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This is my walk-through of the SickOS 1.2 challenge posted on vulnhub.com. All testing on this image was performed in an isolated lab environment. Understand that using the tools demonstrated in this walk-through against a host without permission is against the law. 362 more words


Oozie: CRON style scheduling in Oozie

  • Cron scheduling adds a lot of flexibility while scheduling jobs using the Oozie coordinator.
  • Its bit tricky, but once you familiarize its going to benefit a lot.
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Redirect output to a file from within cron

Change the redirection to 2>&1. So now crontab -e looks like

*/1 * * * * /home/teamsoo/backup.sh >> /home/teamsoo/backup.log 2>&1

Paddle-SG: Software Architecture and Infrastructure

In this post, I elaborate further on the Software Architecture, and Infrastructure that keeps Paddle-SG up and running. I will start explaining from the lowest level (i.e. 664 more words


Paddle-SG: Introduction

As an active volunteer kayaking trainer for 7 years, I often hear my participants lament that it is not easy to find out the dates of the next available proficiency course. 566 more words

System Administration

Reliability of macOS Sierra: scheduled and background activities

In yesterday’s article about working in remote locations, I made the bold claim that Apple is making macOS more of a black box by moving key systems out of the reach of advanced users and support folk. 649 more words


Automating Backup on Raspberry Pi

I had been thinking of automating my Raspberry Pi backup for a long time but never really got around in doing so. Until, one day the SD card failed and my only backup was from 1 year ago! 1,306 more words

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