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Say Hello to The Culture Guy Podcast!

After months of dragging my feet on this project, I finally took the plunge and recorded my first podcast. Many more to come. Say Hello… 118 more words


Celebration at the Seville

“I think we ended up exactly where we were meant to be,” AdventureMan said as we drove away, and I love him for thinking that, and saying that. 1,479 more words

ExPat Life

"What will y'all do?"

I have been asked some pretty good questions and they merit answers. Some of those questions are:

  • “What exactly will y’all be doing in Guatemala?”
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Understanding Human Sexuality in a Broad Context

Taken from the Introduction to The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, published May 2015, edited by Patricia Whelehan and Anne Bolin www.encyclopediaofhumansexuality.com

Sexuality as an academic, legal, medical, and social subject has become increasingly visible over the past thirty years as attested to by the dramatic increase in the number of courses, scholarly and applied peer-reviewed publications, and other resources on the topic. 274 more words


As Others See Us . . .

“Oh that the wee wee giftie gi’e us, to see ourselves as others see us,” goes an old Scottish proverb which has haunted me my many years of living overseas. 661 more words

ExPat Life

Being Connected - Cannot Be Anything Else.

One of the key tenants of the school of philosophy to which I vaguely give allegiance (Existentialism) argues effectively that there is no such thing as the “autonomous individual” – that all Being is intrinsically  “Being-In-Relation”. 382 more words

Mikel's Posts

Who is When Culture Crashes

Hi reader, and welcome to my blog, When Culture Crashes. First and foremost, it isn’t my blog, it’s our blog. Yes, that means you’re invited…but it primarily means this blog belongs to a husband and wife team. 362 more words