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Remembering Easter All Year Round

The Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel The Main Thing by C. J. Mahaney

“All around us we see Christians and churches relaxing their grasp on the gospel, fumbling it, and in danger of letting it drop from their hands altogether.” – John Stott… 1,413 more words
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Ireland Update: Abide in Him

After so many e-mails and phone calls and conversations over the last week with people who wanted to learn more about Ireland in order to pray and give financially, I received my new update today. 921 more words

World Harvest Mission

Why Gospel Cultures Are So Hard To Build

Wise pastor Ray Ortlund addresses this problem throughout his forthcoming book, The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ (Crossway; April 30, 2014). He writes this on pages 82–83: 366 more words

Cross-centered Life

"Lead me to Calvary"

Reading the book “Living the Cross-centered Life” by C.J. Mahaney has begun to change my thinking and living in more than one way. For starters, I have begun to see how deficient I had become in the practice of deriving both joy and comfort from my Saviour Jesus’ most sorrowful and most anguish-filled moments when He bore His Father’s wrath for a sinner like me, and loved me without comparison. 148 more words


The Journal Entries of Jonathan Edwards - Don't Let Your Feelings Deceive You

The Following is a Journal Entry from December 18, 1722:

This day made the 35th Resolution. The reason why I, in the least, question my interest in God’s love and favor, is, 1.

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From My Heart: The Centrality of God

Is God your God?  Perhaps, there is no greater practical question believers must ask themselves every day, as we go about our lives.  In our Sunday School class at North Country, we began a series on the book of Judges, and there has been one thought that seems to explode from the text in Judges.  Israel suffered throughout the book of Judges because God wasn’t their God.  … 471 more words

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For or Against?

Provocative questions usually lead to at minimum thought, but usually an emotional “pendulum swinging” reaction.  I was reminded of this by a brother/pastor who brought up such a provocative question in David Kinnaman’s book: “UnChristian”. 978 more words