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What really matters

I think there is something about the plebs and sheeples that drive that to do the mundane. They watch the popular sports on TV, they read popular books (like Harry Potter, LOL) and they waste their time going shopping for the latest trends. 227 more words

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: Wason Selection Task Explained

In the last critical thinking post, I proposed the Wason Selection Task: you’re dealt four cards; red, 3, 8, and brown. The dealer says the rule is if one side of the card is even, the opposite side must be red. 214 more words

THE GUYANA I WANT| Is Anti-bullying

It has been a while since I have put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or even express my thoughts about anything Guyanese in a blog. 466 more words


Surge Pricing

(Thanks to Cafe Hayek for article linked to in this post and the previous post)

Here’s Ryan Bourne defending¬†Uber’s surge pricing.

Surge pricing is a tough concept for people to understand. 321 more words

Critical Thinking

Power of Exit: Corporate Tax Inversions

Veronique de Rugy writes about a good example of the power of exit: corporate tax inversions.

To escape the U.S.’s high corporate tax rate, corporations do what they are supposed to do: make more money for their owners. 100 more words

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: Bell Hooks

(First attempt at writing for critical perspecives)

In Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom, author and feminist/social activist Bell Hooks focusses on issues such as racism, sexism and, mainly, the act of thinking. 582 more words

Shallow Thinking Pt. 1

When I was at Georgia Tech there was someone who attempted to commit suicide at the North Avenue apartments by jumping out of a¬†window. I don’t remember the details of the exact incident, but I remember the conversation I had with a friend of mine. 717 more words