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A. J. Cronin……..

ešte ako stredoškoláčka som si vybrala jeho knihu Citadela ako námet na referát. Nedávno, som sa pred odchodom z knižnice zastavila pri boxe s vyradenými knihami a hneď mi jeho meno udrelo do očí…… žeby to bol on autor tej úžasnej Citadely, ktorú som čítala pred vyše desiatimi rokmi?! 109 more words

Last Sunday in the MTC and YIKES

This is the first day in many days that I haven’t heard Elder Barker shouting to me “Good morning sunshine! Lookin’ bright eyed and bushy tailed! 181 more words


The Keys of the Kingdom_Ringkasan (3)

“Orang China benci pamer. Mereka menyebutnya ti-mien, sedangkan pastor yang melakukan hal itu akan dianggap hina.” (p. 170)

Pada awal 1902, Francis Chisholm tiba di Pai-tan, China.

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Kegiatan Menulis

The Keys of the Kingdom_Ringkasan (2)

“Dia menyahut cepat: ‘Tuhan menilai kita tak hanya dari apa yang kita yakini … tetapi apa yang kita lakukan.’” (p. 161)

Pada Paskah 1892, Francis menghadapi konflik pertamanya di San Morales.

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The Keys Of The Kingdom

The Keys of the Kingdom (Part 2)

“He said quickly: ‘God judges us not only by what we believe … but by what we do.’” (p. 161)

In Easter 1892, Francis faces his first conflict in the San Morales.

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The Keys Of The Kingdom

The Keys of the Kingdom (Part 1)

“Like a blade thrust into the warmth of his life came a dread, a shrinking from that word ‘religion,’ a chill bewilderment that men could hate each other for worshipping the same God with different words.” (p.

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The Keys Of The Kingdom

Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin : Solutions | Notes

Q1 .. What are the qualities of a “gentleman”? Work with your partner and complete the following web-chart by listing the qualities of a gentleman. 1,169 more words

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