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I Watch People Playing Videogames

… which is apparently a weird thing to do, according to a popular American comedian who has his own show in the US. I keep a keen eye on the Kotaku UK site for gaming news and deals and such, and chanced upon the articles discussing… 947 more words


Feeling minute?

Let’s be honest, the best of us would like a situation where we are constantly on top of the world with accolades coming our way and where, when people want to speak about us, they are compelled to only use superlatives because anything else would simply not be good enough. 505 more words


Proust, Picasso, and Prose Poetry: Swann's Way as an Emptying of Impressions

“The thing that I want to insist upon is that Picasso’s gift is completely the gift of a painter and a draughtsman, he is a man who always has the need of emptying himself, of completely emptying himself, it is necessary that he should be greatly stimulated so that he could be active enough to empty himself completely.”

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Art about Israel And Palestine - 'Ad de'lo Yoda' And 'Summer Camp'

Still from “Ad de’lo Yoda” by Yael Bartana (One channel video installation, 3 min.)

‘Ad de’lo Yoda’ captures a traditional Jewish parade through a crack in a door. 270 more words

'Literally' by Antonya Nelson

Literally by Antonya Nelson, 2012

The magic trick:

Using a pre-story tragedy to create a vibe of anticipated danger through the narrative

Some stories have twist endings. 350 more words


A Few Words Not In Defense of Sir Terry Pratchett

Let me first state that I do not write to defend Sir Terry Pratchett or any of his extraordinary work. That has already been done, and done very well, by Sam Jordison in… 1,971 more words