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‘STRINGS’ mesmerized once again with an excellent performance.

Salts Arts has succeeded in reviving the concert culture here in Karachi by collaborating with legendary pop-rock band “Strings”. Although Salt Arts had previously collaborated with lesser known acts and had successfully pulled-off concerts of much smaller scale, but arranging something as big as this one, deserves to be praised, as almost everything was spot-on starting from venue itself ‘lawns of Beach Luxury Hotel’ which was a brilliant choice with its sea-front coupled with light December breeze created a very romantic ambiance, followed by ample parking with proper guidance, excellent security arrangements (no mishaps were seen or reported), food court with delicious and fresh cooked food, sound arrangements, time management (as we were home by mid-night), crowd handling, crowd itself was very well behaved and all that topped-up with excellent and flawless performance by legendary pop-rock band of Pakistan “Strings”. 710 more words


Chapter 6: Fountain Slipway

Mary continued her walk to the blacksmiths. She had never ventured into the industrial quarter. Whenever Mary came into town with her mother, she kept to the milliners, cobbler, or market. 3,461 more words


Shadespire - Review

It was a cold, bright day in Edinburgh when I once more stepped into the familiar embrace of Games Workshop, or Warhammer as it is now called, on the High Street. 1,710 more words


Bioscience paper and starving polar bear follow-up

Between the two stories (the attack by my colleagues and the starving polar bear hype), views at my blog have gone through the roof and one Arctic biologist speaks out on what SeaLegacy folks should have done when they saw a starving polar bear on Baffin Island this summer. 1,294 more words

Sea Ice Habitat

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. . As Dr Susan Crockford correctly says: 'Now folks know exactly where to go for an unbiased take on polar bear issues.' And an expert suggests the 'starving polar bear' widely reported in recent days may have been a cancer victim.

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Another week, another pile of books.

Finished one book yesterday and another today. I’m on a roll! Maybe next I’ll pick up one of the books I bought a few weeks ago and take a break from my Kindle. 306 more words


Community Pool

Have you just published a new post and are dying for some feedback? Are you redesigning your blog and could use some layout or design advice from your more seasoned peers? 447 more words


Inspiration from my Scholar OLLI students

For the last couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of leading a class called “Writing in All Forms” for Scholar OLLI on the Concord Campus of California State University, East Bay.   213 more words