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Side effect of snake bite on horse almost a year later.

Last year on June 16 we were dealing with our first snake bit horse. You may remember the blog, complete with photos, documenting the whole process. 88 more words


Naturally, Clinton Foundation’s new policy allows it to keep foreign donors galore

Lack of competition doesn’t often breed better behavior, and the Democrat nomination process for president in 2016 is no different. Grandma Monopoly will keep all the donations she pleases, thanks very much, with a tiny nod to limiting the way in which those donations can come into her foundation. 9 more words


Coordinating the Last Two Corners And the Kill Point

When wallpapering a room, the pattern in the last corner virtually never matches. It’s just physiology and geometry. We call that last corner the “kill point,” and try to put it in an inconspicuous place, like behind a door, or in a short strip over a door. 386 more words

Crooked Bangs

MySpace and Miller shows create lines of new girls though like vampires, they all disappear with the morning sun. At least, tomorrow, we won’t have to pretend nothing happened. 513 more words


Crooked Spine

She spoke of my crooked spine, though how is she to know? When one is crooked inside, does not always make it so. The x-rays of the past, might have shown the truth, but my soul is in alignment…forsooth.


Stood there- Poem

As I stood there
Under the street lamp
Looking at the deserted road
Wondering,how did I get there?
Was it by my own will
Or was I led there. 20 more words