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This Scum of #Journalists

I received a letter this week from the wife of a man in a senior position in a major firm who had been demoted because I had run a campaign against his Chief Executive. 694 more words

Drake Donates Nearly $1,000,000 to Florida School in Music Video

Prevailing the Florida shooting, politicians left their thoughts and prayers instead of implementing action. So, Drake decided to be the hero and led people on shopping sprees in their local grocery store, donated scholarships, stacks of money to students and a single mother who works as a maid, and even gave away a car. 182 more words

Medical Advice from a Moron

If you’ve spent time in an ER or hospital or even at a doctors office here in the US as of late, getting something other than the basically worthless… 985 more words


#Banks: The Biggest Thieves in History

When they start talking about the huge amounts of money we owe I can’t really get my head around it. I mean, you can’t quite grasp the concept of a trillion can you? 2,012 more words

Man of the Year 2017

Time Magazine just release the “Man of the Year 2017” photograph of Robert Mueller who is usually seen “wearing” stuffy suits “without” smiling.

The “Man of the Year 2017” 87 more words


The Rack

Tenterhook: a hook used to fasten cloth on a drying frame or tenter.

The Rack

The whole world stretched on tenterhooks, suspense our daily bread. 94 more words

Things are good and getting better!! The old days were not as good as we like to think.

I think we look back to the days of our youth with nostalgic affection. Those were the days of optimism, possibility, idealism and passion. Those were days of love and opportunity. 349 more words