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The Value of a Critique Group

For most of my life I didn’t know writers. My father was a newsman for several years of my childhood and carried an unfinished novel across the country with him when we moved from New Hampshire to Hollywood. 714 more words


Critique Group - Child of the Curse and Chiron in the Woods

No, these submissions aren’t anything like what Flynn just saw, so we’ll have an easy time critiquing today.

Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. 1,844 more words


First Blunt Truth About Writing

Last week, a college-age person put a note on a chat forum that featured a wide range of writers. He requested that someone volunteer to act as a mentor in helping him finish his novel and getting it traditionally published. 788 more words

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Critique Group - Silvered and Elf Story

Warm hugs are great, that’s why we begin every critique with a positive comment. We hope to encourage every writer, no matter the skill level. 1,880 more words


Check Your Ego at the Door: Critique Etiquette

What you get out of a critique group reflects what you put into it. Seems obvious, right? Yet promising writers are often chased away from a group simply because a few members say exactly the wrong thing or folks only focus on negative comments. 834 more words


Write, Barbara. Write.

I’ve paid for two writers’ workshops. It cost forty dollars each time through the local bookstore and they were led by a freelance editor who used to handle a children’s imprint of a major publisher. 228 more words

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Facebook Writing Communities

I was so excited to get feedback on my latest revision that I actually showed up at our meeting place a half hour early for my critique group meeting. 307 more words

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