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Timestamp #32: The Underwater Menace

Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace
(4 episodes, s04e14-e17, 1967)

Doctor Who meets Atlantis!

It’s good to see the companions having fun together. The chemistry is nice, and it shows how the cast is really clicking. 432 more words


Timestamp #31: The Highlanders

Doctor Who: The Highlanders
(4 episodes, s04e10-e13, 1966-1967)

In the Second Doctor’s second adventure, we get a pretty straightforward story about the Scottish Highlanders, and an introduction to a new companion. 180 more words


Carnegie Summit Learning + Reaction 6

If you had asked me about standardized tests 5 years ago, I would have vehemently dismissed them as the wrong direction for education. While I still resist the Fitbit model of constant quantification of progress and self, this week I heard and read about compelling ways that data can be used to build professional cultures, see and support individuals, and the design of better systems. 1,015 more words

Professional Reflections

Timestamp #30: The Power of the Daleks

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks
(6 episodes, s04e09-e14, 1966)

Hello, new Doctor! And welcome to the confusion. It’s really nice to see how the Doctor has to stabilize after such a traumatic event, presumably his first, in light of my experience with the series from the Ninth Doctor on. 242 more words


Timestamp: First Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: First Doctor Summary

The Smugglers – 3
The Tenth Planet – 4

Average Rating – 3.5

Starting with the last two serials for William Hartnell, they were pretty strong. 287 more words


Timestamp #29: The Tenth Planet

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet
(4 episodes, s04e05-e08, 1966)

This serial had a slow lead up to an otherwise enjoyable story. It’s the introduction of the Cybermen! 263 more words


Timestamp #28: The Smugglers

Doctor Who: The Smugglers
(4 episodes, s04e01-e04, 1966)

It’s another new opening credits sequence on a nice cat-and-mouse game mixed with pirates and a mystery. 169 more words