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Thoughts on The Nature of Truth

A thing I’ve noticed about many of the online debates lately is that people who make truth claims are often derided on the basis of their supposed affiliation with a school of thought: “you’re saying that because you’re a liberal, or a conservative or a vegan or lived at this particular point in history” …or whatever. 345 more words


Getting Home, Part the Last

This week, we take a peek into my GHB and my car kits.  I’ve covered the GHB before, but there have been a couple of fairly minor tweaks since then; I don’t think I’ve gone over the car kit much (beyond what we’ve covered in the last couple of posts).  987 more words


A tiny, tiny moment

I got the rare and soul-saving pleasure of witnessing a student wake up to something the other day.

I’m doing a unit on trade with 7th grade at the moment. 381 more words


My Black Dog

The last couple of weeks have been quite tough for me, I have been so sick lately that I’ve barely been able to leave my house. 796 more words


Free Speech and The First Amendment.

Free speech, it’s one of the base principles of the modern world. Without it we wouldn’t be able to criticize and challenge ideas, nor would we be able to promote them. 697 more words

Daily Post.

Prepping Lists, Part Two - the BoB

We’ll continue this week (and next–it’s a big list, so I’m going to post a little more frequently for a short while) with the Family Survival Planning complete book of lists.  846 more words


The "D" Word

My Rational:

As I said in my previous blog I wanted to explore topics on social cognition that was relevant to my life, in this case, yes I am a child of divorce. 924 more words