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A Hundred Thousand Year Old Civilization?

By Colin Wilson (1931-2013)

In 1999, I was engaged in pursuing an intriguing little problem. Charles Hapgood, best known as the author of Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings… 2,143 more words

Alternative Theories

Neanderthals in the Americas?

Is it possible that Neanderthals were actually in the Americas? According to mainstream theory (OOA) the Neanderthals made it just about everywhere except into the Americas. 1,515 more words


Oldest Modern Human Fossil Found Outside Africa

Earlier this month it was announced that a large international research team discovered the earliest known modern human fossil outside of Africa and they interpret the find to mean that modern humans left Africa at least 50k years earlier than previously thought which, frankly, may or may not be so. 434 more words

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Modern Human Timeline Pushed Back and Theories Clash on Neanderthals!

A new study by the Uppsala University et. al. has pushed the emergence of modern humans back to at least 300 kya and possibly even to 350 kya.  324 more words


Human Evolution Story Gets a Rewrite!!

A new look at archaic human DNA by the University of Utah has come to some interesting and “revolutionary” findings but sadly what they have found doesn’t fit at all with the status quo so it’s being ignored.   492 more words

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The Controversy Around Modern Humans and H. erectus

Is it possible that modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) or our forerunners archaic modern humans (Homo sapiens, Cro-magnons, et al) were living close to 1 mya? 1,387 more words


From Neanderthals to Homo sapiens

New research conducted by Australian National University and the University of Sidney is providing a new window into the transition between Neanderthals to H. sapiens. Excavating in a cave in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic researchers have developed a timeline of evidence from 10 sediment layers spanning 28-50 kya. 228 more words

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