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UH-OH. One Less Place To Look For A Job

By Jed Biggins

When Donald Trump spoke of “American carnage” during his inaugural address on Friday, he clearly wasn’t kidding. He started out on Monday by signing an executive order freezing all federal hiring. 407 more words

Semichorus examines myBurbank's support for B

The controversial but always illuminating semichorus blog has some analysis of myBurbank’s endorsement of Measure B.  It’s worth a read. One thing we spotted in the article and commented on is this: 97 more words


Airport Authority buys the special election

Must be nice to be able to buy so much influence in this town. It would have cost the city very little to add this to the local election this spring. 113 more words


Mayor's son is deleting No on Measure B Facebook posts

Come on Scott! Your Facebook masthead states this CLOSED PAGE promotes “open communication between residents.” There are no posting guidelines anywhere and you have arbitrarily deleted posts in the past when they touched a nerve. 128 more words



That feeling
Was even tempered,
We could be friends
I knew,
She hated me, then
Excitement, the existence
We took a vow of silence.

That ruined my mini happiness… 209 more words

Ghouls and Chase

A man named Chase appeared who likes to drink vampire blood.  His exact species is unknown.  He has ghoul cronies that he sent after Cheri Noble.   82 more words

Reality and consequences of elite rule in Cambodia

The long rule of Hun Sen and his Cambodian People’s Party in Cambodia is occasionally in the international spotlight. Attention tends to be paid to the political situation, an arena well covered in Michael Sullivan’s… 1,572 more words

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