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Backup Backups

It’s been an interesting week around the homestead. I’ve been on a pretty steady repair mode, as appliances have started going on strike. The biggest thus far has been the igniter on the oven. 543 more words

Critical Thought

Two Years

One year ago I posted this. Much still applies. I have grown a little since.

(What follows now is very succinct and much is left unsaid and is seemingly nebulous. 314 more words


Nine Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Became Pagan

1. It’s not like in the books.

Like a lot of other Pagans, I read a lot of books about Pagans before I ever actually met another Pagan in the flesh.  1,235 more words

Critical thinking vs cynicism

I came across this post on reddit asking about the difference between critical thinking and cynicism. The poster seems to think they are the same and I fear our system has failed him. 484 more words

Critical Thinking

Thomas Stuart Ferguson

Fascinating article here. Watch the video included in the article, as well.


Slowing Down

The system of capitalism is asking us to speed up, to work harder and defeat more barriers. The entire culture is asking more of us. How much more can we give if we are really about “it”? 511 more words