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Where did Nature go?

Call me irresponsible but I’m just not interested in politics; I’m an idealist and more attuned to fundamentals than the power structures we’ve created in our human drama – even though I do recognize the importance of that… 436 more words


Varuna: Ruling the Cosmos & Riding a Crocodile

Varuna is an Indo-Aryan deity. Some historians say that he is an Indo-Iranian deity (common to both the Iranian and Indo-Aryan speakers, dating back to the time when they were one people, and lived on the Central Asian steppes). 446 more words


Divine Crocodiles and Dravidian Origins 2

Another crocodilian plays a key role in the observations made by Asko Parpola. That is the gharial (in Hindi) or gavial (in English). Its scientific name is… 202 more words


Divine Crocodiles and Dravidian Origins 1

As mentioned earlier, the zodiac sign Makar or Makara, is inspired by the mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris). Also known as the marsh crocodile, it was, till recently, a common denizen of South Asian waterways. 452 more words


Makar Sankranti: When the Sun heads towards the Crocodile

The festival of Makar Sankranti is the biggest festival of the Telugu people. They live in South India and are 74 million strong (as per the 2001 Indian Census report). 271 more words


A Lesson in the Rules

Recently, we journeyed to Southern Africa on an adventure to experience the cultures and natural beauty of the African continent. One of our stops was an incredible safari lodge in Zambezi National Park adjacent to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. 543 more words