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Video: "Respect My Tradition And Culture Before You Speak" American Nigerian Rapper Wale Blast Americans Criticizing Him For Spraying Daughter Cash On Her Birthday

American- Nigerian rapper, Wale has slammed those criticizing him for spraying dollars on his daughter, Oluwakemi, at her first birthday party last month.
After the rapper shared a video of him on Instagram showering his baby girl with cash at her birthday party on July 23rd, people likened it to “making it rain” at a strip club and criticized him for the gesture. 87 more words


Not as Pharisees

It is often tempting to live as Pharisees in judging and being holier than thou!  They were so enslaved in rules and regulations that they lost sight of God.  49 more words

People Are Who They Are and They Don’t Fit Into Perfect Little Boxes (People. Matter. 03.31.17)

There are two things that are especially true when it comes to people. First, every person is different in a thousand ways. Second, no one is perfect nor can they be if they tried. 590 more words


Sticky Note Quote #3

“A prideful person tears others down, but a humble person builds others up.”

                                       ~Allen R. Kive

Have you ever watched someone put somebody else down, sometimes for seemingly no good reason. 390 more words

Criticizing with Love

Critical and harsh words can sometimes, more often than not, hurt us deeply. If we give it power, it can affect our lives. Have you ever been victimized by harsh criticism? 575 more words

The restoration of Ammon (Jer 49:6-49:6)

“‘But afterward

I will restore

The fortunes

Of the Ammonites.’

Says Yahweh.”

Just like with the Moabites, Yahweh was going to restore the Ammonites to the fortunes that they had. 28 more words