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Work in progress...

Painting n°8 in progress…

Hello everybody! :) Here are some pictures of my last painting in progress…..What was first of all meant to be a series of 7 paintings, based on the theme “The Seven (New) Wonders of The World”, quickly became “Seven Wonders of The World”, and has now become “Wonders of the World” because I’m finally adding an eighth painting! 477 more words


MikaYuu Week

GUYS! I’ve got terrible news!! MikaYuu week started while I was away on vacation and I wasn’t able to do anything! I cried myself to sleep last night because of this T___T (jk, was too busy reading MikaYuu FF until past 3am) 398 more words


Drawing nudes preserves memory better than exercise or puzzles…..

This week will be dedicated to the joy of drawing and painting the human form.

Last week I was sent an article based on a research paper from Newcastle University, entitled… 339 more words

I'm with the band

A fashion illustration |

I will be the first to admit that I can go slightly insane for bands… Playing a song on repeat, only to experience it meshed into a crowd of excited, happy youth and watching how each band member interacts and exaggerates certain melodies or motions- there really is nothing quite like it. 210 more words

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