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FO Friday: Chained Wreath Ornament

Here’s a quick FO. I’m also posting it earlier than originally planned because they are almost gone! It took longer to attach the ribbons and magnet than it was to make the actual wreath. 87 more words


High-Fiber Diet

Veggie burgers have a very obvious nutritional edge over the meaty competition, bolstering their longtime reputation as healthy alternatives. Now that the options are tastier (and… 156 more words


What am I?

Happy Friday!

Can you guess what I’m up to? ;)



Friday Funnies

May your fist be tighter on your wallet than mine 😉. Happy Friday!


Getting Crafty

A Return to the Fandom Blanket

While there hasn’t been much evidence of making stuff (with yarn or fabric) around here, I have been very slowly working on what I’m calling the Fandom blanket that I started last year. 279 more words


Quickie Costume Idea - Gryffindor Scarf

Last night my family and I went to carve pumpkins at our neighborhood pumpkin festival. It was a beautiful autumn evening, and before our friends and family arrived my husband, daughter and I spent an hour (props to the hubs for going an hour earlier) gutting the pumpkins and helping out where we were needed.   334 more words


Seahorses to Give Away!

I’m in the grip of another mini craze – it is such a great feeling when the tide of creativity sweeps me off on a wave of delicious delight – it’s a teeny bit like falling in love – do you know what I mean? 527 more words