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Service with a Smile

Macs are increasingly reliant on background services, and increasingly vulnerable to their problems. Mastering the services on your Mac will help make it faster and more stable. 1,843 more words


Configure log file for cron daemon on AIX.

Cron daemon log in by default on /var/adm/cron/log, but I wanted to put it with all other logs of the system.
All system logs (syslog, mksysb, ftp, http, and so on, are on /var/syslog filesystem, I decided to put cron logs in the same place. 149 more words


Database tables : ow_base_cron_job


This database tables stores information related to Cron Jobs’ activity on your SkaDate / Oxwall website. 154 more words

Database Operations

No dots in cron scripts?

I added a little script to /etc/cron.daily, sayhello.sh, while I sorted out how to integrate my backup script (tresync) into the list of cron jobs run daily. 104 more words


Sending email screen shots from Enlightenment Linux

I read somewhere that its possible to take unattended screen shots (scrot) and mail it (heirloom-mailx) every one hour (/etc/cron.hourly). It was not easy particularly the mailing part because configuring any mail program to send mail from terminal to the outside world seemed a herculean task. 172 more words

Open Source

Time I

Time is a concept I struggled with when writing the book.

There are two problems with time.  The first is the way we use it in our language.   458 more words