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Blended family strife / Handling resentment toward you / Dealing with husband's put-downs (podcast)

The hosts answer listener questions, including: How to deal with your daughter who is disrespectful to her step-dad…plus, how to handle someone who continues to hold resentment toward you…plus, what can you do if your husband continues to put you down?  53 more words


Is there such a thing as the 'mass reception' of an artwork?

I’ve just cut the first few pages out of a notebook, to re-purpose it. One of those pages is a couple of sentences of musings/the start of an argument about an issue I’ve often thought about. 116 more words


The Free Speech Bargain

Every so often, a voice from the back row asks the plaintive question, “In today’s publishing climate, what am I, as an , allowed to write about?” 156 more words

Adventures In The Writing Life

Dealing with criticism

Constructive criticism:

You might find criticism annoying and insulting to your own art and I have came across people who take in criticism badly and some who take them in and improved in their art afterwards. 223 more words


Spooktober, Day 20: Winter Tide, by Ruthanna Emrys

We saw last time for all of HP Lovecraft’s lasting influence it can be difficult to see past his racist views. That’s why today I wanted to take a look at… 322 more words


What the Musician Taught Me

It’s 5pm, and I am sitting on a cafe patio alongside several others sipping and chatting and easing into the evening.

Also on the patio is a musician. 149 more words