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The 737 MAX Saga Is a Total Disgrace for Boeing and the FAA, by Michael Krieger

Many have caught on to the FAA’s regulatory capture by the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. The FAA is just one of many alphabet agencies that have been captured. 255 more words


Snowflake Devin Nunes’ Cow and his lawsuit against twitter parody accounts

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Snowflake Republican Devin Nunes tried to claim that his lawsuit against the parody accounts and against Twitter is really more about “fake news” than it is about his own ego. 481 more words

Traitor Trump

25 States Still Prosecute Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Why Are Child Sex Trafficking Victims
Being Arrested?

Before you all begin this post, I want to say a few things.  On April 17, 2015, I published a post “

636 more words
Child Abuse

Political Patronage Is Just Corruption with Extra Steps

“McKinley and Hanna understood it would be a mistake to trade promises of patronage, power, or cabinet posts for delegates. Once you start striking political bargains like that, you can’t stop.

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The Cure for Inequality is More Laissez-Faire

That means less cronyism and more competition.

“Inequality is not necessarily bad in itself: the key question is to decide whether it is justified.”____ Thomas Piketty in  1,654 more words


With all of Trump’s bigotry on full display, Republican denunciations of others will always be hypocritical

Why does lame ass Chuck Todd have a show on MSNBC? Shouldn’t he be relegated to Sinclair?

Democratic leaders expanded a resolution that initially focused on condemning anti-Semitism which was seen by many as targeting Rep. 645 more words


The Snowflake Barons Are Eating Each Other, by Mytheos Holt

Things aren’t going so well for the social media and tech barons. From Mytheos Holt at spectator.org:

In 2008’s iconic superhero film The Dark Knight… 851 more words