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A World Gone Mad

Carol A. Hand

Spring finally arrived on April 19, 2018
here in the northland of the United States
It was the first day since October 23, 2017… 254 more words

Critical Thinking


You have to have some certain skills to achieve being a detective and to do your work correctly. Some of these skills include critical thinking, attention to detail, problem solving, etc. 167 more words

Get Good, Stay Good, Get Better, Become Great

Finding positive synergies is all about getting good. These are proverbially the “good problems” to have. After a while though, all things evolve. To… 678 more words

What is Dwell Time?

As a quick refresher, the gas port is a hole drilled into the barrel that allows some of the burned gunpowder’s gas to cycle back into the gun’s action.  1,610 more words

Critical Thinking

Starbucks Racism: Another Moral Panic

As you probably know, earlier this week 2 black men were arrested at a Starbucks when they failed to order anything. They sat down without ordering anything, told the manager when she asked them if they wanted to buy anything that they had brought their own bottles of water, and then refused to leave. 311 more words

The Bible: Gospel, Guide or Garbage?

Linked for you here is a dialogue between New Testament scholar and theologian, NT Wright, and Harvard philosopher, Sean Kelly, as they discuss one of history’s most influential books – … 85 more words


RSO #2

Senior year has been a roller coaster ride of emotions; with my college career slowly creeping up on its end, I’ve found myself slightly worried for what the future holds.  550 more words