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Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave and that can be a good thing!

The sky was dreary and hectic as I attempted to get into the car with my arms full.    I shoved my crochet bag into the seat and watched as it tumbled on its side, spilling the contents.   468 more words


Spiral with two active stitches

Queue freckly hands and proof I am a crocheter not a photographer.

This simple yet effective stitch is much easier than you would think. I have photographed SC/DC spirals but the principal is the same for all stitches. 266 more words

Lots of pretties

Choosing a range of Stylecraft colours for my next make – a crochet blanket. The colour scheme needs to complement some William Morris fabric. I’m enjoying selecting them as they’re a new combination. 195 more words


New Beading to Appear

Good Day to all!!! I feel the start of summer coming on and people are not going to be wanting heavy afghans or scarves so I think I will begin work on my beading projects to add them to my Etsy shop soon so be watching for them to start appearing!! 11 more words


Starting today

I have found that often times when trying to help others I tend to lose myself along the way. Starting today I will forever keep myself above and in front of what I do as to never get myself into situations I can’t control. 48 more words


Actual Yarn Content

Remember when this blog had yarn and knitting and crochet?  Don’t despair!  Those days are returning, complete with crappy cellphone pictures!

I had a blocking fit the other day and blocked four items that have been waiting patiently for months.   244 more words