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Editor's Pick: Christians Don't Go To Heaven When They Die

Hey all!  How are you doing?  I hope good.  I didn’t post last week, because I didn’t read any critical piece that I felt deserved… 188 more words

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The problem with communism

Anyone who has been dissatisfied with a group decision on where to eat dinner already knows the problem with communism and other forms of central planning. 30 more words

Critical Thinking

What's missing? Curiosity and a set of supports

A work-in-progress on what it means to foster curiosity in critical thinking, creative thinking, and studies of complex situations.
View these visual aids while listening to this… 69 more words

Reflective Practice

Disagreement Within the Atheist Communities

The diversity of views of atheists is huge and that is a good thing. Unlike the disagreements between religious views (which hold a huge diversity also) we are left with reason alone to make our arguments. 261 more words


Blinding of ideology

My intellectual and political journey has been a long and bumpy one. I began as a kind person, and respecting of everyone’s beliefs and my mother’s penchant for social justice pushed me into causes from an early age, ranging from the environment, to poverty, to international development, and of course, like any western mother of that generation, Feminism. 1,136 more words

Struggle Session at Wilfred Laurier University

I was more than a little troubled by this story:

Most recently, the media reported Lindsay Shepherd, a grad student and teaching assistant in Laurier’s communications program, ran afoul of her university bosses while instructing a first-year class.

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the #newschool: Let it be.

This one is pretty simple: it’s OK sometimes to let it be.

While activism and working for change are important, there are also arguments that aren’t worth having and that will never be won. 360 more words

The Deep South