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It started with goat intestine soup...

We were at a dinner for TAFES Associates in Dodoma, when we were offered goat intestine soup. We tried it of course, and it was not bad, even the furry bits – definitely better than the fried goat liver I’d eaten for breakfast in… 151 more words

Written By Tamie

Building Anti-Bias Bookshelves in Four Steps

What world do your collections offer children?

That was the question I recently posed to librarians and other educators at the Massachusetts School Library Association… 157 more words

We Matter

The Urumi of Kalaripayattu

And now for something completely different, and your cross-cultural moment of the day…

Kalaripayattu is the martial art from Kerala, India — located on the extreme southwest edge of the subcontinent.  60 more words



(I apologize for grammatical and spelling errors. Many times it is corrected to Indian English)

I think my favourite part about being here is the friendships I have made. 717 more words

Advice for all girls with all men (not just white girls and Nepali men)

Today I received a message from a distraught American girl who thinks her Nepali boyfriend is going to have an arranged marriage on his upcoming visit to Nepal because of the societal pressure from his parents. 657 more words

Intercultural Relationship

Welcome to the World

Before coming to Indonesia, I thought I was a pretty community oriented person. But, as with their fruit and dancing, the Javanese bring community to a whole new level. 435 more words


Guest Blog: Cousin visit

My first visitor, my delightful cousin Bianca, took lots of beautiful photos while she was here. Check out what she had to say about her visit and her pictures in the gallery. 420 more words