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What is Constituent Relationship Management?

A few months ago, I received an assignment back that had across it in big, red letters, “Isn’t all PR constituent relations?”

Let me backtrack. The assignment was a case study analysis, and I had identified the goal of a campaign as constituent relations. 505 more words

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Using Crowdfunding to Kick-Start Your Campaign

Ideas are the birthing grounds of the future. The best of us get them, but the best of us don’t always have the resources to realize those ideas. 539 more words

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Gathering Sponsors for Your Non-Profit Community Project

Gathering donations and volunteers to make your community a better place sounds like an amazing idea, but sometimes it is easier said than done. Depending on the kind of project, especially if it involves a large space or building development, you could need more than just donations. 463 more words

CRM Strategy

Acting as a Corporate Donations Manager

Corporate donations can help your mission receive that extra push and credibility towards a successful non-profit campaign. As a donations manager not only do you have to be in regular contact with donating companies to ensure further donations, you also need to use the correct tools to make your operations easier. 360 more words

CRM Strategy

How to Use Social Media to Fundraise Successfully

The world is a big place, and it’s full of people that may just want the same things you do. Crowd funding is a great way to get your initiatives started – not only do you get people to contribute to you, your investors also become people committed to your vision. 472 more words

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Building Long Term Relationships with Clients

It is extremely important for non-profit organizations to build healthy, long-term relationships with their customers so as to continue functioning and promote growth. Sometimes non-profits end up ignoring things like branding and marketing, assuming that these operations are limited to or meant for the business world. 349 more words

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Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

When non-profit organizations decide to undertake fundraising campaigns, there some things which must always be a part of the planning to ensure that the campaign is a success. 378 more words

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