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Insta-Poets: Lazy or Genius?

With the risk of sounding like the pretentious asshole most people take me for, I need to say this: what the hell happened to poetry? Why are so many mediocre works being praised for genius when they read just like inspirational Pinterest quotes? 486 more words


Hinkley Point nuclear deal 'risky and expensive' 

For some reason the UK has chosen to pay a lot more for its new nuclear power than anywhere else, using untried and complex technology, and now even the country’s own auditors are complaining about it. 297 more words


Blog 3- "Feminism: A Beginner's Guide" by Sally J. Scholz (Book Review/Critique)

Hold up! They don’t love you like I love you.

Hey Guys,

Excuse Queen B, but that’s basically me patiently waiting for her to reveal her babies genders and names.

555 more words

Robert Louis Stevenson: Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

Allegedly one of the very first hiking travelogues, Stevenson’s book is a pleasant account of a twelve-day trip in his late twenties over a mountain range in southern France, accompanied only by a jenny to help with carrying his gear. 199 more words


Query letter + first ten pages critique from author Jessica Cluess

ITEM: Query letter and first ten pages critique from YA fantasy author Jessica Cluess

DETAILS: I will provide a written critique on a query letter and the first three chapters of a manuscript. 61 more words


FRR Audibooks: ITS Communiques 5+6+7

By: Dirtroll

Free Radical Radio Audiobooks continues with the Individualists Tending Toward The Wild recording series with ITS communiques 5, 6, and 7.

Some interesting nuggets, of which there are many: 314 more words