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Komiza 22. VI 2015

What’s missing in this picture?

today in Komiza

today in Komiza

Komiža Every Day

Review: Decomposing Entity - So It Begins

Croatian death metallers Decomposing Entity have been going for seven years now, but ‘So It Begins’ is their debut full length, following a self titled EP and a couple of demos. 273 more words


Landscape | Red Planet

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Zadar, Croatia

By IrenaSkurnsek

Source: 500px.com


Peacocks in paradise

On approaching Lokrum (just a stone’s throw from Dubrovnik) you can’t help but be struck by the rich colours of this idyllic island landscape. Equally unavoidable is the gang of peacocks & peahens that greet you on arrival, strut about for photos and eye up your picnic lunch. 65 more words


Goodbye, dolphins!

Tomorrow morning, after a final wave, we’ll be saying goodbye to the dolphins. It’ll be an early start – 4am – but it’s got to be done. 345 more words