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Using Action to trigger Plugin in CRM 2013\2015


We recently had a requirement to call Plugin on execute of an Action.

To implement this,

We created a blank Action named Trigger Plugin for custom entity named Security Entity. 312 more words


Fixed: Action not appearing in available Message in Plugin Registration tool CRM 2013\ CRM 2015


We created a new Action and wanted to trigger a plugin on call of the Action.

However that Action was not appearing in available messages while registering step for Plugin. 37 more words


Self-exploration: Are you in the right career as an archaeologist?

I was born 3.5 months yearly and I’ve spent a lot of the time wondering if this some how resulted in my impatience and temper- something I’ve always struggled with. 924 more words


CRM Lecture 17

Cost Benefit Analysis section completed.

Pls BRG textbooks by Monday WITHOUT FAIL.

Also carry textbook and notes because ma’am will be giving final markings.


CRM Lecture 16

Levels of Retention.
Recall Management.
Customer Recall Strategies.


Practise makes perfect

There’s a Japanese word that I love, kaizen, which means to constantly pursue perfection. It won’t be reached of coarse, but that doesn’t mean striving for your best and personal excellence in whatever you do isn’t a noble and good endeavor in and of its own. 439 more words


マイナンバー管理をクラウドで—パイプドビッツ [ #cbajp ]

パイプドビッツは7月1日、セキュアなクラウド環境で各社各様の現場に最適なマイナンバー管理を実現する「スパイラル マイナンバートータルソリューション」の提供を開始すると発表した。スパイラルは、さまざまな業種、業態、業務内容のユーザーに対応する情報資産プラットフォームサービス。販売促進やCRMにおける顧客情報から、給与明細のような従業員情報まで、さまざまな重要情報資産をクラウドプラットフォームで預かって管理でき、多彩なアプリケーションや機能を組み合わせるなどして、ユーザーに応じた対応策を提供する。