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Monday Mantra #2 and Crockpot Lasagna Pasta

Happy Monday! I had a beautifully slow, relaxing weekend and was dreading Monday’s arrival, but you know what, it’s pretty darn good so far. It’s a clear, beautiful fall day and I’ve been kicking some butt at work and have plans to crank out a solid 5-miler tonight. 308 more words


Pumpkin Lamb Chili

It’s finally cool and feeling like fall here, so I was more than happy to make something in the crockpot this week. It’s a delicious, hearty meal, inspired by minister Laura Thompson. 314 more words

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Mom's Chilly Weather Recipe - Beef & Vegetable Soup, A Slow Cooker Recipe

Well the leaves are falling, and the temperatures are dropping…time for a good soup recipe! This is a great recipe for the busy person! A recipe my Mom has been making for years – not even a written down recipe! 106 more words

Crockpot Recipe

Potluck recipe to die for...Taco Soup (chili) recipe

Okay, maybe I am a little dramatic. But this recipe is damn good. Taco Soup doesn’t sound very good, but it is. Promise!!! Football season is in full gear, baseball season is wrapping up, and with the holidays coming up…everyone is gathering around food!!! 365 more words


crockpot french dip sandwiches

I’ve always loved dipping my food. French fries and ketchup, cheesy fondue, pizza in ranch….omg the list goes on and on. I just really like combining things, unless its sweet + savory, then count me out. 124 more words

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Crockpot Venison Stew

My husband has always been an avid hunter. Used to be, almost every weekend during deer and turkey season, he would be out hunting with someone. 546 more words


Having one of 'those' days, so far . . .

Today I went grocery shopping – at Walgreen’s & Meijers. (Yes – remember I’ve told you, you can get some good deals at drug stores). When I left my car in the Meijer parking lot (for some reason) I decided that I needed to lock my car via the key fob (I always hit the lock button on my door). 1,225 more words