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daily drawing

gesso, acrylic

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Mod French Look

I keep a small sketchbook by my bed at night. For the longest time I could not find any inspiration. Then, after waking up late in the night I found many images and ideas flooding my subconscious. 79 more words


Drawing People: online resources for figure drawing

I’ve been drawing people a lot lately. It’s been mostly in cartoons and working on comic concepts. Sometimes I use poses straight from my imagination, but more often I use pictures of friends or myself. 265 more words


dancers dancing

For croquis lovers, there’s nothing quite like drawing a dancer, dancing.  Keep my left eye on their movement + right eye on my painting?  Fix her as a point in space + draw (super) quickly? 92 more words

Fashion Illustration

Sejam bem vindos - Conhecendo mais a Helo

No vídeo abaixo, deixo uma breve introdução sobre mim e o conteúdo do blog. Para quem estiver mais interessado e quiser ler mais sobre mim, fique a vontade. 553 more words

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