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Critical Writing

Here is the list of Jordan’s critical works. A link to a pdf version for both French and English will be made available as soon as possible. 166 more words

Critical Writing

Criticism | 'The Elements of Style' by Strunk & White

How a Thin, Little Volume Fixed a Lifetime of Lazy Scholarship
© 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr

I didn’t learn about The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. 991 more words


The Orange Tree

The significance of the last line in “The Orange Tree”, by John Shaw Neilson personifies the land to be a part of it’s own entity. Often the poem, which is set as a conversation between a young girl and a seemingly elderly person, refers to one’s ability to understand the land’s liveliness through intuition, as explained in the final line. 92 more words

Critical Writing

Rhetoric | Can Morality Exist Without Religion?

Can Morality Exist Without Religion?

©2017 Vernon Miles Kerr

In the late 19th Century, “Liberal” teaching threw out religion, along with religion’s moral guidelines, replacing those guidelines with moral relativism and situation-based ethics.  714 more words


Criticism | A Lesson in Story-telling

A Lesson in Story-telling

My friend and fellow blogger Mitch Teemley http://mitchteemley.com had this excellent advice for aspiring writers.  I include it here with his permission. 459 more words

Critical Writing

Criticism | "Muslims in Europe" by Manfred Wolf

Having read both of Manfred Wolf’s previous books of recent years, I’m a fan. While “Survival in Paradise” was deeply personal and at times, surprisingly emotional, this new book, more like his earlier “Almost a Foreign Country,” is shrewdly logical and (typically) deeply analytical. 130 more words