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A Life Overseas - Offending and Mending

Readers, would you join me today at A Life Overseas? I’ve retooled an old piece!

Of all the difficult things we do in cross-cultural moves, finding places to live is near the top.

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Cultural Competency - Tools for the Trade

If you have not read the previous posts on Cultural Competency, you are welcome to take a look! Today is the last in my 3-part series on Cultural Competency. 1,405 more words


Cultural Competency - How Does it Help?

Four years ago, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) conducted a raid on a mosque in Miami, Florida. What could have been a disastrous, public relations nightmare for both the Muslim community and the FBI was carried out so well and so carefully that most of us had no idea the raid took place. 777 more words


You Know You Married a TCK When.....

All of you long suffering spouses and partners of TCK’s – this one’s for you:

You know you married a TCK when…..

1. You’re listening to National Public Radio (NPR)  and she shouts – “I know that reporter”. 366 more words

Third Culture Kid

A Displaced Decorating Style

I love this piece by Robynn! I will explain more fully in the comments but if you are one that mixes samovars with reindeer, white lights with Egyptian perfume bottles, and Turkish bowls with books — in other words, if you mix all the cultures you love and feel a part of in the decorating of your home –  then this post is for you! 1,089 more words

Third Culture Kid

When You're Told to Pull up Your Bootstraps, and You're Not Wearing Any Shoes

It’s not often our expertise but the exploration of our own suffering that enables us to be of real assistance.That’s what allows us to touch another human being’s pain with compassion instead of with fear and pity.We have to invite it all. 734 more words

Third Culture Kid

A Word About the Weather...

A Word on the Weather by Robynn

Nothing serves to highlight the differences between where I used to live and where I now live more poignantly than the weather. 1,050 more words