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Question the Expectations

With all sorts of excitement in the world, I found myself reaching for Howard Marks’ book, The Most Important Thing this week to revisit a few highlights. 330 more words

School of Critical Thinking?

Mind Over Media in Poland has got a meaningful subtitle „School of Critical Thinking”. It can be understood in two ways – the program itself being a school where we help people to master their critical thinking skills, and on the other side, we wonder if a school can be a place of learning critical thinking as well. 422 more words

Space takers

Dear President Trump,

I am devoting this letter to a catalogue of some the day’s instances of men taking up a lot of physical and/or emotional space. 453 more words

Critical Thinking

Not Just Them— Us Too!

It’s too convenient, too easy, too simple, and too self-righteous to point the proverbial finger. We cry out, They haven’t fixed the problems! Congress hasn’t passed gun laws, states haven’t fixed Medicaid, the National Guard hasn’t secured the border . 584 more words

Social Justice

“Be Authentic” Advice is Mostly “BS” Advice

“Be authentic” advice is mostly “BS” advice. I know, I know, we’re all “special,” BUT… when it comes to business, people don’t need for us to be special as much as they need to feel special. 461 more words

I've got work to do

Dear President Trump,

I’ve got work to do. This morning when I saw the title of the “Poem-a-day” in my inbox (“If All My Relationships Fail and I Have No Children Do I Even Know What Love Is… 425 more words