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AHFM: Parajanov and "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors"


Sergey Parajanov’s first major film, and the one he considered to have started his career is SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS made in 1965. 1,071 more words

OPINION: Why I'm not a Feminist

When I started a Women’s Studies course this semester, one of the first things we were asked as a class was, “Are you a feminist?”  At the time, I didn’t pause for a moment, simply raising my hand when she asked to see who considered themselves one.   1,353 more words


Film Review: Burnt (2015)

John Wells restaurant drama Burnt has, in quite a number of other reviews, attracted every culinary metaphor imaginable for something that falls just sort of success.  409 more words


Film Review: The Martian (2015)

How many times have you stood under the starlit sky and wondered what lies beyond? Whether pondering on the fables of little green men or understanding the true expanse of the universe of which we are a tiny little part, or – like in this film – wondering at the ingenuity of those who actually dared to take the tiny step which was a giant leap for mankind. 535 more words


Film Review: Joy (2015)

If you missed seeing the self-wringing mop in the trailers for Joy, that’s probably because the studio thought “based on the true story of mop-inventor Joy Mangano” might be a tough sell.  340 more words


Film Review: Bridge of Spies (2015)

In Hollywood, there’s no substitute for a good story — and few filmmakers know that better than Steven Spielberg.  The master of monster hits certainly found a fine tale in his latest cinematic offering.  352 more words


Movie Review: Stranger than Fiction

I finally decide to write a movie review. This movie has its unique style. I watched part of it in Critical Writing class right before 2015 winter break. 968 more words

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