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[News] Lito Kattou at Pierre Poumet in Bordeaux, France

For her current solo show at Pierre Poumet Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France, Cypriot visual artist Lito Kattou presents Solar Love for the Rapid Felines, the latest chapter in an ongoing series of works that deal with the agency of matter and the possibilities of total flatness. 557 more words


Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

My film script Survival In Paradise,  discussed in an earlier post, has now been entered in several screenwriting competitions and is in the reading queue of three or four producers who are mutual friends of either myself or Manfred Wolf, the author of the memoir from which this work is derived. 180 more words

Sorry for not being in touch

Dear Readers, I hope you are well.

Apologies for the lack of manual dexterity on my blog of late I have been extremely unwell, so unwell in fact I couldn’t type or at least I was trying but inventing a completely new and unintelligible language. 124 more words

Critical Writing

[Review] A Dance of Heavenly Bodies by Andonis Foniadakis

For his first creation as the new director of Greece’s National Opera (GNO) Ballet, Andonis Foniadakis conjured a mystical universe of movement, image and text that transports the audience into an imaginary galaxy of human emotion, desire and achievement. 743 more words

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Women Beware Women

Writing in the Daily Telegraph last year, Hannah Betts, unwittingly helped me with my research into a phenomena I had witnessed firsthand in my social circle, something that is anathema to me as a woman who has outgrown the playground; namely ‘divide and ostracise’ and a subject first visited by me in paint 15 years ago in… 650 more words

Making Work

Film Review: The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant is both an intriguingly and maddeningly schizophrenic action drama.  Intriguing due to its audacious attempt to make an antisocial, on-the-spectrum math genius into an action hero; yet maddening because, having gone halfway toward genuine eccentricity, it conforms by relying on genre tropes when it gets down to business.  596 more words


Film Review: Hell or High Water (2016)

Glance at the parched world of director David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water, and all will look like a Western should: slow-cooked Texas, a pair of desperados, a trail of robbed banks, a wry and weary sheriff.  637 more words