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Trump’s business partnerships with shadowy Russians in New York real estate deals

A bombshell Bloomberg View report dropped Wednesday morning detailing President Donald Trump’s shadowy business partnerships with Russian investors on New York City real estate deals. 2,227 more words


Trump, Manafort, Konstantin Kilimnik and the Republican-Russian election interference web

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman met in August — as controversy swirled over possible Russian interference in the election — with a business associate who may have ties to Russian intelligence. 427 more words


Donald Trump, the Wedding Planner and the Runaway Trolley

Trump, who is known to reward loyalty, has made a number of terrible appointments for which the only justification for selection is personal loyalty. Loyalty is a desirable quality when making personnel choices. 307 more words


Gingrich Questions Special Counsel's Impartiality - "Republicans Are Delusional...Look Who He Is Hiring", by Tyler Durden

James Comey’s good buddy and mentor Robert Mueller is not going to be any better than Comey. When official Washington hails anyone as fair and impartial, you can bet they’re anything but. 469 more words


The Sideshow That Never Leaves Town, by Butler Shaffer

Many of us have been trained to serve the state, and the training becomes more ingrained and pervasive with the young. From Butler Shaffer at lewrockwell.com: 373 more words


Should U.S. Taxpayers Be Funding the Brookings Institution? by Michael Krieger

Well here’s a surprise. When a think tank receives funding from the government, its thoughts turn to the multitudinous  blessings of government. Imagine! From Michael Krieger at libertyblitzkrieg.com: 317 more words


Everything Trump does links back to Russia; and Putin wants revenge on the US

President Trump on Wednesday morning announced that he will nominate Christopher A. Wray as the new head of the FBI. Trump just weeks ago fired James Comey, the former director, in a controversial move. 963 more words