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World Vs Women?!

         Sports is an excellent way to release your negative energy and thoughts; it makes your health better and also your moves become more flexible. However, does everyone enjoy their rights of playing whatever sport they want? 1,426 more words

Critical Writing

The Ministry of Happiness

Written by: Nayera Mohamed Hatem

There was once a TV show where the main character was applying for a job at a progressive school.While she was spending her trial period before she actually gets the job, two kids fought. 711 more words

Critical Writing

How to write.

Overall a person should write their story like a parent, but edit like a critic. The last thing you want as an author is to spend all that time writing/editing and after publishing it someone points out a flaw you missed or knew was there but didn’t bother to fix. 266 more words



       “Is there anything more beautiful than seeing people loving each other and exchanging kisses? With love, we build a healthy balanced society; while by imposing taboos, we spread hate and extremism, we invite all the couples and the engaged ones to come and express their love for each other either through a gift or simply through a kiss on the cheeks.” “For all the sad girls out there … a hug for 135/ 20 min. 640 more words

Critical Writing

Fashion Photographer Imagines Cars as Supermodels- A Comment

Written by: Periham Khalid

Men and Women are usually different in almost everything, especially their interests. For example: Women are obsessed with fashion and men are obsessed with cars. 250 more words


Jekyll or Hyde?

       Humans are all considered Schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is the conflict between two sides: good and evil. What makes humans different is how one deals with the schizophrenia inside him/her. 109 more words

Critical Writing