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The Last Post

Today is my thirty-seventh birthday and the first anniversary of my residency in England; it’s also my final post for this blog.

Right from the start, I’d always intended for Bean Love to be a year long project, so I’m really happy to have gone the distance with it, even if I did go a little off topic a lot of the time. 783 more words

On being called 'mzungu'

MZUNGU. We hear this all the time. Called out to Elliot in our backyard as people pass by; whispered in a tone of surprise when I walk into a shop where people haven’t seen me before; used as a description when someone answers their phone while at our house and explains where they are; hurled at us all the time when we’re on the street. 472 more words

Written By Tamie

Sheila Chandra

The beautiful voice of Sheila Chandra:

I think it well worth finding a youtube playlist for Sheila and just letting it play in a loop.

Inspirational Music

Awesome Mongolia!

July 3-14, 2015. Ten days missions in Mongolia.
13 people.
12 days.
1 nation.

I would love to go back to this place and continue what we have started. 125 more words


Re-entry, Round Two: Run, Run, American Runners

Look at that poor orangutan that can’t get along well with its orangutan friends anymore! This post is going to be about reverse culture shock and what has been stressing me out lately, “lately” being since July 9th, when I arrived in the US from Indoland. 3,105 more words


Praying for Ruaha

Today in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Diocese of Ruaha, in Tanzania.

We have such happy memories of exploring the Ruaha, and Selous. 25 more words

ExPat Life

Meet the Mama {Cathy Foxton}

Cathy is a Durban-based Heart Mama to four year old Lolly and has a heart for seeing children matched with forever families. I just love her story and identify with the desire to be a Mom outweighing any desire to be pregnant. 903 more words