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Distance and Isolation: The Schizophrenic Aesthetic

Madness, provided it comes as a gift of heaven, is the channel by which we receive the greatest blessings. … is a nobler thing than sober sense … madness comes from God, whereas sober sense is merely human.

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Review: Frank Ocean - Blonde

This was the single most stressful album release I have ever experienced. After the absurd “Life of Pablo” rollout earlier this year, I didn’t think anything could get any torturous. 705 more words


The benefit of stupid decisions

I find it funny how making the “smart” decision is most often equated with making the cautious decision. 482 more words


Elitism VS Music

Elitism is the enemy of music everywhere. When listeners fail to understand opera, jazz, etc. (designated high culture), most listeners accept their own failure. When listeners fail to understand metal, rap, modern pop, etc. 185 more words


A comprehensively adequate interpretive account of a given work of art would take in, synoptically, its phenomenal effects (tone, style, theme, formal organization), locate it in a cultural context, explain that cultural context as a particular organization of the elements of human nature within a specific set of environmental conditions (including cultural traditions), register the responses of readers, describe the sociocultural, political, and psychological functions the work fulfills, locate those functions in relation to the evolved needs of human nature, and link the work comparatively with other artistic works, using a taxonomy of themes, formal elements, affective elements, and functions derived from a comprehensive model of human nature.

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Throughout history wars have been fought for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes the reason is territorial or political, or perhaps like the Trojan War, the reason is simply a beautiful woman. 1,754 more words

Dealing with Creative Jealousy

I came across this honest art video about jealousy and I wanted to write about my own thoughts on this. I haven’t experienced jealousy much myself, but this could be due to my mindset or my unusual mix of interests – art and computing. 767 more words