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Everything Is Texas in Texas

This time last week I was in Texas. It was warm, there was Mexican food, and I was home. 

I had not originally planned to go home for Thanksgiving. 709 more words


Light the World

P-day! Same as always. Laundry. Cleaning. Boomerang throwing. The usual. My week was relatively good. Yes, indeed.

First of all, Thanksgiving. Huh boy. We ate three different dinners at 3 different places. 923 more words


One Foot In Front Of The Other

I went running! Three times! And it wasn’t awful! 

Two of the runs were short and sweet around my neighborhood. I’m proud of myself for not letting my ego get in the way and pushing to run more.  524 more words


A life of convenience can never bring happiness...

This has been a full week. President Wadsworth called us on Wednesday. Told us that we are now converting the Sheridan and Whitehall and Big Hole and Dillon areas now! 1,212 more words


Dogs & Deployment

The other day I was petting Geronimo and looking at how gray his muzzle is and thinking about his experience as the dog of a soldier. 603 more words

The Usual

70 degrees in November

Yep. That’s right, Bob. Global warming is a thing. It’s not every November you see 70 degrees on the forecast! Kids were in shorts and t-shirts. 889 more words


The work is...getting there

Yesterday was regional conference with over 130 stakes in central North America participating. Elder Rasband was presiding. It was an awesome conference. They hit temples a lot. 1,022 more words