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“Aerith Is Gone”: Perma-Death in Games

-by Nathan Randall, Featured Author.

I’d be remiss to discuss death in video games without mentioning Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy VII.  It’s regarded as one of the most impactful scenes of one of the greatest video games of all time, and there’s good reason for it.   1,820 more words

© Sergei Blumin. Voices from the Chorus. Response on Sergei Blumin's Art from the International Artistic Community. Part 1. 2015

© Sergei Blumin. PENCIL DRAWINGS, OLD MASTERS, 2014.
To watch the video, please go to https://t.co/L7Z8ICrolP

Ketty Oliveira Santos‬:
Beautiful montage…
JD Mackey:
Excellent work! 5,552 more words


Remember Me: Memory Manipulation As Plot Device

While rummaging through my Steam library I came across Remember Me, a game I’ve looked forward to since the initial trailers. I hit the install button knowing only that it had a customizable combo system and had something to do with humans having memory chips to store memories a la The Final Cut. 928 more words


Article Critique: Can Women Save Motorcycling?

A few days ago I read on article titled “Can Women Save Motorcycling?” Link to Article

This is a post to an online magazine dedicated to women riders. 1,138 more words



“The grass is always greener…”
So they say
So it seems
“If I could only get there…”
Wand’ring mind
Wishful dreams
“My troubles would be over…” 56 more words


Overall Yearbook Critique Service NOW OPEN

For some members, your spring yearbooks are fresh out of the box, and for those of you with fall delivery you are wrapping up those last pages. 141 more words

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