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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations may not be aimed at generating a revenue, but you still need a considerable amount of money to pay your employees, purchase supplies and provide services. 370 more words


Launching a Successful Donor Campaign

Planning a campaign to attract the attention and money of donors is a daunting task. You would not only have to plan an event that is engaging and informative, but also resonates amongst the highest number of people so that they would be inspired to contribute towards your cause. 351 more words


Four Secrets to Sucess: Implementing Your New CRM Tool

Whenever you are planning to implement a new CRM system, it is imperative that your entire organization is in sync with the changes that are going to take place after the system implementation takes place. 438 more words


Three Ways to Improve Customer Service in Non-Profit Organizations

Customer service is often built-in for profit sector and companies have one major goal; to please their customers.  However, providing customer service is a bit more complicated for non-profit organizations. 422 more words


The Importance of CRM for Non-Profit Organizations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a vital part of most businesses in both the private and public sectors. CRM services offered by websites like Salesforce.com help organizations connect with their customers and improve productivity. 436 more words


Tips for building your relationships through networking

Networking is a vital part of any business and is a necessary skill for successful growth and expansion. Building relationships with your clients and people from other businesses are key to a company’s success. 510 more words


Managing Volunteers within your Not for Profit Organization

… very important for managers to ensure that they treat their volunteers well without burdening the available budget.

Non-profit organizations do not have the luxury of investing in professional services to achieve their objectives, no matter how large or visible the company may be.

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