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Thoughts on Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil by Derek Landy

I first came across Skulduggery Pleasant in a discount book shop. I had just been accepted to study for my a-levels in college and was feeling in a good mood so I entered the shop and saw it on the Fantasy shelf, that being my usual dwelling in such places. 636 more words

Book Review

'When The Light Gets Green' by Robert Penn Warren

When The Light Gets Green by Robert Penn Warren, 1936

The magic trick:

Establishing the story’s theme in the first three sentences

Memory and the tricks it plays is a recurring theme on this blog. 425 more words


Pastors shouldn't blog

I don’t really believe that.  But I came close to adopting it as policy.

During my writing sabbatical, I began to struggle with the reality that most of what I was writing about…or wanted to write about…was stuff I was seeing in the lives of people I love and share life with. 461 more words

Church Life

Supra-text sequences

Bev Braune, ‘Supra-text Sequences‘, Cordite Poetry Review, Essay, Issue 36. 1 December 2011.


The pride of being a woman...!

I love being a woman, I love that we can wear colours and designs, not just on the whole but specifically on our eyes, lips, hands and feet. 560 more words



I was in a public place not very long ago, and I heard a lady say, “they talking about my shoes ugly; people always hating on me!” I instantly looked back at her shoes, and sure enough, I didn’t like her shoes AT ALL! 421 more words