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Tinder: A mirror for my generation’s broken confidence and lack of social skills or just the future of dating?

I’m 22 years old and have never been on Tinder. I know that dating apps and websites have become a staple for my generation, they are so integral to so many of our lives now it’s unusual for someone under the age of 30 to not use them. 2,033 more words


As we learned the first week of class, criticism offers many alternative or different ways of looking at things. It questions whether or not something fulfills its function. 725 more words

Critical Writing

[Review] Orestis Lazouras Studio at VOLKS, Nicosia

Read this article in GREEK.

A distinct London vibe meets Cypriot pop culture in Nicosia at Orestis Lazouras’s Studio exhibition, inside the full-concrete warehouse of… 383 more words


[Essay] Mythologising the Unknown

A first version of this essay was published on the blog of Sonic Acts Festival 2013. This essay was thereafter published in the catalogue of the exhibition  1,212 more words


Interactive Narrative in Portal

Narrative focused video games are an art form in youth. Relative to cinema, literature, or just about any other kind of narrative art, video games have not had a great deal of time to explore or establish conventions that can serve the medium in its attempts to tell stories. 1,621 more words


Lov Lttrs

There is a nice discussion of my book Joachim Schmid Works and of Joachim Schmid’s E-Book (see above) on the Times Literary Supplement blog today, written by Dennis Duncan. 46 more words


"The weak are meat the strong do eat": Representations of Cannibalism in Contemporary Literature



 Traditional narratives of cannibalism represent the cannibal as primitive and savage Other, a subhuman figure who transgresses the boundaries of natural law in his consumption of human flesh. 16,744 more words

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