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Electing the Eco-Friendly Candidate

I highly enjoyed Jake’s series of articles on the environmental stances of this coming election cycle’s Presidential candidates. I thought this was a unique topic, but an important one, since the President wields enormous diplomatic and media influence (soft power) in addition to control over all the various Departments and Bureaus that carry out environmental policy (hard power). 280 more words


Jeanne: Critiquing Beginning Writers

I’ve been doing a lot of critiques for friends in my various writers’ groups lately. Some of them are still fairly early in their writing careers, and it occurred to me that the feedback I give to beginning writers is very different from what I share with seasoned veterans of the Writing War. 384 more words



Although my journey has been underway for a longtime, my paper trail began a little over a year ago. The best of my adventures I hid in a single paperback journal. 172 more words

Adventure Travel

December 3rd 2015 in Berlin: Moishe Postone: Capitalism, Temporality, and the Crisis of Labor

The ongoing financial crisis, argues historian Moishe Postone, has laid bare the contradictory and shaky character of contemporary capitalism. Yet the essentially inchoate responses to the crisis have dramatically revealed the absence of a robust conceptualization of post-capitalist society and, by implication, of a robust critique of capital itself. 74 more words


Day 18

Pale Man

Unfortunately this bloody creature does not have a name. He is only known as the Pale Man who eats children who feast on the banquet laid out in his room. 47 more words


Current Novel Struggles

  1. I won’t have time to write tomorrow. Thanks Native Americans for being nice to pilgrims and taking a whole day out of my writing year. I don’t even like turkey.
  2. 150 more words

Hydraulic Fracturing Critique

Hydraulic fracking is a very interesting topic to me, so I was happy to see this was the blog I was assigned. In the first blog post, Nick talks about the background of the environmental policies of Oklahoma. 226 more words