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Rushdie’s Dreamy Atheist Manifesto

The life of Salman Rushdie is one worth engraving in a novel. The acclaimed author is a staunch “reasonablist” who has made a living by weaving magical elements into the world with which we are familiar in a way that highlights some of the absurdities of it. 728 more words

Critical Writing

Cali N Tito’s Provides an Escape

Wednesday, November 9th was a day my friend Andrew and I needed to get away. Still feeling the aftershock of the previous night’s seismic events, we agreed that we needed to find respite from the chaos seeping through every channel of America. 686 more words

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“Show me the money because I’m Ari Gold...BOOM!”: Ari Gold’s Golden Rhetoric Plea in Entourage

The speaker Ari Gold is amongst one of the best talent agents. He is represented as a power hungry character that wants to rule Hollywood. The speaker has a high sense of entitlement and he speaks eloquently. 1,303 more words

Ari Gold

Luke Cage Breaks Free from Comic Book Norms

What is most striking about Marvel’s newest installment to its parallel universe, Luke Cage, is not the title character’s mega strength or invincible skin, but rather the show’s ability to address sensitive political and social issues. 735 more words

Critical Writing

[Review] The 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week: Fragile Body - Material Body

Trieste-based performance artist Nina Alexopoulou reports from the 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week. Additional text and editing by Kiriakos Spirou.

With its third edition that took place in December 2016, the biannual Venice International Performance Art Week continued and concluded its exploration on the theme of the body, presenting works from over 80 international artists under the umbrella title Fragile Body – Material Body. 1,013 more words


Criticism | Sully

(c) 2016 Vernon Miles Kerr

From an aviation and technological standpoint, Producer/Director Clint Eastwood’s film about Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s heroic landing of an airliner in the Hudson River in 2009, is a riveting and entertaining movie.   206 more words

Vernon Miles Kerr

Two new discussions of my work

The new year started well with discussions of my work by two insightful critics who have both been following my work for a substantial time. 148 more words