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Update on TKR update

The new knee is improving every day. Pain levels were never an issue, after the first couple days home. I took myself off the opioid pain killers as soon as I could and have been off them for weeks now. 111 more words


Inching Closer to a Collapse?

Yes, I said I’d avoid “current events” posts, but frankly, things have been getting a bit strange. More so than normal.

We’ve got a former FBI Director, and life-long Republican, going toe-to-toe with the current president (who got a big leg up from said FBI Director during the campaign). 476 more words

Critical Thought

Snatched: Black womxn can’t breathe

“Black womxn are exhausted” I thought to myself as I sat unable to breathe while watching Snatched at the Wits Downstairs Theatre. Once again, I am reminded that this country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of black womxn. 542 more words


TKR Update

About a month and a half ago, two posts ago, I said the following:

“Having been a member of the LDS Church, it would normally be an expectation that such a procedure be prefaced with a Priesthood Blessing for the success of my procedure. 482 more words


Preparing for Not Collapsing

This post was inspired by a number of newspaper articles I’ve read recently, all of which addressed a financial issue from different angles. According to Salon, … 601 more words


Some Thoughts on Libraries & Neutrality

At the 2018 Midwinter Conference of the American Library Association, the President’s Program was a panel discussion titled, “Are Libraries Neutral? Have They Ever Been? Should They Be?” 768 more words





the action of deceiving someone.

“obtaining property by deception”

a thing that deceives.

“a range of elaborate deceptions”


deceit, deceitfulness, duplicity, double dealing, fraud, cheating, trickery, 84 more words