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Short & Quick!

Why, hello, friends

    It’s been a little over a month, I’ve been wanting to do an update, but a whole lot of nothing has been going on in our yarn world (mainly because a lot has been going on in our other world). 110 more words


    Differently Creative

    I’ve never been the neatest person in the world. My room used to horrify my mom, who is a very neat person.

    “Clean your room!” she’d tell me every once in a while, especially when guests were due to arrive. 504 more words


    Of Sweaters and "Stinkerballs" - Among Other Things

    Brea is going along nicely. The front and back are done and are the same size (no mean feat, when you consider my issues with gauge). 406 more words


    Beckon the Lovely

    Not long ago, my friend Sharon emailed a link to a TED Talk by author/filmmaker Amy Krouse Rosenthal (see below). You might know this author either from her books (see above) or from her very popular and very heartbreaking… 452 more words

    Book Giveaway

    Virus Shawl Dog Jumper

    UPDATE: Here is the gorgeous Gypsy wearing the jumper I made!!

    Modelled by the gorgeous Toothless.

    I have never written a pattern before. This is probably not the best to have started with. 680 more words

    Written Post

    The Creativity Room

    My Dad’s home office at one time was a scene out of one of the hoarding television shows. He added more and more stuff without ever cleaning or throwing out the useless software or books or typing ribbons or cameras, etc., that he brought to the room in the late 1970’s.  839 more words

    Dog Training

    The Return of the Crochet Bug

    Today I have an announcement to make: I’ve stopped knitting. No, I’m not going back to level one, I’ve just remembered that crochet exists. After fighting with an awkwardly written but very pretty pattern (link here) I’ve started a shawl with my hook and some very pretty yarn because, well, crochet is awesome. 303 more words