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Local MAGA freak out over stunning Eureka election loss

The True Ward system did exactly what it was supposed to do, level the playing field so a great candidate like Leslie Castellano could go door to door and win her ward against BIG money MAGA Mantova. 280 more words

City Of Eureka

An Odor of Perfidy, by James Howard Kunstler

President Trump should declassify all the documents he’s threatened to declassify and shine a light on the bottom of the swamp. From James Howard Kunstler at… 773 more words


Political Payback the Bra-ndal Scandal

Fox 9 did a report on the lucrative lobbying contract awarded to Kendal Killian,  MPRB President Brad Bourn’s friend and political supporter of Bourn and his new majority.  165 more words


Marc Elias, Lawyer With Ties To Clinton Campaign and Perkins Coie, Leads Florida Democrats Recount Bid, by Jon Hall

Marc Elias is a behind-the-scenes Democratic operative with a dubious reputation. He was instrumental in the Fusion GPS scandal. From Jon Hall at fmshooter.com: 497 more words


Clapper’s Credibility Collapses, by James McGovern

James Clapper is a hack and a slimeball. From James McGovern at antiwar.com:

Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper’s key role in helping the Cheney/Bush administration “justify” war on Iraq with fraudulent intelligence was exposed on Tuesday at the Carnegie Endowment in Washington by his own words quoted back to him from his memoir “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence.” Hard truths, indeed. 1,529 more words


Shocking NYT Expose Reveals Facebook's Scramble To Label Liberal Critics Soros-Operatives While Trashing Google And Apple, by Tyler Durden

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have no discernible principles. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The New York Times has painted a 5,300 word picture of an out-of-control Facebook’s desperate and incompetent damage control measures in the wake of multiple scandals. 1,694 more words


Killing the Messenger: Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit, by Heather Wokusch

Truth is the enemy for the global deep state. From Heather Wokusch at antiwar.com:

The murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the case of Julian Assange, and freedom of the press… 1,012 more words

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