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Off to a Good Start

Someone on Facebook just reminded me it’s four months until Christmas. Yikes! Hobby Lobby has been full of Christmas stuff since June! I am so not ready for that. 257 more words

The PBJs

Writing is tough.  The words all have to be spelled correctly.  Sentences have to be structured.  Verbs have to be in the correct tense.  Don’t end in a preposition. 316 more words

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Writers see possibilities a lot. They imagine them and ask about them inside their heads when they’re making up a story. They especially need to consider them when they’re revising.   248 more words

Children's Literature

Coming up for air

My brother and I had a great quiet weekend. He took home multiple large buckets of crabapples. Some of you asked for pictures of what’s he’s going to do, and he promised to provide some. 357 more words


Burning Bridges and Why you Should NOT

My last post talked about getting involved in the writing world (which I will name Amadala for fun), and this post will be a word of caution for you when you finally enter its moist depths (it is incredibly moist, like lava cake). 655 more words


A brief post: movies and feedback

I noted that a few radio DJ jerks got obnoxious with the actors who play Johnny and Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. … 198 more words

Ready for the weekend

Like all my weekends recently, it will be a combination of work and fun. I already changed my wallpaper. It must be August somewhere, right? There are fireflies in part of Will O' the Wisp, and I decided it looks cool. 234 more words