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Cron jobs in Linux

To create cron jobs in Linux:

Just remember the following syntax
.—————- minute (0 – 59)
| .————- hour (0 – 23)
| | .———- day of month (1 – 31) 73 more words


SkyDog 1: - CTF

This is my walk-through of the SkyDog 1 challenge posted on vulnhub.com.

Full NMAP scan of host:

root@kali:~# nmap -p- -A

I begin with enumerating web services: 377 more words


Automate MySQL Backup & Send To Email As Attachment On FreeBSD 11

Wow!!! I googled and modified a cron script for almost an hour or two just to get this working. I can’t believe that it’s quite hard to find a bash script to do this three basic  functionalities. 94 more words


Setting Up Cron

Login To SSH

Step 1: Type crontab -e and press enter

Step 2: Choose any editor

Step 3: Add the time to run

For example if you wish to set cron to run 8am everyday, 22 more words


How to install and use tmpreaper

The files and directories in the tmp directory are cleaned only during a reboot. This can be problematic if you have applications that write a lot to the tmp directory and you do not want to reboot your Linux system. 257 more words


This is my walk-through of the SickOS 1.2 challenge posted on vulnhub.com. All testing on this image was performed in an isolated lab environment. Understand that using the tools demonstrated in this walk-through against a host without permission is against the law. 362 more words


Oozie: CRON style scheduling in Oozie

  • Cron scheduling adds a lot of flexibility while scheduling jobs using the Oozie coordinator.
  • Its bit tricky, but once you familiarize its going to benefit a lot.
  • 64 more words