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A Few Quick Thoughts

We’re not there, yet, but now’s as good a time as any to get down, in writing, a couple of thoughts that have been rolling around in my head, on the right to vote. 507 more words

Critical Thought

Loneliness is a curse

Well I am finally going to go see suicide squad today. I have seen the reviews but I have to decide for myself. I am just so bored and cannot focus on homework Mainly because all I do for the most part any more is just work, school, eat  and sleep.   959 more words


Late Post. However an update.

Hello my readers. I apologize for the late post. I have had to deal with some pests and some issues regarding social media. Essentially, what it came down to was… 246 more words

Cthulhus Bff

The Super-Entity That Controls Finance & Commerce

Zy Marquiez
August 14, 2016

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”
– Thomas Jefferson

In a previous piece, … 1,251 more words


I Normally Eschew Predictions...


Especially in light of the s**t-show that was the Republican Convention last week, and looking where I feel far too many people in this country want things to go… 61 more words


Make America Great Again: A Reluctant Defense and Reinterpretation

With the last of the confetti and deflated balloons from one major party’s national convention being swept up from the closing ceremonies, many voters still seem to find themselves feeling alienated from both parties in a way they may not have before. 1,235 more words


It's NOT about you.

Day after day time and time again I see and hear people posting, discussing and commentating on recent tragic events.  Let me say this the words you choose are important!  330 more words