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Poetry and Nonsense

I was talking to my parents recently about some of the poetry I’ve written in the past few years. I mentioned how I’d developed a fascination with ways to integrate technology into poetic experimentation. 839 more words



Well, then.  Last night’s off-cycle elections were almost enough to break the profound political funk of the last year or so. In a closely-watched race, largely seen as a referendum on Trump, Virginia Dems managed to not only pull off a victory for the Governor, but also the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and (as of the most recent count I’ve seen) at least evened up the Legislature, if not winning it overall.  426 more words

Critical Thought

The Book of Abraham

Sometime around the year 2012 the LDS Church began adding to the Gospel Topics pages of lds.org. As they were “fleshed out”, they existed among the Topics but were hard to find. 1,822 more words


A Lack of Political Literacy Is Killing Us

Political literacy is more important than technological literacy – without it, democracy and freedom are a sham.

It can be easier to stand up to police harassment, bureaucratic abuses or corruption or workplace abuse, when you know your rights and the law. 370 more words



The last year has certainly had its share of ups and downs… In some ways, it’s hard to believe that eleven months ago and change, we were thinking “there’s no way they actually nominated that goof, and expect to win…”  One of the saddest parts of the political side of things, to me, is not the sheer number of people who were taken in by Trump; rather, it’s the number of people who thought he’d come around to doing the right thing, despite all evidence to the contrary.  564 more words


A Failure in Critical Thought--On Christian Support of Trump

There are two reasons to read the Babylon Bee, and the first is simply to enjoy the satire. Good satire, I might suggest, is a gift from God. 1,345 more words