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Dating is tricky. Dating someone from another culture makes it even more challenging but also more interesting and fun. I was talking to Iris to see whether she remembered any moment when we could not understand each other due to cultural differences or that makes feel like what… 1,947 more words



In a few weeks’ time, Wayne, along with five youth leaders, will be traveling to Madagascar on mission. The team will be serving at the Diocese of Toliara’s youth conference in the areas of teaching, speaking, preaching, ministry and cultivating community and fellowship through games. 397 more words

The First Signs of Spring

With the first signs of spring beginning to blossom in our story, the path has been cleared and the way has been set for love to bloom. 107 more words


Educational Piece on the Pashtun

“Twentieth-century Pashtun poet Ghani Khan said of the Pashtun: “His violent nature, strong body and tender heart make a very unstable combination for living but an ideal one for poetry and color.” The Pashtun are the largest people group in Afghanistan, typically holding positions of leadership and power. 304 more words


Summary of Crucial Conversations for Educational Purposes

“What is a crucial conversation?

According to the team behind Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High, a crucial conversation is an interaction where opinions vary, stakes are high, and emotions run strong. 147 more words


Summer Overdose

I keep thinking that Danny was the smart one this summer, she made a wise choice.  Not that I really had a choice, or would have chosen to not see my oldest son, regardless of anything else.  802 more words

Bebe's Tu Silencio

I really love this song by Bebe.  I love her raspy voice, at once harsh, like someone who’s been hardened by life, at once still soft and tender.   679 more words