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A Loss of Knowledge?

I’ve been somewhat scatter-brained this week, so this may seem a bit disjointed. (…a bit more disjointed than normal?)  I read something in the newspaper that got me thinking, though.  726 more words

Critical Thought

Getting Home

This week will be briefer than I would like. I had planned on having lots of time to write the post, but then real life happened.  604 more words

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Happy Easter!

This is going to be short-ish, but I promised I’d get something out. (No sooner had I hit “publish” on that notification post, than I was taken down by a sneaky, nasty springtime head-cold, which has now taken up residence in my upper respiratory tract…) 267 more words

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When Capitalism Lies in Bed with Activism: On Social Justice, Activism and Beyoncé's Political Role in Black America

What is an activist? And what is the role of an activist? How we do we engage with social justice? How do we respond with concepts that border the line of activism and capitalism? 223 more words

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What Is The Sound Of One Head Banging (Against a Wall)?

 ‘But, Sir, what do you mean by that? What is critical analysis?’

‘I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not collecting disconnected scraps of information from Wikipedia because they sound good, then passing them off as your own beside a nice Google image of said subject matter.” (Editor’s note: that method is best kept for blogs). 1,282 more words

The university must be a center for critical thought

Argentine political scientist Atilio Borón reflected on inclusive development and the innovative role of the university in Havana

by Yenia Silva Correa | informacion@granma.cu 

Granma… 528 more words


Scavenger Hunt 33: Conceptual Art and Stuff

33. Conceptual Art.

It’s easy to hate conceptual art; I know this. I roll my figurative eyes at it all the time. Giant paperclips suspended over freeways representing what?– The binding of man? 891 more words