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SkaDate / Oxwall Troubleshooting : how to find out whether all of your cron tasks are being executed.

Cron is responsible for many of important features in SkaDate/Oxwall. From reference guide about Cron you already  know that main run.php file executes number of local cron.php files located within the source code of your plugins. 425 more words


SkaDate / Oxwall : what is "cron" ?

You have probably googled this already. And probably this didn’t help you much. This blog post is about Cron in Oxwall / SkaDate software : what it does and how it works. 501 more words


What's Wrong With The Angels

It sure seems like a long time ago when it felt like the Angels could do nothing wrong. Our lineup was scoring runs, our starters were having quality starts, and our bullpen was closing the door on the opposition. 554 more words


Create MySQL Events / Schedulers

MySQL Event is, performing or executing some operation based on the specified or scheduled time. MySQL Events have been added from version 5.1.6 MySQL event scheduler is a process that runs in background and looks for events to execute. 249 more words


add custom cron in wordpress

following code will run at every 15 minutes.

if you want to use while loop inside cron function,you need to check every function inside wp_query.some times global $post variable not worked :( 62 more words

Cloud-Based Web Application Check-Script

Monitoring applications can be tricky. As a network engineer it’s important that the applications that I serve up are available and working properly. To network engineers it’s important that resources are up and running from the Internet.¬† 3,808 more words


Getting Your (Annoyingly Dynamic) IP Address Emailed To You Every Day

I recently moved house and with that had to adjust to a new internet service that is unfortunately not as reliable as my old one. As I rely on my raspberry pi as a remote media server, I need to know what the IP address is, which is a bit of a pain when it keeps changing while you’re out the house. 275 more words