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An open letter to Aussie travellers - from a Kiwi

Dearest blokes and sheilas,

You are everywhere.  

I’ve reflected with you at the Cambodian Killing Fields. I’ve climbed volcanoes with you in Southwest Japan. We’ve shared Polish beer in Warsaw together. 520 more words


A rant about human stupidity

Just read the news about the Japanese parents who left their 7-year-old son in a forest as a punishment for being “naughty”. The boy was lost for a whole week in a Hokkaido mountain before being found in a military hut. 250 more words

Crocodile - Brush Ink Pen & Watercolour

A little experiment with an ink brush pen and sponge-applied loose watercolours. This is for a future story I’m currently working on, the illustration techniques being very different to the current book (Scaredy Bones). 8 more words

Deal 703: Mr. Punch

The box was almost traditional. Just tall enough. Curtain in front, small stage. Just enough room for the show.

The colors were a little strange, and the show was not traditional at all. 239 more words

Daily Deal

How to Swim with a Crocodile . . Safely

For those of us who are inspired by nature, documentaries are a wonderful way to gain access to environments and creatures that are usually inaccessible to us. 1,194 more words


19th July

1. I started Pokemon go!! But I didn’t know yet how to play well…and I feel it’s not that fun so far.

2. I went to Korean language meetup on Sat. 95 more words

Life Of London

‘Mom, is crocodile kosher?’

The wide African sky is streaked pink and gold as the sun inches toward the horizon. Sunset happens early and quickly in winter. The trees stretch their bare arms upwards, as if reaching for those last few essential rays of light. 737 more words

Exploring Family