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Baymax from Big Hero 6!~

Someone requested for a Baymax, so I browsed through the internet to see if there is any pattern for this and found this pattern.  The picture below is the Baymax I made from following the pattern!


Crocheting Again

It’s the first day of September (WHAT WHAAAAAT) and so why not start a new craft project?

I’ve been pretty burnt out on the cross stitching after doing a bunch of that this summer, so tonight I decided to start on the black and white striped blanket I’ve been wanting to make for myself since I made one for Kayla three winters ago. 18 more words


Magic in My Garden!

I don’t think we’re ever to old to believe in a little bit of magic, especially if you can share that wonder with your children! It’s all about awe and wonderment and a little bit about having a part of us that will never grow up! 63 more words

2014 Designs

Chups – Crochet & Bead Earrings- Koko boocro

Chups – Crochet & Bead Earrings- Koko boocro

Lightweight, Crochet, Beads

Delicate, Little Kisses Inspired

Chups, a Jamaican word for little kisses.

Little things can make a big difference.



I’m having a long week. So tonight I am procrastinating. I’m having a glass of wine and burning a candle and watching tv instead of crocheting or being productive. 150 more words

KeeBaby Grog Green Beanie Crochet Baby Hat Diaper Photography

However, the official baby beanie most forms of animals such as cats and pigs, dogs and hippopotamuses. This usually with bright colors and adjust modes to make them satisfactory in the eyes. 130 more words

YOUHUI Avitalk Baby Boy Girl Toddler Child Kids

ASTERISKS (*)are used to indicate that a group of stitches or steps are to be repeated the specified number of times. Such as * 1 sc, 1 dc, 1 sc repeat from * across means you make 1 single crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 single… 360 more words