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When Old White Guys Discover Memes

Ms Soapbox recently received a series of memes from an old white guy justifying his support of Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-everything policies.

She’s been seething ever since. 898 more words

Politics And Government

The Librarian without a Voice 😷

Earlier this week, I succumbed to the “ick”. That is the technical term that I, without one day of medical training, have given the virus going around. 605 more words

Effective Instruction

When Game Over is a Good Thing

Picture this scene:

A room abuzz with learners fully focused and engaged in the task at hand, persisting, collaborating, sharing, challenging—themselves and others. In theory, this is what every classroom would look like every day, in some shape or form. 848 more words

Jeffery Sachs on his new book, Building the New American Economy

February 27, 2017

Jeffery Sachs on his new book, Building the New American Economy–Smart, Fair, & Sustainable

Money is politics is a serious problem in America today–Jeffery Sachs… 142 more words


When I Feel Most Like Me

I feel most like me when I’m walking with my headphones in, listening to good music and heading toward the nearest coffee shop, my mind abuzz with all the ideas I’m accumulating, preparing to lay them all out on the blank, white page of my prized notebook. 550 more words

Weaponizing the scientific method

We’re experiencing an unprecedented level of lying in American politics right now, mostly courtesy of our “so-called” president. What is there to do about this? Right now it seems like no amount of calling out bullshit stops Trump from baldly lying, or his supporters from accepting the lies, or congressional Republicans from spinelessly hiding in a corner pretending it’s not happening. 1,291 more words