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I despise April Fools Day.

A completely arbitrary mark on the calendar, used to justify telling outrageous lies and spreading often galling misinformation. And for what?  361 more words


Can art be criticised?

“…the quality of an artist is measured by his ability to loyally represent his unique language to us. The smaller the distance between the original experience (the emotion of the artist) and its external representation – the more prominent the artist.” 472 more words

Social Culture

Remembering Boston

Nearly two years have passed since the awful Boston Bombing incident and subsequent shootings, and the entertainment industry is on the move to provide audiences with a depiction of how the FBI tracked down the killers and brought a sense of peace to the families of the victims. 189 more words


The Buzz is Back

Two years after Texas Chainsaw 3D, details of the newest entry to the Chainsaw franchise are beginning to emerge. According to Deadline: Hollywood, actor… 199 more words


Boxing Match

Fans of the uber-convenient Redbox rental service can all release a collective sigh: Warner Bros has officially signed on for a two-year renewal of making sure their releases don’t hit Redbox until 28 days after the initial home video release date. 168 more words


Serving Sarah

Anyone who stays up-to-date on entertainment news is sadly able to recall the tragedy that happened last year involving the tragic death of 27-year-old camera assistant… 240 more words


Birds of a Feather

A cursed set and eleven years later, details are emerging on the upcoming remake of the 1994 film The Crow. According to Deadline: Hollywood… 264 more words