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How to backup automatically your postgresql database everyday at 15h30mins

You can produce backups of your  database automatically using both pg_dump and crontab. pg_dump is used to produce the backup while crontab performs the automation. 624 more words

System Administration

Moving Cron Jobs into Hiera

I recently received a request from one of our customers to add a few cron jobs to help them during a migration.  Upon looking at our ‘crontab’ module, I noticed a separate manifest for each node, the class name being the node’s hostname.   214 more words


Cron Commands

Type the following command:
# crontab -l
# crontab -u username -l
# crontab -e #Edit Cron

To remove or erase all crontab jobs use the following command: 22 more words


Scheduling repetitive tasks

I often have to do some repetitive tasks: sending out reminders for lab meetings, or updating my personal website.

My workflow for my personal website is as follows: I develop everything in a testbed of sorts, in a separate directory called era3develop. 268 more words

systemd user timers (cron alternative)

After system reinstall I had some issues fixing my user systemd timers. Because I copied the files from backup to .config/systemd/user/ the system yell at me with… 171 more words


PHP - MySQL (Automatically Backup Daily)

if you using Apache in Linux

Method 1:

Enter Below commands

MAILTO="email@domqin.com" // add this line at top of your crontab file to receive email. 100 more words


Execute script as www-data user in crontab

The best way to execute a script as www-data user in cron is to use sudo command, you have to edit cron as root.

sudo -u www-data your command