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SBT and Github commands using Linux Cronjob for github project

When i was in the middle of my project I encountered a challenge to run sbt commands and github commands for my cloned project at regular intervals(say after every hour or two). 745 more words


notify-send in Ubuntu 16 LTS

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16 LTS from Ubuntu 14 LTS.
Unlike my previous experiences, this time the process was not that smooth.
When the… 410 more words


How to backup automatically your postgresql database everyday at 15h30mins

You can produce backups of your  database automatically using both pg_dump and crontab. pg_dump is used to produce the backup while crontab performs the automation. 624 more words

System Administration

Moving Cron Jobs into Hiera

I recently received a request from one of our customers to add a few cron jobs to help them during a migration.  Upon looking at our ‘crontab’ module, I noticed a separate manifest for each node, the class name being the node’s hostname.   206 more words


Cron Commands

Type the following command:
# crontab -l
# crontab -u username -l
# crontab -e #Edit Cron

To remove or erase all crontab jobs use the following command: 22 more words


Scheduling repetitive tasks

I often have to do some repetitive tasks: sending out reminders for lab meetings, or updating my personal website.

My workflow for my personal website is as follows: I develop everything in a testbed of sorts, in a separate directory called era3develop. 268 more words

systemd user timers (cron alternative)

After system reinstall I had some issues fixing my user systemd timers. Because I copied the files from backup to .config/systemd/user/ the system yell at me with… 171 more words