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DF Reviews Metamorphoses (Arden Theatre)

Even before I saw Arden’s drop-dead gorgeous Metamorphoses, I knew I’d face a challenge.

You see, we critics always want to come up with a snappy lede, and the setting of the show – a large swimming pool within a theatre – presents a golden opportunity. 496 more words


Changing The World From Within to Without: My Take on the Importance of Critical Theory (9 Oct. 2015)

The fact that there is a so-called “crisis in the humanities” is old, though persistent, news, with many theories behind its impending demise.  The main culprits are understood to be funding cuts at the state and national level as well as an overall cultural shift toward valuing professional degree paths in the private sector, spurred by conservative thinkers’ critique of the humanities as a degree that leads to “nothing but unemployment.” 1,118 more words


A Hard and Painful Way to Improve Your Marriage

When I first got married, a good friend encouraged me to interview five people and ask a series of questions that would elicit mostly negative responses about my effect on others. 566 more words


Nobel Peace Prize Sham!

Just a second ago, I got this notification from the BBC that the Tunisian Democracy Group has won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Well, congratulations. 209 more words


ESSAY: 'Why my fictional parents are such unutterable shits' by Samuel Wright

‘Why my fictional parents are such unutterable shits’ concerns Samuel Wright’s short story ‘What Was Left’, which features in Dan Coxon’s new, Kickstarter-funded, Being Dad anthology. 887 more words


The one thing I wish I had known about love

There is so much they didn’t teach us at school, and life becomes a trial-and-error playground as we try to work out how to live and to love. 762 more words