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On Critiquing (It's Nice to Know You Can Be Honest)

Once again I’ve sent a manuscript off to be read by my critique partner. I trust her to tell me what’s working, where I’m doing well. 322 more words


Critiquing a genre you dislike Part 2

Are you one of those people able to discard a book after 10 pages?  Me too.

Maybe it’s because of my age.  I have spent 50 years reading, on planes and subways, in sleeping bags and bathrooms, and frankly I feel that by now that after 10 pages, I have given the author his chance.  180 more words

Seeking a Writing Buddy for the End of the World

There are plenty of resources for finding people who write and would like to critique my work, and I know this. But since I am easily intimidated at the thought of becoming active on a new website, I’m not going to use any of those resources. 170 more words


Critiquing the genre you dislike > that sinking feeling.

Yeah, 1984 and Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver.  After I saw the movie A Clockwork Orange with my brother when I was 19, I puked on the sidewalk outside the theater.   255 more words

Writing Group: How do You critique?

What’s your method, sequence, technique, recipe?  Are you a “big picture” kind of gal/guy, or do you share line edits while noting plot holes and info dumps?  40 more words

Writing Updates: April 2016

After getting comments back from my critique partner and a couple of people from the fantasy critique group I’ve joined, I’ve been spending the last couple of months editing my middle grade story. 233 more words


10 Critique Partner Commandments, or Bestst CP EVER!

I am a lone wolf.

I am solitary.

I have spent my days within my own mind, capturing the essence of worlds I can’t live without. 1,775 more words