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🎵 With a Little Help from My Friends  🎶

I thought of the theme of this post, and I immediately thought of The Beatles song. Then again, throughout the course of any given day, I say, think, or hear phrases that remind me of a whole bunch of songs, so this isn’t a surprise to me. 643 more words

Staci Troilo

Seeking CPs!

It took me years to find a core group of critique partners who I felt like I could really trust. It’s the closest experience I’ve ever had to online dating and the thought of having to relive all of those awkward introductions and “first dates” has led to me putting off finding new CPs altogether. 583 more words


It Takes a Village

By Thonie Hevron

You’ve all heard the African proverb (a cliché these days), “It takes a village to…” fill in your blank. My answer is “write a book.” Writers are solitary creatures—shy by nature. 548 more words

Writer's Notes

Goodreads Group

Yesterday I mentioned in my post about how I was thinking about starting some sort of group on Goodreads. I had a hard time deciding if I just wanted to do another book club, or if I wanted to start another group for authors in need. 67 more words


Critique Partner Search

Are you the C.P. I’ve been looking for?

Hey everyone :)

I’ve heard a lot of writers swear by their critique partners, crediting them with everything from helping finish their book to fishing their grandmother’s heirloom shawl from a very vicious duck. 171 more words


A photo to honor a friend's good news today

All in the spirit of feline solidarity. Cat lovers, unite!

What Might a Peer Critique Look Like?

I’ve said before that critique partners–or more specifically, beta readers–are a must have for writers today. When we finish writing something, editing and revising several times, we begin to lose our objectivity with each pass. 3,437 more words

My Writing Journey