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Lisasattik, Welcome to HiyaHiya Europe!

Lisa recently did a shining review of HiyaHiya Crochet Hooks so we thought it would be lovely to return the favour and learn some more about her. 676 more words

Say Hello to our Most Recent Blogger Friend, Holly!

HiyaHiya recently collaborated with holly_pips where she did a delightful review of our Crochet Hooks for her blog.

We thought it would be lovely to get to know Holly better, so we sent over some questions and she came back to us with these thoughtful answers… 837 more words

Top Tips for Crocheting Amigurumi Creatures with amiguru.me!

HiyaHiya recently had the pleasure of speaking to Rachel (@amiguru.me) about her wonderful Amigurumi Creatures, and she has kindly shared with us her 7 top tips for crocheting them! 1,233 more words

Crochet your own Picco the Panda!

Our HiyaHiya Mascot, Picco the Panda, has been gaining lots of fans recently, so we thought we’d share with you how to crochet your very own Picco! 661 more words

Hang on a minute lads... I've got a great idea...

Dora Does Ideas

For my fist post, and to introduce you all to Dora Does, I decided to focus on the theme of ideas.

As this new venture begins, I have so many ideas buzzing through my mind about what I want to do, where I want to go and how I want to get there. 974 more words


The matties

Do read the copyright page before reading this pattern.

For a pdf of this design, sign in as a follower and send me an email at rowingbasketcrochet@gmail.com and I will send it to you. 439 more words


Joins in a circle

A crochet circle is the base for many projects. One needs to decide whether to join each round or to just make it a continuous work without joining. 281 more words