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Yet Another Reason I Say Stay Away From Crooked US Banks

Stay Away From Crooked US Banks. (Updated 29 November, 2017) I ve Written A Lot About The Crookedness Of US Banks A few articles to set the tone here: US Banks More Crooked Than Ever One of the Reasons I Recommend You Don’t Use a US Bank While Living in the Philippines You Think Philippine Banks [ ] The post Yet Another Reason I Say Stay Away From Crooked US Banks appeared first on PhilFAQs.

How Would I Hang It?

maybe I’ll paint

a painting



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Beach blanket bingo

Today, 65% of Americans will compete for the prize of a lifetime, President Trump’s impeachment, playing TRUMP TWITTER MELTDOWN BINGO (in my best television announcer voice) using some of Trump’s most memorable Tweets from… 454 more words

Donald Trump


I call him Lord
I call him God
I call him beloved too

They call me yogi
They call me saint
They call me crooked too… 10 more words



So for the month of October I had been haphazardly trying out the Inktober thing, at least for about the first week plus yesterday…

I tried out some ink sketches utilizing the themes of the day, and occasionally some fun drawings turned out. 45 more words


Invisalign For A Straighter Smile

Are you dealing with crooked, misaligned teeth? Cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Sowell of Sensational Smiles in Plano, TX offers Invisalign for patients who desire a convenient, discreet way to realign their teeth. 40 more words