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A Hopeful Millennial | Part 3

The issues we face as a city in Los Angeles: a slowly expanding but still struggling public transportation infrastructure, outdated zoning codes and the resulting excessively high rent prices and the embarrassing lack of affordable housing, the drought that has been plaguing the region for almost half a decade and our inability to make any real effort in addressing this problem… 938 more words


A Hopeful Millennial | Part 2

People have been quick to argue that the overwhelming amount of information and the immediacy at which it surrounds us is shortening our attention spans and causing us to stop thinking for ourselves. 716 more words


REVIEW: Jenny Hval - Sabbath

In her latest single “Sabbath”, delivered as a spoken-word balanced with vocals reminiscent of Bjork, Jenny Hval tells of a dream she once had over a dark instrumental which features a distorted choir, a repetitive but enjoyable drum loop, a slow sliding bass line and soft chimes. 40 more words


The Worst Film on TV this Week

Rambo: First Blood, Part II (1985, George P. Cosmatos)

Hollywood action movies don’t come much more compellingly offensive than the clunkily-titled Rambo: First Blood, Part II. 427 more words


Local Ads

It’s not the high
but the colour of your face
when you tell me that
my existence is meaningless
and that life ends
with an obituary in the local newspapers

by femfreq: In the debut episode of our series on Positive...

by femfreq:

In the debut episode of our series on Positive Female Characters, we celebrate the Scythian, the protagonist of Capybara Games’ 2011 release Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

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