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On Making the Best of Criticisms

Being an Architecture student and a Musician, I understand what it feels like to be criticized. I mean, when you have put in your best into a particular project only for your supervisor, your friend or colleague to ‘rubbish it’ right to your face. 1,107 more words



Jodie Lagerlow – 344 words – 2 minutes

Everywhere you go, they look at you with disapproval. No matter what time of the day it is, what you wear or who you are with. 328 more words

AOC knows the archival power of social media. The current President does not.

Now you might argue Trump’s stream of consciousness approach disregards hypocrisy. Maybe. But the wider society (excluding the MAGA cultists) does not.

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National League East Leading Atlanta Continues to Prove Preseason Critics Wrong

Before Spring Training even started, MLB experts, were predicting the Atlanta Braves to be towards the bottom of the National League East, these critics may have thought of them as “cellar dwellers” or “bottom feeders”, pick a term at your own risk. 347 more words


Gara-gara Syahrini aku unfollow semua akun gosip

Oke, judulnya sudah jelas yah. Diulangi lagi boleh, gara-gara Syahrini aku unfollow semua akun gosip. Yay!

Kok bisa?
Jadi gini, everyone’s on Instagram these days, semua orang mantengin Instagram sesuai hobi masing2. 297 more words


Shaft (2019) Is Better Than SJW Critics

If you want to see de-aging FX of Samuel L. Jackson, skip the over-rated and cloying Captain Marvel and just go see Shaft currently in theatres. 534 more words

Never Quit On Yourself

Cezanne’s first attempt at exhibiting his work met with disastrous results; the critics reactions ranged from ridicule to outrage. Nevertheless, he persevered, struggling on alone to achieve the form in art that was his vision. 58 more words