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Once Again, Print Proves Its Worth

Perhaps it’s ironic, but the more time I spend as a digital librarian, learning and exploring new technology, finding new and better ways to provide technology to our patrons, the more I find myself passionately advocating for the importance of print and the necessity of its continued presence in our reading culture. 323 more words


Buddhism, Marx, Alienation.

Dharma: The specular omen pontificator of samsaric contingency. Like God, Justice, Logos, Rta, The Dao, and so on, The Dharma (English: The Norm as buddhistic trinity of dispensation, truth, and cosmic structure) is the architect of thecosmic vault and the keeper of its inventory.

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Artifacts and Kings

In I Samuel, the narrator tells of how the Philistines came came to capture and then return the Arc of the Lord. Aside from the silliness of golden rats and tumors, there is an unsettling passage in Chapter 6. 610 more words

People And Society


One week along…European Graduate School (Saas-Fee, Switzerland).  It’s like nothing I’ve ever engaged, participated in, encountered before.

To learn

“…so quiet a thing as thinking.”

Martin Heidegger


Libraries Should Be About Books

It’s de rigueur nowadays for people to criticize libraries for being “too much about books.” The idea being that too many libraries are still stuck in the past, in outmoded service models, and failing to adapt to new technologies, trends, etc. 751 more words


The Companion isn't the problem with Doctor Who. It's the fans.

A repost of an article I wrote for a site at the beginning of 2015, just after the last episode of the recent Doctor Who series. 2,624 more words


Critical Thought – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 19

Blog series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 19

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

Last: Part 18

Regardless on the quality of our senses, or the quality of our “reality”, we are going to analyze the information. 74 more words

Knowledge Cubed