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"From Beyond" (1986) REVIEW

Stuart Gordon (along with his partner in grime, Brian Yuzna) give Cronenberg a run-for-his-money when it comes to body horror. There’s no better example than the twisted, oozing, pulsating beast that is From Beyond. 169 more words


Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg, 1991)

The great achievement of David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch is that it proves an adaptation need not be faithful to the original text to be successful. Of course, in this instance a straightforward adaptation would be all but impossible as William S. 482 more words


3 things about David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME


1. He twirls his cigarette in the ashtray. “Can we get away with it? Do we want to get away with it?”
2. Stretchy static.
3. Mic drop.

3 other things.


Over New Years, I was awarded with some generous free time to sit back with a few (or more, don’t judge!) brews and some strange flicks. 649 more words