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It's Not the 1 Percent Controlling Politics. It's the 0.01 Percent.

—By Dave Gilson Thu Apr. 23, 2015 6:15 AM

Even before presidential candidates started lining upbillionaires to kick-start their campaigns, it was clear that the 2016 election could be the biggest big-money election yet. 39 more words

House passes bill allowing corporations to share your data

by James Trew | @itstrew | 7 hrs ago


If you wanted to explain the dilemma of privacy versus security to a curious relative, the  168 more words

The Bankster War on Cash; JPMorganChase Begins to Prohibit the Storage of Cash in Its Safety Deposit Boxes

 Letters are apparently going out to some JPMoragnChase customers announcing that cash will be prohibited from being stored in the bank’s safety deposit boxes.

At the Collectors Universe message board,  38 more words

Look at how many pages are in the federal tax code

As they rush to file their taxes by April 15, Americans are rightfully frustrated with the complexity of the 74,608-page-long federal tax code.

The federal tax code is 187 times longer than it was a century ago, according to Wolters Kluwer, CCH, which has analyzed the federal tax code since 1913.

15 Companies That Paid Zero Income Tax Last Year (Despite $23 Billion In Profits)

The owners of this country don’t pay taxes or

Due to completely messed up U.S. tax policies, some even got a rebate check

Only small businesses pay taxes. 125 more words

Hillary as Bankster Tool

They all are including B. H. Obama

Five of Hillary Clinton ‘s top ten 2008 corporate. campaign contributors were banksters:  Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorganChase, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

The Economic Implications of a Country too Big to Fail

By Michael Ostrolenk  April 10, 2015

Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein explains why the American Empire can be categorized as one “too-big-to-fail.” By permitting businesses to grow so large that the economy relies heavily upon them, the government becomes quick to bail out even the most mismanaged business to prevent economic collapse. 52 more words