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There’s no story here. Never has been. But there are relationships. Twelve for instance exists to make 1Man look bad. Twelve is mean, clever, charismatic and hard. 449 more words


Sharing stories

I know, I’ve been awfully quiet. Partly because nano was draining, but also because of nervous tension; I turn into a hermit when I get anxious, lol. 332 more words


"It's funny how their fans think criticism of Claude is hate. Yet the nasty shit they say about other artists, especially those who criticize them, is perfectly acceptable somehow?"

I haven’t seen K. M. Claude or their fans attack other artists. Usually when they talk shit about Claude’s critics they assume those people aren’t artists themselves. 28 more words


How to Give & Receive a Writing Review

So your good friend just handed you a manuscript of their first book. They look at you with those hopeful eyes filled with excitement as they practically shake with anticipation in lieu of your feedback. 988 more words


Wheels Up Movie Reviews...

Since I’ve become significantly less mobile over the last 3.5 years, I’ve gotten into movie watching. I love a good movie and I enjoy discussing them with my wife or friends. 182 more words


Post 2. A poem of Solace

There is a time in ones life where you have to wonder

What am I suppose to do, this why must I ponder

Is it not just enough to live, and do what is most pleasing… 135 more words


Broken Branch - First Critique

This is the first of many critiques that I would like to do on my photography and art work.  For this week, I thought I would share with you a photo that I took about two weeks ago.   287 more words