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When Authorial Intentions Go Awry

I’m actively trying to find a home for my second novel, Dead Muse Wake. So far, I’ve had two requests for the full manuscript and one request for a partial. 328 more words


ARID — and land not suitable

Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing. Today’s Daily Post writing prompt: ARID.

THE SUN beats down. The grass is yellow. 1,039 more words


Eric Pickersgill's 'Removed' Shows a World Consumed by Technology

Technology has become a part of everyday life that consumes us and prevents us from truly enjoying life. Eric Pickersgill clearly demonstrates this in his series of 17 photos titled… 743 more words


Welcome To My Nightmare

Okay, so I am closing on 40,000 words of Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts and I’d really like to get some feedback on the story so far–what works, what doesn’t, how the pacing feels, is the worldbuilding consistent, are the characters likable, that sort of thing.   53 more words

On Writing

Deflated Like a Child's Balloon

As I’ve mentioned previously, my first book ‘hero’ is out for review with a number of people. The story is definitely getting thumbs up so a little pat on the back for that. 198 more words


Movies in Review

I love to watch the occasional movie and more so to discuss them with my friends or even a random stranger I may meet in the store. 1,896 more words


6 and 8 by TAO Dance Theatre at Asia TOPA


Light. Darkness and light. Light in darkness. Abstracted sound, a spatial exploration, a sonar. Movement. The sensation of movement before the perception of movement. The perception of movement before the perception of bodies. 181 more words