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Jeffrey Masson on Our Fear of Being Eaten

A young crocodile who utters a distress call will bring immediate help from completely unrelated adult crocodiles, even if it means risking their lives…Obviously this altruism does not extend to us. 

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PJ Storytime: Crocodile vs. Alligator

This idea has been percolating in my brain, and the end result is quite different than I thought it would be. I’m surprised by how many crocodile books I really love. 723 more words

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Here's The Terrifying Moment A Fisherman Accidentally Reeled In A Crocodile

“Meanwhile in Australia” continues to provide the most horrifying and fascinating animal vs. human stories. Just a few days ago in Cape York, a fisherman thought he was bringing up a lively threadfin, one with “an excellent fighting ticker.” Then all of a sudden the line got heavy. 424 more words


Discovery of Enormous Ancient Crocodile That Walked Upright

A new scientific study has reported that fossil remains of a large, upright-walking crocodile have been found in Chatham County, North Carolina.  The study, published by… 184 more words


Final Sights of Costa Rica

Here are some of the last pictures of Costa Rica before we had to go back home for Jane’s surgery. The first batch are from the Beach House restaurant which is owned by the same people as the Tiki. 127 more words


Australia - Police warn motorists to watch for 'crocodile & Snake crossings' on roads

Motorists around Townsville in north Queensland have been urged to be on the lookout for crocodiles crossing the road following two near crashes.

This past week, a motorist driving her vehicle along Lucinda Point Road at Halifax, north of Townsville, almost ran into a crocodile that was crossing there, a Queensland Police Service (QPS) statement said. 209 more words

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