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A Very Depressing Chart on Creeping Cronyism in the American Economy

Last year, I shared the most depressing PowerPoint slide in Danish history.

Back in 2011, I wrote about a depressing picture of tax complexity in America. 743 more words


America Has Become a “Parasitocracy” by Bill Bonner

The Deep State are a bunch of parasites, which was the gist of “Your Life Is Yours,” but Bill Bonner has an interesting and provocative way of saying things. 519 more words


Cronyism and the ‘padrino’ system: what they do to the Philippine’s political and business culture, and how to get rid of them

Cronyism and the ubiquitous padrino (patronage) system describe an economy in which certain business people and government officials maintain a close relationship, resulting in favoritism in the allocation of government contracts, permits, grants, benefits, etc. 321 more words

Tip of the day for those leaning socialist (or Sanders) fans: check out what’s going on in Venezuela.

Funny how the media isn’t covering the great panacea the county has become…just like the other socialist countries before it.


The deep ties between Tesla and SolarCity’s boards of directors

SolarCity and Tesla Motors’ boards of directors are close.

Critics say they are too close to be truly objective about Tesla’s $2.8 billion bid to buy SolarCity. 1,144 more words


Serviced Goods

You perform a task valuable enough that someone will give you something for it.  Next, take said something and trade it for a thing or task. 861 more words

Revelations of crony corruption at the Swedish National Audit Office

The Swedish National Audit Office is part of the central control power of the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament). It ensures that the Riksdag receives a coordinated and independent audit of the state finances.

786 more words