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It's cronyism, not capitalism..!!

If there’s one thing that shows how crosswired the left are its how often they make the claim that NZ is on the road to hell because of the unbridled capitalism encouraged by John Key. 731 more words


BlackRock Spreads its Tentacles in Brussels, by Don Quijones

From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com:

Exploiting knowledge and connections, Goldman-like.

In Brussels there is one industry that is thriving better than just about any other: the bailout business. 267 more words


Crony Capitalism At Work——$29 Billion “Green Energy” Boondoggle Flops in Spain, by Pater Tenebrarum

By Pater Tenebrarum at davidstockmanscontracorner.com:

$29 billion Vaporized

As is well-known, Spain is one of the countries in the euro area’s periphery that has been thoroughly bankrupted by its decision to join the euro area and enjoy an artificial credit expansion-induced boom as its interest rates initially collapsed. 398 more words


Dan Delmar: Cronyism, not corruption, is Quebec's biggest problem

Revelations in the Charbonneau Commission’s final report released this week “showed our society went to sleep, our vigilance was dropped,” said Premier Philippe Couillard. What the commission should also teach us is that the system – a buddy system designed to cultivate collusion – worked just as expected. 620 more words


US Taxpayer Faces $230 Million Loss As Spain's 'Solyndra' Files For Creditor Protection, by Tyler Durden

Crony capitalism in the “green” variety. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

“The future of the company seems very black,” notes on trader as the bonds and stocks of Spanish renewbles form Abengoa lives up to its name and files for creditor protection, just as we warned was likely. 276 more words


Some Victims of Obamacare Deserve to Suffer

Shortly after Obamacare was enacted, I started writing about groups victimized by the law. But after highlighting how childrenlow-income workers, and retirees… 909 more words

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