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Inborn, Genetics or Learned Culturally

When you cross your arms on your chest, do you cross left over right or right over left? Most people cannot confidently describe which way they do this until they try it. 245 more words

Body Language

How to Read Body Language: Reinforced Arm Cross

There have been many moments in your life where you’ve encountered or even displayed an arm barrier. Perhaps, you’ve wondered like me what each type of “arms crossed” gesture means.  332 more words

Body Language

Telephones on the Floor!

Now that EVE is wrapping up and I have returned from work in Melbourne, I thought i should start to update everyone on a few things I’ve been up to. 146 more words


Body Language - What to Do and What Not to Do

Body language is one a strong way to communicate your feelings, moods, attitude, and personality. In fact, did you know that over 60% of communication comes from nonverbal cues? 596 more words

Single Women

Body Language Head to Toe - What Does it Mean

I like to educate people that you need to pay attention to your partner from head to toe. I also remind people that here are erogenous zones all over the body – so never limit yourself to just a couple of areas of your partner’s body. 759 more words



Every one of us has one or two, or a bunch of monkeys on our backs that represent nagging problems we personally have with life. They are difficult things for us to deal with, usually born out of habit or some deep psychological problem, and it takes a lot of consistent effort to either change or eliminate them. 521 more words