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The Light in Fandom and Social Media

As much as I grouse about fandom negativity on the internet, there are times when social media makes a difference and gives me hope. This time, it started with a re-tweet of a… 223 more words


Timestamp: Fourth Series Summary

Doctor Who: Fourth Series Summary

The Power of the Daleks – 5
The Highlanders  – 4
The Underwater Menace – 2
The Moonbase – 3… 178 more words


Cleaning Up After the Storm: Reflections on Black Widow in the Age of Ultron

This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Natasha Romanoff, better known as Black Widow, is a strong female character and role model in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. 1,207 more words


Thoughts on Gotham

This post will contain spoilers for the first season of Gotham.

I’m not the typical comic book property fan. I don’t care about canon from book to screen – I’m able to read, and if I wanted to experience the adventures in the pages, I’m more than capable of consuming them – but I do care about consistency… 1,379 more words


is science ideological?

In a previous post, I argued that Beniger is an unideological social scientist because he grounds his social scientific theory in robust theory from the natural and formal sciences, like theory of computation and mathematical biology. 499 more words


Timestamp #36: The Evil of the Daleks

Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks
(4 episodes, s04e37-e43, 1967)

Grand Theft TARDIS.

Thematically, this one is about human greed and how easily the Daleks manipulate it. 447 more words


Timestamp #35: The Faceless Ones

Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones
(4 episodes, s04e31-e36, 1967)

First, following on from the last review: I love the new theme music as well. It actually sounds a lot better to me than the first arrangement. 512 more words