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Daily WTF: Criticizing a College Grad for Buying a Car

Here’s the whole reason I don’t listen to talk radio: dumb, entitled white men. And every time I have the misfortune to turn on my radio and hear them talk, I am always instantly regretful and angry that I did. 589 more words


'One Off The Short List' by Doris Lessing

One Off The Short List by Doris Lessing, 1960

The magic trick:

Adding a second layer of psychological to the standard man-trying-to-sleep-with-woman scenario

There is a lot to say about the way Barbara Coles owns being used by men. 255 more words


Self-criticism – how to deal self-criticism and where does it come from?

“You’re terrible, no good at anything!” – my mother’s voice proclaimed in the same disgusted tone as usual. I just ruined my good shirt with the cleaning detergent while scrubbing the bathroom. 1,259 more words

Unconditional Happiness


I could quote Willoughby Britton all day, because she’s a fresh voice in a sea of hype. I think there’s fairly strong support for benefits in practicing meditation — but this lecture given at the 2012 Buddhist Geeks Conference, presents some very down-to-earth insight. 237 more words


Writing with Others

Allowing oneself to engage in the reading and writing of poetry with other like-minded individuals is a most rewarding experience. Last night I facilitated the first in a three part workshop series called “A Beautiful Catastrophe.” The title is a play on a poetic line by Frank O’Hara, and it was his work we focused on last night. 326 more words

"Being With Poets"

John Wisdom, Other Minds I (Part 1): Reasons and Causes--Philosophical Criticism

Near the beginning of “Other Minds I”, Wisdom makes a distinction between two sources of doubt about other people’s states of mind.  I will not now take up that distinction; I will come back to it soon.  272 more words


The Imagery of the Mindfulness Movement

Google “mindful” and look in images and you might see something a little disturbing. I say “might” because it might not trouble you in the least. 149 more words