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5 winning brainstorming methods

Once you’ve identified what type of essay you are going to write and what the main focus and topic is, you need to spend some time brainstorming ideas. 501 more words

1.1 Truth Value vs Truth

What did they say? What did they really say? Here’s my favorite trick for thinking critically. I was first introduced to this technique by my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. 1,041 more words

Critical Thinking

Reflections about Broken-Heartedness – Friday, August 26, 2016

This post is different than those I normally share, but I felt this resource was important. Thanks to one of my former students who continues to teach me new things, I discovered Parker Palmer’s work on… 244 more words

Critical Thinking

An Example of How NOT to Communicate Effectively

So as a follow-up to my post yesterday regarding, open, honest and clear communication, I wanted to share this response from Barry today about a question on another post (Well that’s a shame…) I made back in May.   467 more words

Critical Thinking

Elements of Reasoning 

Here are the elements of reasoning according to Dr. Richard Paul


A Protocol for Critical Thinking

Here is one way to think about what “critical thinking” is: a set of concrete questions.  When we ask ourselves these questions, and follow appropriate procedures for answering them, we are “doing” critical thinking. 677 more words


Kids & Campaigns

Politics can get ugly, especially at election time. Tomorrow’s leaders must do better. How? By thinking of Big Ideas like leadership, the Constitution and Executive Office powers now – when they’re kids. 298 more words

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