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Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition - Day 2, 1083kcals

What, another day, and 1081kcals!?!  Because I’m eating ONLY nutritious foods – I went to bed feeling extremely satisfied yesterday.

I started off my day with… 800 more words

On Track

Intermittent Fasting, healthy diet strategy

There is a lot of excellent information and medical studies that support the benefits of fasting, and intermittent fasting.  Some people who practice CRON (C… 453 more words


Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, Day 1, 1079kcals

Last night, when I got home from work, I made my children, din-din.  First, I cut up all of the fresh strawberries I purchased, my two little ones ate those up – and kept asking for more.   630 more words


Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition - Day 1 - getting started!


carrots – 100g for 35kcal
2 hard boiled eggs -101g for 157kcal

I made the hard boiled eggs this morning.  It’s the only animal protein I have had all day. 464 more words


Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition - for best health.

I have known about Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, since 2010.  I started off reading April’s CR Diary.  It was by far (and still is) some of the most motivation writing about CR, and losing and keeping the weight off via great nutrition.   685 more words


Monitor Internet Speed with Raspberry Pi

This post details how to setup your Raspberry Pi to automatically run Internet speed tests, store the results and display them in graph format on a webpage. 2,527 more words


Ubuntu 16.04.1 - cron mail not working

I recently ran into a strange issue. I wasn’t getting mail from cron – even though I could mail myself locally without incident. My cron daemon was running fine, and I had MAILTO=user specified in the crontab. 219 more words