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Crochet That Feels GOOD

So much about the world right now is stress-inducing—the technology, the political environment, the anger and tribalism coursing through social media. The thought of making instead of breaking, of quieting the mind rather than getting all fired up, and of feeling GOOD instead of down and blue has immense appeal. 342 more words


12 Super Summertime Crochet Patterns

Here in the Midwest, summer is in full swing. We’ve already had 90 degree days and near 100 degree days that have made it difficult to enjoy anything outside. 118 more words


The Right Tools

Any person who works with their hands knows that proper tools are essential.  Whether you are an artist, carpenter, mechanic, crafter, chef, surgeon – this list could go on forever – using tools that are comfortable for you and that fit the job are essential. 767 more words

Mandala from Millan

I love mandalas!  Love the colors. Love the designs.

There is a spiritual aspect to mandalas that draws me to them. Perhaps it is the repeating design in a never ending circle. 116 more words

A Yarn and Some Yarn

Okay, it’s not really a yarn, as in a tall tale, but I could not resist the play on words!

The other day I posted a long overdue… 268 more words

Crochet Projects


I can’t believe how long it has been since adding a post (not that I haven’t been busy making things). Guess I just let writing about was I was making and doing slide a teeny bit. 201 more words

Crochet Projects

Crochet Project: A Hunter's Cowl

So for the  most part my crochet projects are usually something for the kids. Then I FINALLY found an affordable ball of wool at my crochet shop, similar to the Caron Cakes range (find them here: http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/yarn/caron-cakes-all-colours) – I was silly enough to throw the label away so I can’t even tell you which brand or colour it was… I was just excited to find a variegated wool with decent, long stretches of single colours that would result in striping in my project, instead of spotting as the usual variegated wools do. 101 more words

Crochet Projects