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TV Review - Ray Donovan

Is this a show about a Hollywood fixer or a family whose mobster father’s crimes keep coming back to haunt them?

I don’t know….I’m not sure the people behind the show know either, but either way, I like it. 871 more words


Travelling: Criticisms

Criticism towards environmental impacts of backpacker tourism

With the increased number of tourists adopting this long-term travel method, there has been a noticeable amount of criticism regarding the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts associated with backpacker tourism (Dickenson… 407 more words


One last thing 

Get out there and live! People will criticize you no matter what, so give them something to criticize. Let them hate from the sidelines while you do your thing. 31 more words


The toddler strategy

Most people don’t get too upset at anything a two-year-old kid says to them.

That’s because we don’t believe that toddlers have a particularly good grasp on the nuances of the world, nor do they possess much in the way of empathy. 105 more words



From a favorite Blogger SHREYAKHETAN  a brilliant acrostic poem for CRITICISM

Cuddling me when I don’t want to ,”go away ” I shouted but the voices wouldn’t listen.

Source: Criticism 


Day #238: The Beginner's Guide

Frank Lantz said the following about The Beginners Guide – “The inability of prominent game critics to speak intelligently about The Beginner’s Guide is an embarrassing failure of our shared culture.” 501 more words

Video Games

Live free.

I am profoundly, deeply, absolutely and only human.  No surprise there, right?  But I think there are a lot of people who are confused on this point.  563 more words