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This is like a who dun it. A story about suspects in an intriguing study of the different elements that builds suspicion amongst colleagues. What lies at the centre of this set of circumstances and why is that so important? 739 more words


Review: Childish Gambino -"Awaken, My Love!"

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of Childish Gambino, the musical persona of actor/comedian/writer Donald Glover. His first album, “Camp,” was honestly pretty bad, and the follow-up “Because the Internet” was simply okay. 476 more words


What If?

This may date me a bit, but do you remember those “What If?” comic books?

“What if Superman was evil?” “What if the Fantastic Four were cavemen?” “What if Dr.Doom was a particularly vicious poodle?” … 17 more words


The Myth of the Wilderness

The myth of the wilderness is the idea that man and nature can exist harmoniously together. This is a myth. While individuals can find power and solace in nature. 436 more words


Quote #19: Charles S. Peirce (1877)

Every work of science great enough to be well remembered for a few generations affords some exemplification of the defective state of the art of reasoning of the time when it was written.


Learning to Talk to Myself

For eight years, I suffered from debilitating OCD.

I won’t get into what exactly that was like here, but let me give you a little description of OCD: 1,353 more words