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Theodor Adorno: Reflections on Class Theory

introduction from here .

You can download the whole text here

Theodor Adorno’s essay, “Reflections on Class Theory”, found in Can One Live After Auschwitz? 1,762 more words


Critical Postmodern Readings, Part 1: Lyotard

I’m over nine years into this blog, so I think most readers know my opinions and worldview on many issues in philosophy. I roughly subscribe to a… 1,225 more words


In Quest(ion) of Indentity

The ambiguous identity of Antigua—an independent country or a(n) (ex)colony of West Imperialism—is presented in Kincaid’s A Small Place to criticize West Imperialism. Here, the book uses every element of narrative strategy to question as well as attack West Imperialism through tourism.  1,323 more words

Shining Stars

241/1030: Theories of the Novel and some reflection

I’ve lost some steam again in posting here everyday, but I’m still somehow working at least 4/7 days for a PhD, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. 692 more words

1029 Days

Moishe Postone “Critique and Historical Transformation”

source: communists in situ

From Critique and Historical Transformation, by Moishe Postone (2004):

Find the greek translation of the text on our page here

At the heart of Marx’s analysis of the commodity is his argument that labour in capitalism has a ‘double character’: it is both ‘concrete labour’ and ‘abstract labour’. 985 more words


on notes on the death of culture

The spectacle is the effective dictatorship of illusion in modern society. – Guy Debord 671 more words


A Queer Survival Kit: Part II

This is a 3-part article on queer survival and queer politics.

Part I: Art.
Part III: Failure and Dance.

Item 2: A perfectly functional Gaydar… 1,101 more words