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Agile with no Refactoring is no Agile

Let’s say, you have a task to draw an elephant trunk.

You are very excited about the elephant trunk project. It’s going to be cool, it’s going to be an Agile project, of course. 666 more words


Merrill Lynch Out With Six Top Software Stocks To Buy For Rest Of 2017

Despite the huge run in technology, there is a good argument for staying long in the sector, especially with the top software stocks. The continued growth of cloud computing and storage, combined with the growing use and dependence on big data for everything from logistics to quantitative computing and application, keeps the sector red hot. 990 more words


Dynamics 365 Portals : Sign Out Issue

The issue: unable to Sign Out from Dynamics 365 portal.

Symptoms: logged in portal user remains signed in even after signing out from the portal. 139 more words


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals: Azure AD Authentication + Redeem Invitation End to End Process Set Up

If you need to set up Azure AD authentication for the portal with the portal users matched to the existing CRM contacts, when a new contact creation in CRM is not allowed by the business rules, please, read this article below. 855 more words


"Does your new CRM allow to create a new customer report?"

Last week we went for the demo to one of the potential customers. Generally, it all went well. I was talking a lot about new features of MS CRM 2016. 811 more words


MS CRM Development: coding vs no-coding solutions

I have been working with Microsoft CRM from version 1.2. As a developer, of course. The CRM development is my bread and butter, my passion and my Superhero playground. 511 more words


5 Reasons Why Local Customer Engagement is Critical to Your Business

Do you ever find yourself a little freaked out by the ads and products that are being suggested to you when you open a mobile shopping app or look at a product suggested via email?   1,070 more words

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