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Scarf in a jug still life

Scarfs were the theme during last week’s watercolour class at the Hangar where I go regularly. I chose a bright and cheerful  scarf that was on offer and made this still life with it wrapped around a jug standing on a stool. 33 more words


Two blackbirds above cars in Valbonne.

If they are not having a bath like in my previous post I was inspired this time by 2 blackbirds up in the sky, perched on the winter trees in Valbonne. 41 more words


The manufacturing of wine barrels in Bercy, Paris.

Bercy village today in Paris is a very trendy shopping centre which was built in the 1990’s . In the past Bercy used to be an important wine market. 61 more words


Christmas presents and other news

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted, sorry. Things have been pretty busy in the studio recently and as if it wasn’t enough already, I decided to make all my Christmas presents this year. 276 more words


Paris and social networking in the olden days.

In the 1900 ‘s Facebook did not exist but there was a lot of social networking going on in the streets of Paris. To illustrate this, I chose to paint a scene from an old black and white photo portraying people exchanging stamps on the famous Champs Elysées. 69 more words


Nude drawing yesterday

Above drawings varies from one to five minutes. Good practise!