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New Netflix Original Movie

Recently, Netflix released an original move called Game Over, Man strictly on their service. Adam Devine co-wrote and co-directed this movie. He is one of the many actors who Netflix has recently started to work with. 25 more words


Avengers: Infinity War reviews: Here's what critics are saying

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Ready to find out the critical consensus on Avengers: Infinity War? Well, prepare to be a bit disappointed because there doesn’t seem to be one — a consensus, that is. 1,272 more words


One Woman’s Personal Experience – Part 3

I arrive at the retreat venue on a rainy day. As soon as he comes to know, his devotee finds me and calls me to his room. 1,930 more words


45 Hard Things About Dance

1 Trying to keep yourself from dancing down the grocery store isles

2 Not being able to walk without having at least one sore muscle  517 more words


Who's my worst critic? Me!

Good morning! It’s a rainy Sunday here in Georgia.

So, who’s my worst critic? As I write, I edit. I know, that’s not supposed to be the way it works. 274 more words

CIU111.3: Does Criticism Affect the Popularity of Music?

Constructive criticism is the judgment of a piece of work where various factors are elaborated on, usually made with the intention to be helpful to the creator of said work. 368 more words


Remember the Blair Witch Project? It was a very good film, and it was also revolutionary with its found footage way of telling the story. 301 more words