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10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Resume

After chatting with a lot of folks, we understand nearly all you work and function to create the perfect application, just to look it over if you are done and recognize your resume doesn’t state, or reflect, just what you desire it to. 931 more words


Melting the Sun

Down around the back of the Vulcan, a former iron foundry in east Oakland’s post-industrial wasteland, if you can find the door and know the secret knock, it is possible of a Friday evening to catch the lyric melancholy and faster-than-light travel of the band EchoCosmic at play. 495 more words

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Singing in the Rain: Briget Boyle and El Duo

It’s a rainy Friday as I find a parking place along the shady, moist street in Berkeley, California. The trees hang low and wet above the bumpy concrete sidewalks. 1,463 more words

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Barbie Between Reality and Fantasy

           For every young girl Barbie is not just a plastic doll but a role model. It all began when a woman, Ruth Handler, saw her little daughter playing with paper dolls, so she wanted to create a doll that could entertain her daughter and stimulate her imagination and that is when Barbie was created. 512 more words

Critical Writing

The Widespread of Compound Life II

Written by: Abeer Mohamed Adel

Few posts back, we briefly talked about living in compounds in general: the reason behind promoting them, their advantages, and disadvantages. 636 more words


Discussion of The Invisible Book

Instead of showing itself, it shows “that which allows it to exist”…

Annette Gilbert, quoted above, provides a two-page analysis of The Invisible Book as an institutional object in…

98 more words

World Vs Women?!

         Sports is an excellent way to release your negative energy and thoughts; it makes your health better and also your moves become more flexible. However, does everyone enjoy their rights of playing whatever sport they want? 1,426 more words

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