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Before Releasing Your Novel On an Unsuspecting World, Get a Critique Partner

I touched on this briefly a few months ago. I’m not sure it sunk in. Of course I realize that not everyone I encounter on every writer-related website, discussion group, or social media feed is a regular reader of my blog. 698 more words


Responsibility of a Critique Partner

This is by far the scariest critique.  We are in essence giving our work to people who can easily spot our errors, but this is also one of the most effective reviews you can have done. 835 more words

Writing Hints

The Writers Match

I used to think that finding a good critique partner was akin to finding a unicorn. (and look at this adorable little chubby buddy)

Well, it doesn’t have to feel that way anymore! 88 more words


how do you make your writing goals stick?

Making writing goals and plans can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s even a bigger challenge to follow through with them.

As writers, we are challenged with having two parts of our lives– the writing part, and the other part. 510 more words

Writers Life

Beta Reading versus Critiques by D.L. Hungerford

I got myself in over my head as far as time to do things. Without losing any of my regular obligations for blogs, group moderation, posts, writing, etc., I got into a beta read situation with two wonderful authors. 656 more words


How to Be a Good Critique Partner

Giving Helpful Feedback is a Craft in itself

Being a good critique partner is not reading someone’s story and saying “This is the best-est thing I have ever read.” (Even if it is.) It is also not saying “Wow, this sucks.” (Even if it does.) Most importantly, it is not telling another writer how to write their story. 1,207 more words

Writing Craft

Why You Should Edit Halfway Through Your First Draft

I don’t know why writers like to sit on a shitty draft.


They’re all like, oh just get it over with. It’s okay, your first draft isn’t supposed to be good. 453 more words