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Yes, Hillary Clinton Broke the Law


Over at Media Matters for America — the liberal spin operation founded by well-known Clinton backer David Brock — the machine is in high gear contending that Hillary Clinton did nothing unlawful by conducting her business as secretary of state from a personal email account, because “requirements to maintain such records did not exist during her tenure.”

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Only as long as it's Obama's team...

Boehner Tells House Republicans: ‘We All Need To Be Team Players And Support Each Other’

A solid majority of House Republicans — 167 in all — rejected a call for GOP unity from Speaker John Boehner earlier on Tuesday, a sign of his slipping grip on power in the House after he flip-flopped to support President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty by providing funding for it.

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Is Bibi available?

Replace John Boehner as House Speaker

As my colleague streiff wrote a while ago, (alleged) Republican Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)Heritage ActionScorecardRep.

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Boehner folds like a cheap suit


And here are the 75 who took the short walk with him:

1. Benishek
2. Bishop (Mich.)
3. Boehner
4. Bost
5. Brooks (Ind.)

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Hillary Clinton, Prepared for Failure


There isn’t very much that’s interesting about the Hillary Rodham Clinton email revelation—that she never had a government account, that she used a private email service for official communication, that she thereby exposed the national diplomatic mission to malevolent intelligence operations and cybercriminals, etc.

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In a real world, this would matter...

House Benghazi Committee Busts Hillary Clinton For Using Personal Email To Evade Transparency Requirements

If we still lived in a nation where the rule of law meant anything to our left-wing aristocracy, the discovery that Hillary Clinton used personal email accounts to evade federal transparency requirements would finish her, and probably finish Barack Obama with her.

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Department of Justice Shut Down Search For Lois Lerner’s Emails


The Department of Justice blocked an attempt to force the Internal Revenue Service to search for Lois Lerner’s missing emails at off-site storage facilities, according to a lawyer pushing to obtain the emails.

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