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“People are entitled to their opinion, but that does not mean they are qualified to comment.

You are not a figment of someone’s overheated imagination; you are as real as you could possibly get. 288 more words


John Osborne: A Patriot for Us (John Heilpern)

John Osborne: A Patriot for Us (John Heilpern) lands on the shelves of my shop, where it will be found in my Biography shelves. 188 more words

BookLovers Of Bath: The Shop!

What Bothers Me Most about Working with Porcupines

“I’ve had it with my critics!”

You’ve said it too. We’ve all had our share of feisty characters show up in our daily labors. My encounters with the species began as an aspiring leader at age sixteen. 1,111 more words

Let’s Not Abolish the Priesthood

Last week, The Atlantic published a cover story for its June 2019 edition written by James Carroll, an ex-priest of Boomer age with, apparently, a very confused sense of Catholicism. 5,984 more words


Academic Complexity: A Sketch of Next University

The university is a place which has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge. In natural, social, medical sciences, legal sciences, literary studies, and the arts there is nothing which has not been studied, even though everything still needs to be known. 127 more words


How My Light Is Spent- Wardrobe Theatre ☆☆☆☆

The Bruntwood Prize is arguably British Theatre’s most essential prize (and not just because last time out Brizz fave Timothy X Attack won with Sharon Clarke receiving a judge’s recommendation). 636 more words