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Core exercises to improve running and reduce the risk of injury

One of the roles of our core muscles is to provide stability to our spine and pelvis which allows our limbs to generate motion. Weak core muscles therefore reduce the ability to move efficiently and can lead to injury. 152 more words

Boot Camp

4 Exercise to Develop Core Stability

What is the Core?

The “core” consists of a group of muscles including ab­dominal, hip and back muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder. The core provides a solid foundation for movement in the extremities. 536 more words


Why people keep coming back for Kinesiology sessions......

Hi Everyone

Is lovely and warm here today, hope you are all well.

I get asked to explain Kinesiology a lot – as many people haven’t heard of it, or have no idea how it works.   776 more words

Brain Integration

The Hand Walkers, Part 2. Uner Tan Syndrome, the new research.

A year ago we wrote our first piece on Uner Tan Syndrome. We have always been interested in the neurodevelopmental windows of children and their process of moving through the various movement phases in the hopes of gaining clean upright bipedal gait. 596 more words

Move of the Week: Cross Crawl

This heart rate-boosting move is like doing the popular “bicycle” ab move, but standing up.

The Move of the Week, the Cross Crawl, is a great exercise to tone your… 128 more words

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The Journey Continues: We Are the Champions, My Friend

 So here we are living in a world that has advanced technologically so much in the last 100 years that our bodies, in particular our immune systems, have had no chance to evolve to a point where we can cope with the constant daily bombardment of pollution in the air, water and in the energy that surrounds us.  1,379 more words


Clear the Fog

I’m sure that my quest for clarity began much earlier, but I have a distinct memory of myself at age 19, high in the Colorado Rockies one autumn night, alone and lying on my back gazing at the awesome expansion of the starry sky, and thinking how clear everything looked out there. 955 more words