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Timestamp: Sixth Series and Second Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Sixth Series and Second Doctor Summary

This was a rough collection of serials. It stopped the rise of the Second Doctor over the… 512 more words


Review: Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Premiere Box

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty
Premiere Box – November 2015

The subscription toy box by mail model is nothing new, but it is certainly an expanding one. 742 more words


Timestamp #50: The War Games

Doctor Who: The War Games
(10 episodes, s06e35-e44, 1969)

We’re back to a regeneration episode and we have nowhere to go but up after The Space Pirates… 1,224 more words


Timestamp #49: The Space Pirates

Doctor Who: The Space Pirates
(6 episodes, s06e29-e34, 1969)

It’s the last reconstruction (yay!), but it’s a colossal let down (boo!).

Six torturous episodes short: Pirates are destroying Earth beacon stations for their argonite. 301 more words


Japan Times editorial: Cancel 2020 Japan Olympics because of Fukushima

From Japan Times:

Let’s call the whole thing off: The former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, recently suggested that Japan should stage an ‘honorable retreat’ from hosting the 2020 Olympics due to the unpredictable situation at the crippled Fukushima No. 876 more words

Timestamp #48: The Seeds of Death

Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death
(6 episodes, s06e23-e28, 1969)

In the near future, the TravelMat (T-Mat) has become the system to move things around in the future. 543 more words


Timestamp #47: The Krotons

Doctor Who: The Krotons
(4 episodes, s06e19-e22, 1968-1969)

The run of entertaining serials had to come to an end sometime, I suppose.

This one opens with a young man and woman being selected to be the companions of the Krotons. 302 more words