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The Baby Blanket

My first job as a 15 year old was at Coles as a checkout chick extraordinaire.

It was a job that saw me through my final years of high school, and through my subsequent University degree.   302 more words

Restoring Granny

Sometimes my love of all things woolly gets me into some funny situations.  A few weeks ago I was picking up my daughter from a play date. 596 more words

How I Improved My Instagram Craft Photography #1

So I’ve been pondering the above for quite some time. I’ve been on Instagram for over a year and have built up a pleasing following of 1158 followers at the time of publishing this. 1,250 more words


Finding Your Crochet Style

So I’ve tried it all, the vintage-style potholder to the modern chunky, terribly neutral, cowl, but have struggled to find out what style of crochet is really… 354 more words



I’ve been banging on a bit this week about all the adulting I’ve been doing.  Yesterday I was seriously considering giving myself an adulting badge for finally finishing the theory part of a short course I’ve been doing so I can hand it in.   458 more words

A Glorious Mess

My wife is the neat one.  When she puts her mind to it she can walk into the messy kitchen that *the children* have created and leave it with gleaming clear surfaces and not a dish in sight.   612 more words

Birthday Surprise: Deadpool Eyes Applique Pattern

As some of you may know, I  will be releasing my new infinity scarf pattern this upcoming weekend sometime. But what you didn’t know is that today, to celebrate my 30th birthday, I am releasing an applique pattern for Deadpool eyes! 547 more words