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Carnival parade in Rijeka

Rijeka is the third biggest Croatian city and its main seaport. Rijeka has also been announced as European Capital of Culture for 2020. The craziest time of the year to visit Rijeka is during the carnival or the so-called fifth season. 331 more words



Croatia had been on my travel list for a while. The rolling hills and crystal clear water are what originally attracted me, however soon after landing it became clear Croatia had so much more to offer. 339 more words


Zagreb, Croatia: The Museum of Broken Relationships.

I have a confession to make: I’ve had a serious crush on the Balkans for a few months now. It all began way before I left the States and that curiosity only grew while I was in Europe. 1,056 more words


8 Helichrysum Oil Benefits and Facts

We love Helichrysum; it’s in some of our favorite blends such as Deep Relief™, but it’s also fabulous on its own. A little bit earthy, a little bit herby, its invigorating aroma can chase away the sluggish energy in a room. 439 more words




This town will forever hold a place in my heart. The majority of my time was spent here in this little town. Zadar is where I had my first real heartbreak, I matured, I grew as a person, and adventured. 661 more words