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Podcast 005 | Criticism

In this podcast, we discuss the value of criticism in understanding your weaknesses, strengthens and unique journey to achieving your maximum potential in life. Society has told us that Criticism is negative and feedback is positive, but thats not true. 244 more words

Self Help

Favorite Book Criticisms #2

More of my favorite book criticisms!  Enjoy!

“I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read anymore about Artemis Fowl. He is a nasty, nasty little boy. The only way I’d ever like to read more about him is if the adventures involve him being given a good smack or two.” 363 more words


SF in All Its Glory - A Review of "The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction"

My first introduction to SF was Flash Gordon – an old black and white movie my parents took me to, in our tacky local theatre. I think I was five at the time. 1,251 more words

Book Review


Everything I did, he criticized. Everything I was, he criticized. Every hope I had for myself, he criticized. I enjoyed a lot of different games before him. 281 more words

Living With A Bi Polar

Vol... Volcano

Okay so, Volcano are Fun! is flatly the worst game that’s been curated on here. I won’t be saying any cute subversions. It’s a confused, frustrating prototype, made by beginner devs, further hamstrung by being made for a timed game jam. 1,007 more words


Updated Thoughts on Another (Through Seven Episodes)

There are anime that are meant to be re-watched, and those that are not. Another is a case of the latter, as the build-up, the tension, and the mystery behind the curse of a specific class in a small, rural town leaves many of its other aspects out to dry in an inescapable heat. 1,292 more words


Sex: A Three-letter Word or Taboo?

It is fantastic that while India is achieving so many endeavors, has made huge strides in science and technologies, medicines, business, start-ups and what not. But what makes me sad about being Indian is that people are still narrow-minded. 1,085 more words