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Have you thought about (HYTA) why everyone should learn a little logic?

          Wherever we tread, frontiers new and old are often beset with numerous arguments all vying to persuade us to give up our time and money for various causes. 591 more words



On the evening that my students and I met the traveling students from Phillips Exeter Academy for the first time, their teacher Olutoyin Augustus-Ikwuakor had a sheet full of activities planned for our two-hour preliminary session. 1,372 more words


The Podcast

Here’s the link to my final version of the podcast. This was my first time using adobe audition as i have never done audio editing before now, so this was a new experience and i feel i have learnt some new skills. 77 more words

People really believe this stuff. The NY Times didn't realize that...

I started the site Doubtful News in 2011 with the premise that science-based, skeptically-minded coverage of news stories that you shouldn’t believe on face value was sorely needed. 884 more words


A Worldview Built on a Shaky Foundation

Most Christians hold a worldview that is built on a shaky foundation.  (Cue the outrage.)  Allow me to explain.  Very few Christians are able to articulate their rationale for why they believe what they believe.  1,496 more words


Great Question.

Last night I was out having wings with a young guy who had a barrage of questions …

How do we know the scriptures are authoritative? 1,105 more words


Peter Boghossian on Critical Thinking, The Atheos App, and the Post-Modern Influence on Universities

| by Malhar Mali |

“ are pumping out complete bullshit and indoctrinating a generation of students to believe total nonsense.” — Peter Boghossian.


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