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My Twitter Year

One of my goals this year is to participate more in professional conversations and debates. For me, this means getting more active on Twitter. That’s where I keep track of most of my professional connections. 485 more words


Hate Speech in Libraries

There have been several reports over the last few weeks identifying a rise in incidents of hate speech, racist graffiti and slogans, and acts of violence toward members of various minority groups throughout the country. 774 more words


Max Stirner - A Response (No. 1)

What role education should play within our society has always been a favorite topic for political theorists, philosophers and public intellectuals. Should we be educating our children to be “good citizens” and embrace liberal democratic “values”? 1,244 more words


We're under siege from a new breed of intellectual: The pseudo academic

Iain Dooley shows us how to deal with the paranoid delusional ravings of pseudo academics, like Malcolm Roberts and the Alt Right.

Source: We’re under siege from a new breed of intellectual: The pseudo academic

Critical Thought

Are You Not Entertained!

So this is my second post on our site, and yes it’s about sports again. Sorry, not sorry. A recent debate on one of our mindless chat threads has caused me to put my brilliant mind again to the stroke of the key to provide you all with the wonderful insight you are about to read. 3,482 more words

Don't be afraid to have an open mind

Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error.

—Andrew Jackson

Just Hear Me Out

by Andrew Frimpong

I was lucky to have been born at an ideal time and place in American history. Growing up African American in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, in the 90s, was about as good as it could ever get. 1,072 more words