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Ask Jay-Jeeves

“Content might be king, but distribution is the kingdom.” – Derek Thompson, author of Hitmakers

Post-Napster, the digital music war moved from illegal to ugly as the practices were legitimized and real business sprung up. 602 more words

Community Voices with Bakri Musa

June 18, 2018

Community Voices with Bakri Musa – Reflections on observing Ramadan in a secular society

by Dr. M Bakri Musa  Guest Column | June 15, 2018 — … 639 more words


The answer is almost always, 'not enough reps'

As a coach, I’ve noticed that too many coaches and parents vastly underestimate the amount of repetition required to gain competency in the sport’s core skills and tactics. 168 more words

Critical Thinking

Facebook jail is all too common now.

Again, I don’t have much to write. But there is one thing that I keep seeing… Friends returning after a stint in “Facebook jail”.

In almost every case, it is the same: They didn’t post anything that could be contrived to be hate speech, or nudity, or whatever they were reported for, not by any stretch of the imagination. 127 more words


Memories of My Father

Carol A. Hand

My father was 76 when he died on April 26, 1994. He was surrounded by strangers on the psychiatric ward of a veterans’ hospital when he passed away. 466 more words

Critical Thinking

Developing a Critical Reader

Step 1

Before reading a text/ a news story/ a part of a longer text, ask students to write a few questions based on the title/first paragraph of the text, something they would like to know. 66 more words

High Levels

Question Everything

Should we question everything?  Clever, right?  I will tell you up front that I believe the answer is an emphatic “Yes.  We should question everything.”  And yes, we should even consider whether or not it is wise to question everything. 920 more words