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Book Review: Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey Into Story by John Yorke

Why do stories work the way they do? Why are they structured the way they are?

These questions fascinate me. Storytelling—its nature, how it works, the role it plays in human lives and society—fascinates me. 573 more words

Critical Thought

Fact Check - Senate Edition

Researchers, journalists and political wonks have been very busy this election when it comes to the subject of fact checking. Of course the main focus has been looking into the claims and accusations of the most visible figures on the national stage, but there has been plenty of work to be done further down the ballot as well. 1,048 more words


Dear Adorno, Not All Mass Production is Bad

“Film in the culture industries was organized like industrial production and utilized standardized formulas and conventional production techniques to mass produce films for purely commercial — rather than cultural — purposes.”

550 more words

Energy Drink Review: Monster Ultra Red

To be honest, I’m not sure what the Ultra refers to in this drink’s name. If the colour of the can, then I don’t see it. 361 more words

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Shifting schedule == energy drinks

As far as I can recall, I have never worked nine-to-five. Not, in the exact, traditional sense at least. I have worked a variety of schedules over the past 10 years or so. 251 more words

Critical Thought

Down It Goes

Regarding the current status of the Presidential race, I have no words (although the phrase “train wreck” comes to mind).

If you were unclear as to the relative moral standing of the two candidates, the tape released last week should have put it to rest.  418 more words


Teens & Screens: Smartphones, Social Media, and the Fate of Critical Thought

What are the implications of American teenagers’ unbridled media consumption? It’s time we consider the consequences.

At a certain moment last year, an uncomfortable silence took hold in my classroom. 3,123 more words