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Interactive Narrative in Portal

Narrative focused video games are an art form in youth. Relative to cinema, literature, or just about any other kind of narrative art, video games have not had a great deal of time to explore or establish conventions that can serve the medium in its attempts to tell stories. 1,621 more words


Lov Lttrs

There is a nice discussion of my book Joachim Schmid Works and of Joachim Schmid’s E-Book (see above) on the Times Literary Supplement blog today, written by Dennis Duncan. 46 more words


"The weak are meat the strong do eat": Representations of Cannibalism in Contemporary Literature



 Traditional narratives of cannibalism represent the cannibal as primitive and savage Other, a subhuman figure who transgresses the boundaries of natural law in his consumption of human flesh. 16,744 more words

Alasdair Gray

Book Review: The Garden of Evening Mists

Started: Hangzhou, China
Finished: Guilin, China

Hey, Cal!

Aye, whit?

Go an’ name me a few of your most favourite things.

What is this? The Sound of Music? 692 more words


Book Review: Alice In Wonderland

Started: Fukuoka, Japan
Finished: Tokyo, Japan

When I was just a wean (by which I mean in my sixth year of high school) I wrote a poem for my creative writing portfolio in English class. 613 more words


Book Review: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Started: Guilin, China
Finished: Ferry from Korea to Japan

Fucking hell. Where do I even start? This is a book which followed me through three countries; was my sole source of entertainment on trains, planes, busses, and a ferry; felt as much a part of me as my backpack. 1,126 more words


10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Resume

After chatting with a lot of folks, we understand nearly all you work and function to create the perfect application, just to look it over if you are done and recognize your resume doesn’t state, or reflect, just what you desire it to. 931 more words