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Correcting a Wrong

I made a misstatement in my last “Odd Ball” post for Cee’s prompt.  I mistakenly said it was a photo I’d altered with my photo editing program (Photos, by Apple) when in fact it was a detail from a collage I did while at forgottenman’s house in Missouri a few years ago. 172 more words

No More Crooked Politicians

Having now witnessed eight years of the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States of America, our country cannot sustain more of the same – … 25 more words


Politics as usual

Brown should have used a phony foundation like Hillary did. And too bad she wasn’t investigated by the (in-the-bag) FBI. She might have dodged prosecution all together. 43 more words

Crooked Politicians

Took 91 Years to Learn Life Is A Comedy

Obey those in charge! Don’t talk back! One of the first orders barked at me at age 18 in Navy boot camp was: Follow orders! If it moves, salute it. 594 more words

Could These Five Words Change Your Life?

I’ve always been a fan of quotations. What’s not to admire about expressing something profound using the fewest possible words? For a long time my favorite was… 428 more words

Presidential Primary Process, entertainment for the masses?

I don’t know if this is going to be one of my rants or not, so here goes.

You all know that we are a number of months into the craziest and strangest presidential primary process ever seen in the history of American Politics. 680 more words


Η μόνη σωτηρία, η εξέγερση του Λαού

Αλήθεια είναι η υπαρκτότητα μίας κατάστασης ή η πραγματικότητα ενός γεγονότος. Ως αλήθεια δεχόμαστε αυτό που αντιλαμβάνονται ως πραγματικότητα οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι, όταν αντιλαμβάνονται και βιώνουν κάτι με όμοιο τρόπο και αυτό γίνεται αποδεκτό ως αλήθεια.