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 Growth accumulates

Wealthy ebullience

Asset profligates

Distended gorge

Parasites leeched

Cronies flooded

Carpeted pavement

Enmity moat

Gleeful parchment

Fleas haven

Miser’s bastion

Scrap’s heaven


Human & Life

Fight Muscat, fight

Frank Farrugia, the President of Malta Chamber of Commerce, said in the Times of Malta: “The two political parties need to get together and reform the institutions that ensure governance, and sooner rather than later.” I full heartedly disagree. 219 more words

Mystery: Video Shows Restaurant Furniture Moving On Its Own

VENTURA (CBSLA)    The owners of Cronies bar and restaurant say they aren’t pulling some kind of Halloween prank.

But on video they have surveillance tape clearly showing furniture moving about the place — and on its own. 285 more words


pasta was not eaten

the young grandmother

waits in the shade, hiding from

the news.  Her empty yoghurt container

wilts like a dead tulip

in the sun.  a teenager… 33 more words

North Korean president Kim Jong-un allegedly spent £2.7 million on sexy underwear for the 'pleasure squad' of women who service him and his cronies

News emanating from North Korea has it that president Kim Jong Un spent £2.7million on racy lingerie for his pleasure Squad, a group of young girls picked as virgins who provide entertainment for him and his officials. 238 more words


Choice to have a slow death
Lingering pain slowly sucking away
My last breath
While you rejoice
At the beauty of your lying creation
Of giving  everybody a free choice… 38 more words



 Acceptance salient praise

Accolades weeping grace

Garnering support votes

Center of attention gloats

Nations disintegrates caveat

Looting bandits camouflage

Cronies, scions infiltrate

Raped barren eerie graves


Human & Life