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Whenever we are criticizing, whether a person or a situation, it’s like holding an hot stone and thinking the object of criticism will get burned. Just like hate. 394 more words

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More and more I watch people around me labeling other people as something. Most of the times, labels aren’t based on personality characteristics, or at least the relationship between people involved, but merely on appearances. 799 more words

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I wasn’t going to say something. I was trying to keep my mouth shut. But the coffee kicked in earlier than usual and gave me some extra caffeinated courage. 491 more words


Just to Clarify: What H.H. the Dalai Lama Said About Criticizing a Vajrayana Lama

By Joanne Clark

When His Holiness the Dalai Lama made his first statement supporting the letter by the eight ex-senior Rigpa students, outlining abuses committed by Sogyal Lakar, he stated: 1,329 more words


Virtuous blaming/criticizing: Is there such a thing?

  1. Is criticizing a virtue? (Is blaming a virtue?)

In my last post, I commented on Kate Norlock’s paper on criticism (2016), and remarked that blame can take the form of criticism (and that unintelligible blame can be morally valuable). 4,890 more words


Don’t always expect to be praised for everything you do such that when you do not get it, you don’t feel bad because while some people are praising you, some are criticizing and most times, criticizing may be what you need to be a better person, reaching your place of destiny early enough!


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This is technically my first actual post. Reader, I honestly hope you’ll listen to me. Anyways…

My father died of multiple myeloma (a cancer in the plasma cells in blood) when I was seven years old. 421 more words