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What's With the Name of This Blog?

So the name of this blog is rather long winded name, like just about everything else that I say & write: ‘How Do You Like Your Rice in the Morning?’ 737 more words


Ten Commandments for Third Culture Kids

And the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not look down on those who struggle to live overseas and miss their home countries, for thou strugglest the same way in thy passport country.

Third Culture Kid

"Doesn't she have a bathroom at her apartment?!"

I started this blog post over 9 months ago (it says so underneath the ‘save’ button). I started writing it because I had a friend from China stay with me for a month.¬† 4,414 more words


Cross-cultural questions on gender-based violence: Hierarchy

A well-known egalitarian scholar once told me that the reason¬†Africans read hierarchical gender roles in the Bible is because they don’t have the theological scholarship that we do, so we need to go and educate them. 544 more words

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"The Island of Jiji" by Shyam Sharma

Join Shyam Sharma as he takes us on a riveting journey through the Ocean of Cross-Cultural Perspectives to the Island of Jiji!

The first semester of my teaching in the United States, about a decade ago in Kentucky, one student wrote an essay arguing, essentially, that the United Nations is an inefficient organization run by corrupt foreigners. 1,624 more words

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Music Review: Stan Gemes - Call of Ancient Love

Stan Gemes’ new album is something rather different to the senses – quite literally.

Unusually – given the current trend to remove physical packaging entirely with albums fully downloadable (complete with covers, lyrics and various other digital files) – his album… 616 more words

Music Review