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Crocodiles are amazing

As Brutus the crocodile hits the news again for eating a bull shark, its worth noting a few facts about crocodiles:


Kakadu National Park

Since one of our travel mates left us in Kathrine, another one began to feel uncomfortable and little fights came up. Therefore I decided to drop him off in Darwin and doing the Kakadu National Park tour without him. 534 more words


A Crocodile encounter? Don’t just take a selfie, yet!

Are you often out for a natural river, pool or  lake swimming, fishing, show line camping or any other activity that would take you to or near river and lake waters? 983 more words

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Beho Beho Bushmail - Dry Season 2015/16

This year’s dry season has brought us some fantastic game viewing out of Beho Beho. As the grasses wither, regressing to the quick and drawing all their nutrients and goodness underground, hiding from the harsh desiccating sun; a number of the tree species drop their leaves, standing stark, bare in the yellowing landscape ready to tough it out until the rains come. 683 more words

Beho Beho

Everybody gettin' thrifty: Cardiff, Easton & Charity Shops

Charity shopping is my favourite way to shop. There’s so many hidden gems lurking between the musty old sack dresses and hideous cardigans. They’re great places to give new life to clothes from high street stores like Topshop and Urban Outfitters; they’re a hive of weird brands you’ve never heard but apparently made a decent pair of trousers one time; then there’s all the ‘kinda-crappy now but fabulous after half-hour on the sewing machine’ items (if you’ve got the imagination and the patience). 248 more words


Alice Springs to Darwin

Back in Alice Springs, after my adventure trip to Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park and Kings Canyon, I was looking for travel mates wanted to travel up north to Darwin. 759 more words



Our stay at Telegraph Pool was topped off with Aaron catching a beauty of a Barramundi. I had taken the rod down to try my luck and, on my first cast, I snagged the tree. 845 more words