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Criticizing with Love

Critical and harsh words can sometimes, more often than not, hurt us deeply. If we give it power, it can affect our lives. Have you ever been victimized by harsh criticism? 575 more words

The restoration of Ammon (Jer 49:6-49:6)

“‘But afterward

I will restore

The fortunes

Of the Ammonites.’

Says Yahweh.”

Just like with the Moabites, Yahweh was going to restore the Ammonites to the fortunes that they had. 28 more words

Helping Those Who Hurt

Helping Those Who Hurt –

I have a friend who did something nice for someone last week and instead of being thanked was criticized for not doing it the way the person who needed assistance wanted it done. 116 more words


Shenanigans - Service to God?

The word “shenanigans” denotes deceitful tricks or mischievous play. Are shenanigans a service to God. Why this question? Because some people think their shenanigans are a way of serving God faithfully. 753 more words