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Cinema Versus 'THE BROOD' and Other Monsters

SPOILER WARNING: In this article, I’m going to be discussing a number of key plot points for my Criterion Blogathon film of choice, THE BROOD. If you haven’t seen the film (and you should), or care about spoilers, perhaps you shouldn’t read the essay below. 1,843 more words


interzioq #2: Robin Ogden’s interview – OGRE

Hello what’s your name and how do you feel right now?
Hi! My name’s Robin, and I make music as OGRE. Right now I feel a little sleepy and could do with a coffee! 564 more words


The fear, the candy, the costumes...

So there goes Halloween 2015. Was it fun for you? What did you get up to this year? I saw groups of ghouls, dead brides, drunken corpses, confused zombies and ruined witches among many others trailing the streets. 206 more words

Man as a God

A much-needed holiday resulted in so much soul-searching that, frankly, I am badly in need of a holiday, and the one question that has dominated my thinking over the last week continues to bang restlessly at the door of my consciousness, demanding a final answer: if I had Scanner powers, would I use them for good or evil? 561 more words

17. Videodrome

17. Videodrome (1983). James Woods plays a sleazy cable station producer looking for the most shocking, horrific, pornographic content he can find—something that can wake up his jaded and desensitized audience (himself included). 86 more words


31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

Three sentences review:

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome is one of those movies so ahead of its time that I wonder how crazy it must have been to watch it when it was first released (in this case, 1983). 70 more words

plant face

i’ve had a few disturbing dreams lately. a couple days ago, i dreamed i was in a fancy, almost futuristic bathroom looking in the mirror. my face had all kinds of weeds growing out of it, like little blades of grass, thistles, dandelions. 396 more words