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A thing which had been discarded and, instead of having been disposed off with the other useless things, had found refuge in the solitary ward of Number 7.

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Book Review

I Feel Pretty

Aight let’s get something out of the way. Going into this movie I expected it to be bad, and that’s not an entirely fair thing to think going into any movie. 822 more words


On The Woman in White: Book Review

I have been meaning to write another book review for a while. In anticipation of the upcoming BBC drama The Woman in White, I thought this would be an appropriate time to do a book review of its source material, conveniently also called… 990 more words


5 Things I Hate in the Romantic Genre

Let it be known that my favorite genres are Science Fiction or Fantasy so I don’t tend to read or watch a lot of pure “Romance.” I enjoy the occasional fluffy chick-flick, or if someone recommends a particular romantic book I might pick it up. 947 more words


Can projects of reimagining complement critical research?

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This post was prompted by the responses of some critical scholars to my recent work on reimagining the state; I focus on the challenge of developing transformative methods and the relationship they might have to more critical accounts. 2,198 more words

Metaesthetics viewed as a global discriminatory function for theorem sheafs (Part VI)

VI. Beauty And Truth And All That Jazz

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

A successful metaesthetic formalism has scalar consistency between mechanical, narrative, and thematic elements. 956 more words


Metaesthetics viewed as a global discriminatory function for theorem sheafs (Part V)

V. In Which The Audience Is Invited To Participate

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

And now, at long last (I had planned this initially as three essays) we come to the point of the series. 660 more words