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Catalyst is when the world changes for the protag. Afterwards is the debate, so don’t rush the catalyst


When your protag is invaded by a malevolent spirit with the personality of Imelda Marcos who tells her to max out her credit card on Louboutin slingbacks – that’s the catalyst.

yes, she did!


When your protag wakes up missing his leg – not when he crawls home from the drunken session with his mistress, not when he shoots up and later feels insects crawling under his his toe –


Remember – the scene where he learns he has cancer – not when he feels sick, not when he finds the lump, but when the doctor tells him the news.  30 more words

novel outline - Catalyst

A.K.A  the inciting incident

It’s the thing that sets the story in motion, but not what she does about it!

The protag finds her husband in bed with her best friend.

Theme stated Page 10

Theme Stated (pg.10): In a well-structured story, someone (usually not the main character) will pose a question or make a statement (usually to the protagonist) that is the theme of the story.  71 more words