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Movie Review: "Antiviral"

The cult of the celebrity is already at manic heights in our society. A new religion for the age of media saturation, in which tabloid bibles and paparazzi prophets spread the gospel of what each of these neo-idols does, says, and thinks, so that we can all vicariously experience their existence, however minutely or mundane, and hopefully even distract from our own personal situations, shortcomings, frustrations.   619 more words


There are just six copies left of my chapbook “I Loved You in New York” (alice blue books, 2015). Since alice blue shut its doors in 2016, I’ve been selling them at readings and on… 67 more words


Classic Review: Videodrome (1983)

A word of warning, since this is a classic review, spoilers are contained herein. Though this article will not dilute the effectiveness of Videodrome for first time viewers, those sensitive to plot details are advised to watch the movie before reading this review… 994 more words


The Dead Zone (1983)

The Dead Zone: A-

This is a great horror movie and one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made.

Christopher Walken plays a jolly English teacher who gets in a car accident and goes into a five-year coma. 461 more words


Tutto in famiglia

Tutto in Famiglia

Si avvicina il clima natalizio che fa riavvicinare anche i cuori delle persone che si vogliono bene, che fa chiudere le famiglie in un cerchio di gioia e di serenità. 439 more words

Spooklights #9 With Alex Smith

For this episode, special guest host Sean M. Thompson and Jonathan Raab talk with Muzzleland Press’ own Alex Smith about his novella HIVE, Clive Barker’s… 61 more words


Open Submissions

We’re starting to plan out our second issue! We want you to show us what you’ve got!


Warship is a zine about the things we love. 172 more words