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Metamorphosis” is an Italian-made variation on the classic mad scientist tale of a brilliant man cursed by his own hubris to turn himself into a Halloween costume. 1,192 more words


5 Great Canadian Sci-Fi Films You Probably Haven't Seen...

With Canadian director Jacques Villeneuve releasing Blade Runner 2049 this year and the great Canadian/Spain collaborative effort Colossal released earlier this year, it seemed only fitting that we take a look at five of the great Canadian produced/co-produced Science Fiction films from the past that maybe you’ve never heard of or seen. 1,325 more words



Since I now have Showtime in addition to the moribund Netflix, I have a new collection of movies on demand, and this was on there. This is early, low-budget David Cronenberg, among his first body horror movies that got attention, before he went mainstream, then respectable mainstream, then avant-garde, where he is now. 489 more words


3 things about Val Guest's THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT

The Quatermass Xperiment

1. The answers to the mystery hinge on expert film processing.
2. Cactus hand. Very Cronenberg.
3. It seems to look down at the policeman with its single eye.

The Void

The Void (2016) – Horror 

Directed by: Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie

Starring: Aaron Poole and Kenneth Welsh

How I Watched: Amazon Instant Video

Review by  656 more words

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Dr Saint Luc, It's For You...

“So… You want to go and wave a half-eaten pickle at a building?”


“… Ookay! …”

(A perfectly normal conversation, held in our Montreal hotel room of an evening.) 834 more words


Martial Law Has Come To Montreal...

Rabid. The title first burrowed its way into my psyche in the very early 80s when, not quite into my teens, I perused the densely printed “catalogue” (pamphlet, really) of Tadley Video Hire – a business that would deliver tapes from a car to your door during the nascent home-video boom, in the days even before rental stores were particularly established. 952 more words