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The Heat Is On... And so are the Cukes!

We picked a few cucumbers here, and a few squash there, but were not deceived. The flood would soon be behind it! And now the deluge has begun, and it appears that some inspiration and encouragement is necessary for those less adventurous patrons to dive in and try out some of these delicious novelties! 731 more words

yes, i know...

not a lot of activity here as of late… i’ve noticed my dishcloth pattern sales have been pretty decent lately – that’s about all anyone knits in the summer besides toys and baby clothes, anyway, right? 515 more words


... summer lovers ...

Okay, these snaps were captured LAST summer.

We had an EX.TREME.LY late spring this year.

And so I’m not really sure WHEN or IF I will catch these huggers kissing and doing other romantic stuff.  29 more words

... My Blogging Life ...

Squash bucket!

These plants are loving this bucket. Leaves getting bigger everyday! Instead of potting mix, I used a compost mix not specifically for container plants.

This pic above is a week earlier. 14 more words


That Darn Bunny!

On June 23rd, I replanted the delicata squash because a certain teen-age bunny had eaten the seedlings. Since I am not actually very smart, I took no preventative measures to keep history from repeating itself. 255 more words

Pacific Northwest Gardening


Two of our subscribers referred to the squash as squish last week. I’ve never heard that term used before, and I think it’s kinda cute. 39 more words