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Last night I had a dream...

Last night I had a dream that I was in a sepia coloured swamp-like corridor half full of murky water. I was floating on a couple of surf boards making my way slowly to the end where a round door awaited me. 183 more words


Why birds nest near alligators and hawks

This video from the USA says about itself:

Black-chinned hummingbird nesting

8 June 2015

Tucson Arizona. April 24-June 03

Momma building a nest, incubating eggs, feeding young and babies fly off.

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Crocodiles and The Territory

It has been in the news recently with the recent crocodile attacks in the Northern Territory one with a young boy being dragged out of his tent by a saltwater crocodile and the two Victorians who had their boat flipped by a saltwater crocodile leading to one of them drowning. 517 more words


Nile Crocodiles In South Florida

Just the thing to make a day at the swamp exciting…

If the native American Alligator and American Crocodiles were not enough, now they have found 3 examples of the Nile Crocodile (over a 5 year span). 1,939 more words

News Related

Aggressive, man-eating Nile crocodiles lived in the Everglades for years

It’s a small problem, but invasive species almost always start out that way.

Researchers at the University of Florida examined the DNA of three reptiles pulled out of the Everglades swamp and found that they were invasive Nile crocodiles, and that they were probably related. 770 more words

Daily News

Daintree rainforest

We got up at 5:40 to get ready for our day tour of the Daintree rainforest. Our bus picked us up in Cairns and we made a few further stops to pick people up as well as a stop to the guy who runs the company as some people hadn’t paid for the tour in full. 459 more words