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the jump

Some get the jump on others by being the first to jump down your throat.



Life is nothing without critics.
Rather than our well wishers they are the persons who care more about our growth .
Never try to avoid them . 74 more words

What Is Life

How do you truly watch a movie?

Well, different people watch movies in different ways. Most people get so engrossed in the movie that they start thinking that the movie is real. They start relating to what is happening in the movie. 315 more words



Thinking and questioning are skills we humans need to live. However, overthinking is another matter. Much of my life I have been a person who would do what I call overthinking. 388 more words

Criticizing the Affordable Care Act

For many years millions of Americans endured a very poor quality of health. This is due to the fact that most citizens of this country were either uninsured or under-insured. 637 more words

Episode 14: Marriage - Do You Have The Balls (& Chain) For It? w/ guests (and married couple) Nubia & Vision

For the past couple of episodes (since ep 9) we’ve gone on this roller coaster of a relationship ride. Discussing the nice guy/bad boy aspect, to failing in love, to trying again online, to possibly moving in with a significant other. 222 more words