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Summer and Smoke - An internal monologue.

Words by George Clark


Summer and Smoke. 2nd Preview. Almeida Theatre. Fucking Cold.

It is REALLY cold. I walk into the foyer, the atmosphere is growing steadily. 619 more words


What is Africa?

Many people consider Africa as a ‘country’ to the extent of attributing Nigeria as the capital of Africa. Over the years Africa’s profile has been dented by incessant civil wars, famines, lack of a wide written source of contemporary history. 443 more words

Untold Stories

'Machines for suffering'

Ahhhhh Pablo, don’t you just love him?

Me? Not so much, ever since the Hayward.

Lots of gals did though.

In the year that is 100 since women first received a right to vote, owing in the most part to the actions of an active and empowered few, and a slowly emerging narrative of self sacrifice and protest at all levels from kitchen to castle, I am reminded of my experience of the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Picasso’s Picassos’ where I first felt the glimmerings of fear. 88 more words


Why is academia so critical?

by Shawna Buhler

Critical Writing, Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Critical Analysis, Critical Evaluation…is all you do in post-secondary criticize?!

If you have ever had a paper returned that has more red than black, you might think that all your instructors do is criticize! 667 more words

Pepsi Ads: Then and Now

As the times have changed so has the media. Advertisements have shaped our way of thinking, however, many remain to have a negative impact on society. 372 more words

College Student

Re-checking Our Values

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lamping

If you see a beautiful, young girl in a bikini you immediately dart your eyes towards her and can’t not look. That is how Pepsi used young Sofia Vergara in their… 343 more words

College Student

Business Student

Photo Credit: Canada English Education Services

The discourse community that I belong to is filled with business students, including me. This was not done on purpose, we all just seemed to “click”. 307 more words

College Student