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what a world we reside in,

she opens the door,

and you slide in

Like a snake,

blinded by money

you yearn for its taste… 40 more words

Kev Adams' Goblins on Kickstarter

News that will warm the heart of any Oldhammer fan, and of anyone who loves goblin miniatures: a massive range of goblins from the Goblinmaster himself, Kev Adams, is now available through Kickstarter. 80 more words



Smiling is easier.

It’s easier to smile then to be asked,

“What’s wrong”

every fucking ten seconds.

Smiling is a way out.

It’s like really expensive makeup. 48 more words


Happy Labour Day

It is better to get bent from hard work than crooked from trying to avoid it.
~ Grown

Living Simply

No Regrets? Who Are These People?

I’ve heard people say, “I have no regrets. My mistakes are what made me who I am.” That’s a great, positive attitude that I cannot… 569 more words


Partisanship Vs. Intelligence

I talk to a lot of people throughout the course of my day. I always have. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and I value all opinions…when they are arrived at thru the use of intelligence. 580 more words