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Debunk It! How to Stay Sane in a World of Misinformation by John Grant (2015)

Misinformation can have serious consequences, and this irreverent book exposes rhetorical fallacies and teaches important critical thinking skills to help teens cope.

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TOK and “fake news”: 3 tips, 2 downloads, and 3 resources

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OUP blog) Well, we’ve done it at last. We’ve hit the Big Time. Suddenly the topics that we chat about every day in class – such as concepts of truth and reliability, the nature of “facts”, methods of validating or rejecting knowledge claims, and the dynamic and formative role of perspectives – have come into the glaring public spotlight. 3,047 more words

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MakeUseOf: Are You Wrong? 5 Sites to Find Out

MakeUseOf: Are You Wrong? 5 Sites to Find Out. “The human mind is a complex beast. It draws information from various sources. Sometimes, odd things stick with us, and over time, our mind treats them as ‘facts’. 89 more words

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5 Reasons why Being Lazy can be a Good Thing (3 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Paul Scott

Founder & Owner of: Oaktownvibes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

Being lazy is a good thing. 1,067 more words


Start the week with a summary of The Benefits of Environmental Education for K-12 Students

“Studies in the review demonstrated that environmental education has led to a number of positive impacts, from improving academic performance, to enhancing critical thinking skills, to developing personal growth and life-building skills including confidence, autonomy, and leadership. 43 more words

Nicole Ardoin

The Whiteboard

“Words hurt.” These are words every one of us have heard from an early age, yet for some of us the real impact of this statement only became evident in the past few weeks. 823 more words

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