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Maps to the stars

David Cronenberg è un regista tendenzialmente “sgradevole”.
In certi casi sa essere anche “molto” sgradevole.
Eppure l’entomologo freddo e cinico del Canada è anche uno dei pochi registi che valga la pena seguire. 546 more words


The Subterranean

Day 15.

Yesterday I got confused and mistook it for my fifteenth day. I guess that can happen when I alone am counting!

In keeping with the last couple of posts todays’ work is another painting in acrylics from my time in Malaga. 361 more words


David Cronenberg sin frenos

El realizador canadiense y autodenominado “rey del horror” acaba de estrenar Map to the stars y su primera novela, Consumed. A sus 71 años, el director de La mosca y Una historia violenta no piensa detenerse, al contrario, dice que cada día se inventa de nuevo. Read story here.


Alien (Scott, 1979)

Visually, for 1979, the film is quite rich. While some of the shots of the spacecraft and alien are downright laughable by today’s standards, the one major quality that they hold is a material nature. 180 more words


Cosmopolis []

Cosmopolis – David Cronenberg

Κρόνεμπεργκ. Έχει να κάνει ταινία που να μην είναι για πέταμα από το Existanz. Ε τώρα σου λέει θα κάνω μία δήθεν παπαριά γυρισμένο όλο σε μια λιμουζίνα και 3 πλατώ, με μπολικη φιλοσοφική μπαρούφα και τον τιτάνα τον Πατινσον για να κρατήσει ένα τέτοιο εγχείρημα μόνος του. 9 more words


Scanners (1981)

Filled another hole in my horror movie repertoire, in celebration of Canadian Film Day, or apparently David Cronenberg day since my other NCFD film was Videodrome. 459 more words


3 things about David Cronenberg's eXistenZ


1. Balmsticks for bioports.
2. “You have to play the game to find out why you’re playing the game.”
3. Cheek-shredding teeth bullets.