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Using Cron Job to Adjust Time


Recently in an application I developed, I noticed I received a “unauthorized” response for an API GET to a RESTful Service which I developed in… 672 more words


How To Set Up A Crontab File

Cron is a system daemon used to execute desired tasks (in the background) at designated times.

A crontab file is a simple text file containing a list of commands meant to be run at specified times. 274 more words


Postgres crontab on active/passive clusters

My first blog post…

If you’ve had to deal with PostgreSQL on an active/passive cluster using Pacemaker or some other clustering software, you’ve probably discovered that setting up local cron jobs can be a little tricky. 242 more words


Cron jobs

Cron jobs are perfect for executing a specific task or script at a scheduled time or different time periods.

Cron jobs can be run hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. 234 more words


Automatic Raspberry Pi Reboot Script

It seems that all computers at some time or another need a reboot.     Whether it is a smartphone,  smart TV,  laptop, home computer,  or even the Raspberry Pi,   the first line of defense when things stop working is to simply to reboot.       947 more words

Kook Hack

Two ways to run background tasks: comparing launchd and GCD

Just over a month ago, I published some impressive figures for the timeliness of events scheduled using macOS Sierra’s launchd system. This article provides some comparable results obtained using Grand Central Dispatch’s scheduling system. 531 more words


Cron and Anacron


On Unix-like systems, the de facto programs used to execute commands periodically are cron and anacron.  Commands like at can also be used to schedule tasks, but the difference is that these types of commands schedule jobs to run once in the future.   3,643 more words