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Using Snapchat for Student Recruitment

A recent study from New York based marketing company Sumpto found that more than three-quarters of college students use Snapchat at least once a day. 387 more words



To convert leads is more important than acquire leads. An integrated sales funnel approach takes you closer to optimal lead conversion more than anything else… 790 more words


Configuring View and Item Actions for Entity List in Portal in Dynamics 365

Similar to configuring Actions for Entity Form we can specify Actions for Entity List.


Let us take example of Case List that comes configured with Community Portal for incident\cases entity. 271 more words

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5 Reasons why Travelers need a Travel Agent powered by Travelomatix

Do you think the Internet is the best option when it comes to booking your vacation?

Think Twice.

Meanwhile, let me tell you why you need a… 517 more words

Configuring Note for Entity Form in Portal in Dynamics 365

Suppose we have below form for Contact to be displayed as Entity Form in Portal having notes control in it.

The Entity Form configured for the above form à 139 more words

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Four Major Criterions to meet your Customer's Service Expectations | Kapture CRM

The term satisfaction is closely related to expectation. Relatively speaking, you only need to exceed your present expectations to achieve customer satisfaction.

For better or worse, the recent years have seen customer expectation steeply climbing high. 975 more words


Using Entity Form Metadata for Sub Grid configuration in Entity Form in Portal in Dynamics 365

Suppose we have following Entity Form configured for Lead Entity in Edit Mode which is having Contact Sub Grid in it.

Contact Us Lead Form with Contact Sub Grid: 164 more words

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