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Ps3 Consoles - Above All The Critics

Well I’m an avid gamer and I have owned all of the consoles from the NES and Saturn all the way up to the 360. I really like this system because it is has an operating system similar to a computer. 23 more words

Book Snobs

A woman in my online book-club opened her review post with a kind of caveat: she said that even though she knew she would probably get ‘slated’ for recommending a certain book, she had to admit that she did enjoy it.   889 more words


"Everybody's a Fucking Critic"

On Friday I read a story about Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails where he talked about creativity. I am fascinated by the creative process and always have been (Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’ is highly recommended).   346 more words

The Prime Minister of Japan signing a deal in the kitchen of the President of the Philippines

​Franco Mabanta posted a status on Facebook regarding a selfie that Bong Go took with the Prime Minister of Japan and the Philippine President in the background. 723 more words


Okada vs Omega - Great Match, but Shut Up Already!

So, Wrestle Kingdom 11 is in the books. Great show! This isn’t going to be a review on it. I don’t do that. I suck at it. 706 more words

Heart to Heart Talk by Dr. Lorraine

Below is written by the brilliant Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy and posted today, 12 January 2017, on Facebook and her new blog. I’ve been following her since the election in May last year. 1,001 more words


Who Are You Listening to in 2017?

One thing we really need to avoid in 2017 is people who tell us what we cannot have, cannot do, or cannot be.

I’ve never been able to understand why people, after hearing someone share their dream or desire, launch into an explanation of why it can never happen. 19 more words

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