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My critique group goes to work!

If you write, join a critique group: other writers who read and critique your writing. Yesterday, my critique group liked the conclusion of “The Criminal Cupid!” (click to read it) 555 more words

Busy Week

I see I failed to post again last night. This is my last super-busy week of the summer. I think. Since the last time I posted I got to go out to dinner for my birthday and I received beautiful flowers from my children. 144 more words


            I’ve brushed on this before, but because a member of my Henderson Writer’s Group brought it up at a recent meeting, I thought it was time to revisit this worthy subject. 845 more words


Say it Loud and Proud: Critique Matters

Critique is so important. I honestly believe that writers who don’t/haven’t gone through the process – on both the giving and receiving sides – are missing out on an incredible tool for improving their reading and writing. 482 more words


Wait...wait...is this a romance?

I’m fortunate enough to have stumbled across an amazing online writing community, Scribophile, and am even more thrilled that I found a small group of intelligent, hilarious, kind, honest, motivated women writers willing to exchange beta reads. 711 more words

Whose side am I on, or Robin Hood vs. Trump!

At my critique group last Saturday, one writer said that my latest piece (part 2 of The Criminal Cupid, that she was not always sure who to root for, and that I seemed to be gong after the left-wing side. 266 more words

Baby Steps Today

If anyone is wondering where I've been, I've had company this weekend. My parents wanted to see the puppies while they are still puppies. It's kind of hard to argue with that. 338 more words