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Urbanised Reebocks

Lisa Bellear’s poetry explores an Aboriginal’s assimilation into Western culture and the way she dealt with this issue when reminiscing about the land her people once populated; by simply crying. 121 more words

Critical Writing

PHI-110RS Final Paper

Option 2 – Critical Writing Assignment on Interview with the Dalai Lama Write a 1200-1500 word paper in which you critically analyze the perspective of the Dalai Lama as found in Module 7 of the course from the vantage point of John Hick’s pluralistic hypothesis, which is encountered in the same module. 147 more words

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Flash Review | Ghost in the Shell

The movie Ghost in the Shell was entertaining but confusing to me. Perhaps it’s my age (early seventies) or perhaps I fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. 121 more words


Critical writing

Answer each question with a 100+ answer and references if any used – no APA format needed.

1 – What are some examples of how one might prepare a resume that makes a job seeker more appealing to employers? 268 more words

I Am Not a Fan of Campus Fellowships pt 1

I am not a fan of campus fellowships and I can tell you why.

Please, before you think I am going off the rails and persecute me with your first stone, I am a bible believing Christian and I still got my Jesus in me. 505 more words

Critical Writing