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Discussion of four books

Johan Velter discusses my four recent publications on his sfcdt blog. The text is in Dutch and can be read here.


StevenBomb Blog: "Cry for Help"

In the first installment of the five-part arc, everything starts crashing down for the Crystal Gems. 428 more words


The Girl On The Train a Novel by Paula Hawkins a Review

By Darius Dunn

Paula Hawkins’s melancholy tell of what happens to the survivor’s of murder victims as they go on living in the aftermath of loss, with their own pathologies and pathos, shines as a hypnotic and nimble new comer in a genre burdened down with rigid rehashing of the procedural tropes in many mystery thrillers. 1,017 more words


Film Review: Woman in Gold (2015)

Filmmakers will never stop making films about World War II and this is a good thing.  Firstly, lest we forget, and secondly, that dark hour of human history has a near-endless number of surprising and fascinating stories that should be told.  452 more words


Steven Bomb Blog: "Keeping it Together"

For all its bright colors, lightheartedness, and catchy musical numbers, the show definitely can get disturbing when it needs to be. 770 more words


Steven Bomb Blog: "Sworn to the Sword" & "Rising Tides/Crashing Skies"

These reaction posts are long overdue. Sorry for the delay, vacation kept me away for longer than I predicted. However, I’m excited to get started; Steven Universe is one of those few shows that can get me smiling all the way through. 1,191 more words