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The Trump-Russia Scam - How Obama Enabled The FBI To Spy On Trump, by Moon of Alabama

The FBI that was unable find any malfeasance by Hillary Clinton has left no pebble unturned in its pursuit of President Trump. From Moon of Alabama at… 3,328 more words


Europe is Burning, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Europe’s elite is finding it discomfiting that much of the peasantry can’t see the self-evident righteousness of their views and policies. From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at… 1,929 more words


Hunting for Golem, by James Howard Kunstler

The long knives are out for Trump, but he may have a few long knives of his own. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com: 708 more words


New App ‘NewsGuard’ Promises To Stop Fake News. Have A Look At Who Owns and Funds It, by Joe Martino

The new app, “NewsGuard,” is supposed to keep us from those who question the indespensable nation and all its good works. Looking at who’s funding it is instructive; it’s clear who will get the seals of approval. 2,404 more words


Two Movies, by Luis P. Almeida

Pro and anti-Trumpers have diametrically opposed movies running through their heads about the outcomes of Robert Mueller’s and John Huber’s investigations. From Luis P. Almeida at… 1,191 more words


Hiding Evidence: The Continuing Cover-Up by Bryce Buchanan

The insiders take care of each other. From Bryce Buchanan at americanthinker.com:

More information is supporting the theory that the current big Justice Department “investigations” are actually functioning as big cover-up operations.   184 more words


The rise of Socialism: Standing on the shoulders of morons, by Simon Black

Moron is an apt characterization of people who believe in a system that’s failed everywhere it’s been tried. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

I’ve spent the last several days in this quaint Colombian city near the Venezuelan border (though I’m presently at the airport, en route to Chile for a board meeting). 1,073 more words