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Brecht, Jeff Wall, and the 'Didactic'

(Excerpts from dissertation drafts, and notes)

Bretolt Brecht has a similar construct surrounding gesture, or his gestus, woven into his theory of ‘epic’ theatre, or didactic theatre. 614 more words

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Brecht on Theatre - Bretolt Brecht

The Street Scene, A Basic Model for an Epic Theatre

A necessary addition to this was that no implications of artifice be present, while every implication of character as separate from actor remains present. 429 more words

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Understanding Brecht - Walter Benjamin

(Writing, and quotation selection for dissertation)

Aesthetics—the sensorial value of things

Romanticism—a reaction against the Industrial Revolution, it was in part an escape from modern realities/ the free, un-prescribed flow of artistic creation… 1,943 more words

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Images, Music, and Text - Roland Barthes

The Rhetoric of Image, and The Third Meaning

(some quotations for initial dissertation topic)

“Nor are linguistics the only ones to be suspicious as to the linguistic nature to the image; general opinion too has a vague conception of the image as an area of resistance to meaning.” (p. 631 more words

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Archiving: The Personal, the Professional and the Unknown Experience

I don’t usually use this space for personal entries, but sometimes, in archiving, the personal and the professional mix. While that can be a death sentence on public space and social media (if used incorrectly), there are times when the connection of the two can lead to a fascination rumination on career choices, life choices and philosophies. 1,700 more words

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Ready, set...blog!

Life is not easy lately. I have no future now, or at least all I can see is a black void of nothingness. This blog would probably be a failure like almost everything I’ve ever done. 87 more words


Week 9

Hierarchy and a pleasing interface are important to users who will come across your site. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the image, headline, chart, etc that jumps out at us the most. 156 more words

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