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Sam's Ses Challenge #16: Twist

Welcome to this week’s Sam’s Ses Challenge.

Every weekend, Sam and I pick a word or phrase as the theme for the week. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post something… 389 more words


The Liebster Award

A huge Thank you to Roda (Growing Self) for nominating me for The Liebster Award :D Roda writes a beautiful and well-grounded, Earthy blog that embraces artistry, gardening, and finds awe in the everyday. 968 more words


Are You Being Cheated? However Will You Know? #economics the dismal science #shopping #bigdata

If the price of a can of cold soda from a vending machine varies with the outdoors temperature… are you being cheated in July? Or given a bargain in December? 464 more words

Neat Science News

The Empress's New Tights

I had an interesting experience in a yoga class recently and I’m going to put it out there to see what you make of it… 671 more words


GRRL025: Fiddling, contra dance, and gender at Smith College, with Anna Levitt of Crooked

Welcome to episode 25 of Grrl on Grrl with Anna Levitt of San Diego folk band Crooked. In this episode we talk about the differences between classical violin and fiddle, gender at Anna’s alma mater Smith College and with babies, and the two different faces of her band Crooked. 703 more words


My kind of weird

I had to go in to hospital briefly, yet unexpectedly last year (and thankfully exited with a pretty clean bill of health). At that point I’d been identifying as Bisexual (although only dating women) for about 12months. 410 more words


Welcome to my Crooked curve of the world

Many many thoughts and so many ways to share my views and opinions – on life, the universe, and everything. It’s random, quirky and crooked… just like me. 67 more words