Key Concepts for MIT 2200

Here is a non-exhaustive list of key concepts from “Mapping Media and Cultural Theory.” Try to connect these theories to multiple theorists and grasp how they augment each concept. 9 more words


Could Facebook Subvert the Authority of the ‘Male Gaze’??

In this essay, I will argue that Facebook has the potential to subvert the authority of the ‘male gaze’. I will briefly outline Laura Mulvey’s and John Berger’s writing on the ‘male gaze’, the culture of pleasurable viewing it has constructed, and the gendered power structures it serves. 3,930 more words

What is Cultural Marxism?

Cultural Marxism is a broad term which refers to the advocacy and application of Critical Theory  , and more generally to the cultural, political and academic influence of certain elements  within the contemporary left. 1,214 more words


What's wrong with Social Democracy?

Take a look at this comic. It’s humorous (its actually very funny) I know, I shouldn’t take it too seriously. Even though it is a leftist comic, and I’m a Leftist, I believe it perfectly encapsulates what Ideology is. 1,832 more words


Critical Perspectives

In today’s world, it has become increasingly important to develop critical perspectives with respect to photography. Photography has become so common place that we see hundreds, if not thousands, of images every day. 381 more words

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