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Thoughts on Tsuritama (Spoilers)

It doesn’t have much flare to it at first glance, and it has the audacity to not put any female characters on the cover(!); Tsuritama is an anime that’s a little more involved than others of its kind. 1,901 more words


Geez, is anything I wrote in my late teens/twenties not annoying and pretentious with the wafting linger of egotism? Self-aggrandizing mesmerizing bs youth expulsions; like semenic exorcism on Emily’s rose.


Midday Motivation | Offer More Compassion And Less Criticism

“The only time you should look down on someone is when you are helping them get up.” – Jesse Jackson

If you see a person who is down and out, don’t be so quick to judge.  17 more words

Maria More

What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #1

As the blurb for this new comic from Avatar Press won’t let us forget, the anthology comic is something readers in the US at least seem to be contemptuous of. 631 more words


The Choices We Make - Everyday Teen Edition

The choices we make. Every day. Modeling graciousness. Prioritizing connection over control. Placing relationship before “teaching.”

I thought I’d share an example from this morning. 1,663 more words

Can 'Once and for All' Restore Delmore Schwartz to His Former Glory?

A new collection of Delmore Schwartz’s poetry, fiction, drama, criticism, and letters arrives this week with a subterranean purpose. The stated aim of Once and For All: The Best of Delmore Schwartz, out now from New Directions, comes from Craig Morgan Teicher’s editor’s note. 1,479 more words


Book Series Edition: The Unwind Series, Part 2

I’m ambivalent about the Unwind series. It contains an interesting dystopia concept and plenty of political and medical criticism, but it’s far from being a perfect book. 895 more words