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"Saw II" (2005, Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell)

Grade B

The second part of the “Saw” franchise, “Saw II” is surprisingly good because of the plot twists and masterful use of non-linear storytelling.  “Saw II” gives us a bigger set of victims, 7 stuck in a building filled with deadly traps and puzzles, plus 1 more “victim”: a cop (played by Donnie Wahlberg) who happens to be the father of one of the 7 victims.  196 more words


Day Twenty-Six: Kara no Kyoukai 1 + 2 (MotM 2017)

I could put the entire names within the title of this post, but that would take up far too much space, so I’ll simply distinguish these by their number order. 943 more words


Modeling Spatial Game Design with Pinball

As a child I spent an obscene amount of time playing three virtual pinball tables. I’ve forgotten this, or maybe it’s been mentally blocked. I am earnestly talking about twenty hours or more playing Pinball on the NES, 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet for, uh, windows, (yeah that default windows pinball game that isn’t actually 3D) and the casinopolis stage in Sonic Adventure. 1,942 more words


Eye, You, and Donald Trump

I think I found the source for Donald Trump’s approach to public speaking. There is a clear precedent for his technique.

It’s Jane Elliot!

Jane Elliot is of course the Ohio grade-school teacher made famous for a classroom exercise in which she taught her students to discriminate against each other on the basis of eye-color. 1,362 more words



We all witness what bullying does to our kids with the recent suicides of young kids. Their actions start from the PARENTS example. If you have kids, they are probably bullying others because of your own example. 428 more words


Remembering Michael Maule: Important Ballet Lessons for Life

Nothing like a good ballet school audition to remind you you’re not at the center of the universe.

This is not a bad thing. It had already dawned on you years earlier in a classroom full of young ballet hopefuls when you did not get the instructor’s attention you so felt you deserved one afternoon. 1,344 more words


abduction: the alternative urban action

The Latin American anthropologist Jesús Barbero characterises new urban cultures and their use of knowledge as abduction, which denotes an alternative action.

Abduction denotes the action of taking a lateral exit in a formal argument, rather than going forward to the conventional conclusion. 35 more words