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Week 9

Hierarchy and a pleasing interface are important to users who will come across your site. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the image, headline, chart, etc that jumps out at us the most. 156 more words

Critical Writing

The Techniques

Bitmapping as image

Bitmapping as Animation

Both seem to have merit; the animation can be done in two ways: digitally, or physically. I have found that photocopying an image, continuously, provides the same ‘data—loss’, but with a more interesting aesthetic, and contextual argument. 302 more words

Critical Writing

Week 8

Designing around the “magical fold” is, in my opinion, dumb. I am speaking about in just today and future online webpage designs. If you have relevant information that people are looking for, then in my experience, said people are happy to scroll down. 156 more words

Critical Writing

An interview with David Jackson

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you met Mark.

Well, I’m a software engineer by day, father and husband by night, and occasionally I write stories. 2,297 more words


Interim Show(s) Analysis

dispositif –device, mechanism, apparatus

“We have physical responses to an image”. (Bal, M., 2013, p. 8) This sentence is essentially what drives my individual practice, but also the necessity for my collaboration with Georgina Cook. 947 more words

My Practice

Eija-Liisa Ahtila - Love is A Treasure (2002)

The video consists of five ‘episodes’, documenting five women who have suffered from schizophrenia. “The five different episodes depict their different worlds, using effects to blur the boundary between the true and the imaged” (Ahtila, 2003, p. 699 more words


2. Site Visit: 35 King Street, Manchester

35 King Street, the existing Jack Wills store in Manchester, is the main building I have chosen to use for my Final Major Project. I believe it is imperative for me to analyse this building in order to find out 284 more words