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Favorite Videos: How to Crochet an Eyeball

Anatomy is kind of my jam. I love blood, viscera, brains, stuff that’s on the inside rendered outside in embroidery floss, polymer clay, oil painting, metal smithing… It’s all good to me, so this pattern caught my eye grabbed me when I went looking for fun Halloween fiber crafts. 54 more words

Rainbow Dashing Fingerless Gloves

Autumn is a good time for fiber crafts. If you’re out and about or work in a freezing environment, quick short knitting projects are helpful as well as distracting. 153 more words

Craft Project

Flowey Blanket: Totally Not in Over My Head

I have a new side project, because I may or may not be a masochist. I love how detailed the Undertale battle sprites are, but the simple black and white color pallet would be a good jumping point for a first attempt at crocheting a sprite into a blanket. 140 more words

Geek Galaxy

Crochet for Destressing (and Ideas)

I’ve been incredibly tired and stressed lately, so I figured now was a good time to teach myself a new way to crochet.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about crocheting. 188 more words


No more 'Cro' crastination!

I’m no longer crocrastinating*.

*Definition – The act of putting off lots of crochet projects and keep making up excuses why you haven’t started or completed them yet. 308 more words


Latest WIP - A Blanket For Eva 

I’ve been getting a bit stressed again recently and as always I’ve fallen back on Crochet to help me through. It really is amazing how… 316 more words


Unmatched Dye- Lots

Mee-ow, it is I, Mimi, you’ve ¬†caught me slightly unprepared…

Have you heard of dye-lots?

If you’ve been crocheting or knitting a while you will have, but if you’re a beginner… you need to know! 228 more words