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Run PHP script using crontab

Type below commands to add your script in existing cron
# crontab -e
00 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/username/myscript.php


Lesson learned: Ubuntu aws-cli cron job

I had to set up a cron job on an Ubuntu server  that would leverage the AWS command line interface to backup some S3 buckets once every day.   355 more words


Smart bulb controlled from a Raspberry Pi with Python. My RGB alarm clock

I’ve got a BeeWi Smart LED Color Bulb. I must admit I cannot resist to buy those kind of devices :).

I can switch on/off the bulb and change the color using its Mobile App, but it’s not fun. 241 more words


Why Can't I access crontab ?

Crontab allows users to schedule jobs under in controlled manner. In Linux environments every user can have their crontab. In order to create crontab user needs to have their username in… 98 more words


Simple Search and Replace

Sometimes we need to comment entire file data in single command. Such tasks includes commenting crontabs during planned outages or some configuration files during system outages. 218 more words


Parsing CronJob Expression in Android

I had been trying to parse a cron expression string in my Android app and came across this CronExpression Code source code. I move it into my project and you can just use it off the shelve by calling… 31 more words


Making it another CRON day!

The last two days, and today, have been pretty wonderful days.  It has brought me so much peace to know that I can confidently follow a Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition diet, and follow it on days where I plan for it – and it’s easy breezy. 506 more words