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Fun Looks To Try This Weekend

It’s the weekend. You know the street is the real runway. Its time to bring it. You’ve got to live these next two days like a shoot from Vogue Magazine. 526 more words

Vine Vera

My Fave Fashion Trends of 2017

2017 has been an insane year for fashion! All these crazy, sexy, cool looks that have come out this year (and last) have been flooding my insta feed and my fashionista heart. 994 more words

Be True To You

A Closer Look At Crop Shoulder Tops

Whether you’re going abroad this summer or want to make a statement this winter, there are ways to wear a crop shoulder top that will make you fashion forward and stand out from the crowd. 431 more words

Crop Shoulde Tops

Put Together

I have always been told that I look “put together”, and it’s something I strive for when I am getting dressed each day. It doesn’t mean that everything matches perfectly, or that I have a million accessories on, but instead that everything together creates one, unified look. 255 more words



by Faridz R.

“Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety.” – Rene Daumal

Duchess & Co, a Malaysian fashion label known for its regal designs with a contemporary twist, is entering a new chapter as they present their new collection, DAWN. 723 more words

The Utility Jacket

I’ve been trying to find a cute, everyday utility jacket for a long time. I wanted something that was light enough to be worn year round, but also heavy enough to keep me warm on a chilly day. 111 more words


Trashin' Fashion 2017: Trends That Need to Get Canned

Fashion can be quite fickle. What’s popular one moment might be shunned the next. It’s difficult for anyone to remain trendy when styles tend to change with the direction of the breeze. 564 more words