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Considering Canaries: Reconceiving of African-American Social Movements and How the Power Elite Influence the Racial Narrative

While many Americans rightly complain of a lack of political options, African-Americans are essentially left to choose between Democrats, who do a poor job of fighting for African-American issues, Republicans, who make no attempt at fighting for African-American issues, and abstaining from political participation altogether, but this has not always been the case1. 2,267 more words

The London Beckett Seminar 2016-2017

The London Beckett Seminar at the Institute of English Studies will bring together national and international scholars, researchers and postgraduates to discuss issues arising from the prose, theatre and poetry of Samuel Beckett that pertain to aspects of literary, philosophical and historical analysis with particular attention to translation studies, performance and practice, digital humanities and visual cultures. 399 more words


Race to the Bottom: An Examination of the United States’s Historical Treatment of Power and Race

Conceptions of freedom are often framed in terms of negative freedoms and positive freedoms, with negative freedoms representing people’s freedoms from various injuries and positive freedoms representing people’s capacities1. 2,158 more words



I didn’t do any studio work today, and I wish I did. At least in the studio, I be having fun and being active. Instead, I mostly worked on my ideas for themes for my kitchen project and ideas for theory tomorrow. 262 more words

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Günther Anders: A Philosopher for the Modern Age

Christopher John Müller on his new book and his English translation of Günther Anders, a contemporary of Adorno, Benjamin, and Arendt

How did you come to discover the work of Günther Anders? 3,063 more words


Ep. 44 - Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick on theory, paranoid reading, and reparative reading

Join Emily, John, and B as they celebrate a reunion: John’s brief return to New York in this exciting episode on Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s critiques of paranoid reading, her theories of affect, and the move toward the reparative. 263 more words


Weekly Round-Up (24 Oct 2016)

Curating some of the best recent links across literature, philosophy, and the arts

Urban architecture

Ursula K. Le Guin

John Coltrane, A Love Supreme (Impulse! 1965) … 745 more words