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The Ocean of Opinion: A drowning man’s perspective.

Advocates, critics, supporters, detractors, experts, amateurs, enthusiasts, purists. Each one a wave unto itself in a sea of ‘’I think’’ and ‘’I know’’. Each has a weapon of choice, twitter, facebook, reddit, forums, freelancing. 1,698 more words


The Silly Season is Here

While the competition for the various party nominations has been going on for quite a while, it seems that it’s really only in the last few weeks that they’ve turned “serious”–although that’s probably not the best word. 460 more words

Critical Thought

What Ifs, and What Is

I’m writing this evening, as my chunk of the Eastern Seaboard is lashed by rain.  At least it’s warm–unseasonably so–because there’s not much worse than a cold, soaking rain.  451 more words

Critical Thought

Diverse Books for White Dudes

On the last day of the KLA/MLA joint conference last week, I attended a session titled “Why We Need Diverse Books.” I believe the #WeNeedDiverseBooks… 643 more words



Being 19 is difficult. I know that all ages are difficult in some way, but being 19 – simply put – sucks. There’s this unbelievably risky ledge that marks the transition between adolescence and paying taxes, and the stress felt before jumping off the ledge into the inevitable abyss of loans, credit, debt, children, marriage, college, work, sickness, health, death, love… it’s tantamount to jumping out of a plane not knowing for sure whether you have a parachute on your back. 364 more words

In Defense of Critical Thought for Pop Culture

This post comes about as an outgrowth of a recent discussion I had about the state of American poetry. Now those of you who read a particular… 735 more words

On Writing

Continuing In Delusion

The last week and a half or so has been amazing, in more than one respect. In the Washington, D.C., area, we had Popemageddon, followed by the shocking (shocking!) budget showdown over Planned Parenthood and near Government shutdown (again!). 805 more words

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