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Timestamp #100: The Stones of Blood

Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood
(4 episodes, s16e09-e12, 1978)

It’s a time of milestones: The 100th adventure, the dawn of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, and the 100th (regular) Timestamp. 1,526 more words


Generosity is for scholars!

On the heels of another Christmas and Boxing Day, when frustrated shoppers compete, often physically, with one another in search of the perfect gifts to give to their loved ones, I am thinking, deeply, about the paradoxical nature of the generosity that we try to portray. 1,419 more words

Timestamp #99: The Pirate Planet

Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet
(4 episodes, s16e05-e08, 1978)

I’m ushering out the double digits with Douglas Adams. There’s no better way to go.

The story begins with the impatient and flamboyant captain of a mining operation taking out his frustrations on a nervous Mr. 1,596 more words


On the Joys and Pains of Single Speed Cycling

I’m sure that those of you who have started out riding as a kid, first used a single speed bike. It was fun, tiring yet very much fulfilling. 496 more words

Bike Touring Philippines

Timestamp #98: The Ribos Operation

Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation
(4 episodes, s16e01-e04, 1978)

Our Odd Couple meets an intergalactic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Sorta kinda.

The Doctor is training K9 to respond to a dog whistle, and then promises him a holiday. 1,116 more words