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Automatically Push IP Address with Password-less SSH


I have a Linux box in my office and I can access it from home with its public IP address. But the problem is that its IP address changes constantly as it is dynamically allocated. 580 more words


Crontab Output in Linux

I’ve created a crontab with some attributes, but i need it to insert the execute time into an output named output.out, how can i do that? 105 more words


Logrotate, audit.log, selinux, cron, and ansible

The story

The disk space for /var/log/audit/audit.log tends to get filled up. The audit daemon has an ability to rotate its own logs. See the man page for… 1,811 more words


Crontab command not running

I have a database backup command that takes a mysql dump and then uploads that dump file to AWS S3, when I run the command as a normal user it works perfectly but when I use the same command in a cron job it fails. 185 more words


MySQL Backup, the right way (automysqlbackup)


ON THE SERVER BEING BACKED UP, get the latest version of automysqlbackup from http://sourceforge.net/projects/automysqlbackup/

yum -y install pigz
mkdir -p /root/software/automysqlbackup
cd /root/software/automysqlbackup
wget https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ukvf1u5q6vgiys/automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6.tar.gz?dl=0
tar xvfz auto<TAB>
(delete the tar)

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Experimenting with CRON

I’ll confess right now that I like to conduct personal experiments. Generally they happen in January, but they are not resolutions. January 2018 has been about experimenting with CRON. 659 more words


Running bash script 10 minutes after the system start

I’m trying to run a bash script 10 minutes after my system startup and on every reboot. I was planning to the @reboot of crontab, but I’m not sure of two things… 156 more words