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A Symbol, for Which it Stands

The power of symbols is not lost on me, and I often find myself divided between two camps. On the one hand, symbols can carry a tremendous amount of weight and history. 972 more words


Nature's Cure for Stress

Recently, while reading about the value of natural resources for the economy I came across this paper in the Ecological Economics journal that discussed the social value of natural spaces. 420 more words

Science News Decoded

criticality and scaling in evolutionary ecology


Criticality and Scaling in Evolutionary Ecology, Ricard V. Sole, Susanna C Manrubia, Michael Benton, Stuart Kauffman and Per Bak,
Submitted to Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 265 more words

Genetic Algorithms

Best Day of Television

A meme has been making the rounds on Facebook about getting children into nature, claiming that kids “don’t remember their best day of television.” Thankfully, many of the people in my geeky circles have torn it apart with their best life-changing television memories. 325 more words


Timestamp #37: The Tomb of the Cybermen

Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen
(4 episodes, s05e01-e04, 1967)

The fifth series starts right where the fourth left off with Victoria joining the crew. 421 more words


The Light in Fandom and Social Media

As much as I grouse about fandom negativity on the internet, there are times when social media makes a difference and gives me hope. This time, it started with a re-tweet of a… 223 more words


Timestamp: Fourth Series Summary

Doctor Who: Fourth Series Summary

The Power of the Daleks – 5
The Highlanders  – 4
The Underwater Menace – 2
The Moonbase – 3… 178 more words