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Beta Reading versus Critiques by D.L. Hungerford

I got myself in over my head as far as time to do things. Without losing any of my regular obligations for blogs, group moderation, posts, writing, etc., I got into a beta read situation with two wonderful authors. 656 more words


How to Be a Good Critique Partner

Giving Helpful Feedback is a Craft in itself

Being a good critique partner is not reading someone’s story and saying “This is the best-est thing I have ever read.” (Even if it is.) It is also not saying “Wow, this sucks.” (Even if it does.) Most importantly, it is not telling another writer how to write their story. 1,202 more words

Writing Craft

Why You Should Edit Halfway Through Your First Draft

I don’t know why writers like to sit on a shitty draft.


They’re all like, oh just get it over with. It’s okay, your first draft isn’t supposed to be good. 453 more words


My experience so far w/ Rate Your Story

So, remember when I got that Rate Your Story scholarship to use for this year? Honey, I’ve already been putting it to use. I’ve submitted 3 picture book manuscripts so far, and I’ve already received feedback on two of them. 175 more words


Buy This Book

As you probably know, my critique partner is Genevieve Turner. We’ve been working together for four years and we write books together and she’s one of my closest friends. 288 more words

Writing Life

3 ways to improve your writing

I’ve taken a break from writing recently.  I felt I wasn’t really getting anywhere and needed to hone my skills by doing something different, rather than ploughing on relentless. 469 more words


Beta-reading Services

So, let’s say you’ve given your manuscript to all your alpha-readers already.  They pointed out trouble-areas and you fixed those then gave your manuscript to your beta-readers.  886 more words