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(1983) The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is a great supernatural horror-thriller with excellent acting and believable characters. The story surrounds Johnny Smith who’s awoken from a lengthy coma to find that he has the powers to see visions of the future. 128 more words


(1975) Shivers

Already knowing how talented Cronenberg is makes reviewing his early films so difficult for some reason. I have a hard time telling if he’s going for a serious tone with these movies unlike watching Peter Jackson’s early films ( 253 more words

Body Horror

(1977) Rabid

Rabid is Cronenberg’s second major feature length film and while it’s not terrible, I wouldn’t say it’s a must watch. It’s the type of film that takes a very serious approach to a silly premise. 334 more words

Body Horror

Loose thoughts on social media theory, Syria, and digital naked lunches

I recently had the great chance of reading Geert Lovink’s latest book “Social Media Abyss” (just out for Polity Press) and his essay “On the social media ideology” which is part of an ongoing research. 882 more words

Wow it feels like only yesterday that I posted a Top 50 post let's pretend it was

Wow really sorry about that guys. I had finals. Anyway so let’s not waste time and just get it started as soon as possible. 1,347 more words

High Rise

Tom Hiddleston stars in blood-soaked dystopian satire High Rise 

Terror of Tower
By Tom Meek

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

When the Poseidon Adventure came out during the tumultuous 1970s with Nixon in the White House, there were those who saw the capsized ocean liner as a metaphor for a society that had been upended. 666 more words


The Terror Test - EP 18 - Scanners and Videodrome

THE TERROR TEST podcast is a conversation between two horror fans to weigh the merits of films and decide whether to admit them  into our sacred horror canon.  214 more words