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Cro-Magnon Friday

dead of words

spit rocks

tied iced heavy meat



Sex, Neanderthals, and Mods...oh my!!

The above are various reconstructions of Neanderthals (men, women, children).  Notice they look very human.  Notice they don’t look like apes as some artists portray them with excessive amounts of body hair and very large browridges.   640 more words

Ancient Man

A VERY Twisted Bush!

We humans are sexual creatures. Let’s face it. We like SEX! We not only like to engage in sex for purposes or reproduction but we also like sex just for pleasure. 1,053 more words

Ancient Man

2001: The Keitho Way

I’ve always felt that 2001 A Space Odyssey would have been a much better film had I written the screenplay. Take the dawn of man scene, for instance: (In my version the monolith talks.) 131 more words

The Baby's Speech

This afternoon, I took Rosie to a speech therapist to attempt to address her refusal to communicate at a level higher than that of Cro-Magnon Man. 536 more words