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There’s Something About Critique Groups

Being active in two critique groups is a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding.

I’ve long looked forward to the days when I’m writing full-time and I surround myself with other like-minded authors. 379 more words


Critiquing For Other Writers

Editing is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t know how to edit or what to look for when editing.

It’s especially even harder still when you’re editing someone else’s work. 646 more words


A Catch-Up Post & Campus Wildlife

So I guess I forgot to post a hymn on Sunday. Please accept my apologies. I have no excuse.

I am back to being the sole accompanist at church, and I kind of miss the guitarist and the violinist, especially since the violinist graduated and will not be returning in the fall! 268 more words

My Characters Shout at 4 A.M.

I had my alarm set for 6. Plenty of time to jump in the shower and put on my yoga clothes for my 7 a.m. class. 253 more words


8 Reasons Why Joining A Critique Group Is The Best Decision

A few years ago I remember posting on my blog seeking a writing group. I was looking for something online because I was working full-time and going to school full-time. 698 more words


You've probably got a lot going on--and that's OK

I drafted this post on the plane while heading home after a trip to visit family, during which I worked my 9-to-5, deliberated on and put in an offer on a house (!?!?!), did some other employment-related tidying up (interpret that as you will)… and spent time with a variety of family. 367 more words


Conversations with Yourself

When I began writing picture books, my first move was to join a picture book critique group. I found a group of interested and committed people, we figured out a schedule, we set some guidelines and then, together, we came up with a form to use for critiquing each other’s work. 1,232 more words

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