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Why Did Cheryl Mills Require Criminal Immunity? by Tyler Durden

The title asks a question that blows a hole in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

If there was no evidence of criminal activity, why all the immunity? 540 more words


The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham, by John R. Shindler

The fix for Hillary Clinton was in from the get-go with the FBI. From John R. Shindler at observer.com:

NSA Analyst: We now have incontrovertible proof the Bureau never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton… 555 more words


Some thoughts on football--the sport of socialism

Football. The great sport of socialism. 

Let’s ignore for the moment that football is rank barbarism, outdone only by the true viciousness of boxing and the UFC, that plays to the absolute worst within the human soul. 2,761 more words


The breeding grounds for Eureka's excessively high rate

With the all news about the Budget Inn in the media, we’ve got to chime in. Why are slum lords and land lords given such a pass in Eureka? 406 more words


Corruption in Becontree

It has been brought to our attention over at Dagenham Speaks that Barking Labour Councillor Faruk Choudhury, of attempted murder investigation fame has been allegedly taking part in yet even more shady dealings. 130 more words

Barking And Dagenham

The Party of Dirty Tricks

This post has been updated. 9/22/16

The joke that’s been going around for a while is that our politicians should have to sport logos like Nascar vehicles, showing who owns them. 1,013 more words