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Timestamp #127: Terminus

Doctor Who: Terminus
The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part II

(4 episodes, s20e13-e16, 1983)

The trilogy gets stuck in the mud.

Picking up right where we… 2,002 more words


Timestamp #126: Mawdryn Undead

Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead
The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part I

(4 episodes, s20e09-e12, 1983)

The Key to Time comes home to roost.

A schoolboy named Turlough steals (and totals) the Brigadier’s car, offering quite the introduction to a new companion. 1,248 more words


Timestamp #125: Snakedance

Doctor Who: Snakedance
(4 episodes, s20e05-e08, 1983)

Someone felt a need to revisit Kinda?

The adventure opens with a mysterious man and his necklace as they sit on a barren planet. 1,017 more words


Dragon Con 2017

Dragon Con 2017
Atlanta, GA – September 1-4, 2017

Dragon Con!

It’s an annual tradition for me, and this year will be my ninth time attending. 1,245 more words


Timestamp #124: Arc of Infinity

Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity
(4 episodes, s20e01-e04, 1983)

A Time Lord is fooling around with the bio-data extracts of the Doctor and communicating with a mysterious holographic figure, an act that only a High Councilmember can perform. 1,114 more words