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The Gay Façade: HIV (Part One)

The gay community likes to, especially in times of crises, mask itself with the façade that every person in the village of homosexuals is happy with every other person; that the group is one in which no judging occurs. 1,719 more words

What I thought of Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard Travelin' Heroz #2

Garth Ennis isn’t one for being subtle or taking the piss where needed and the cover of this spin-off from his DC title, Section 8… 213 more words


Subconscious (Part 1)

“I find myself increasingly critical of other people’s parenting. I think it’s a good thing I don’t have kids. I think I might be overly hands-on,” I confess to a fellow sans*. 118 more words

Learning to Look

It may be impossible to find a work of art that is globally regarded as beautiful. Aesthetic beauty is as hard to define — and certainly as subjective — as physical beauty. 475 more words


Speaking without knowing

I just received a tongue lashing from someone who knows nothing about me or what I’ve been through. It’s so easy to judge someone’s life or decisions when you judge from comfort. 126 more words

Which Poll Matters?

We just finished our first presidential debate. Last night marked the first time the two major candidates met face to face to discuss the issues. Over the next few days pollsters will try to determine who is most likely to be our next President in light of what was said last night. 722 more words


Jon Gariepy: Stormy Weather

a review by Susannah Israel

Jon Gariepy’s ocean paintings and ceramic boat sculptures share a massive

presence. The big boats are built in sections, enticing the viewer to peep inside… 1,211 more words

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