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Cross-cultural shorts 2: baby led weaning

We were at our friends’ place and they also had some younger people over. It was 3pm, so lunch time, and I gave Callum some roasted (plantain) banana. 223 more words

Written By Tamie

My Desert Flower

Romantic flash fiction:

On the night I rescued you, the full moon was a lighthouse beacon guiding us to a destination of serendipity. The stars filled the desert sky like twinkling diamonds in the heavens, and the coolness of the evening contrasted greatly with the heat of the day as the breezy, dry desert winds tickled our skin. 811 more words


Cross-cultural shorts 1: who plays soccer?

On Mondays over the next few weeks for something a bit more lighthearted I’ll be posting some very short anecdotes of cross-cultural moments from the last little while. 187 more words

Written By Tamie

You're invited to our workshop 'Communicating across our differences'

We have recently announced we were offering a new workshop in the Mobile, Alabama area. We have a first date: January 28 at 3 p.m. at the Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship in Fairhope. 135 more words


First Tsukiji Market Auction of 2017: tuna price peaks at 74 Mio JPY!

In short:

First Fish Auction of the year at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, where the first red tuna (maguro)of the year 2017 (212 kg) was sold for as little as 74.2 Millions JPY (about 605.000 Euros), the second highest price since the record breaking price of 155.4 Millions JPY in 2013.  70 more words


With the New Year Came a New Name for Me

A pastor of mine shared once the importance of someone’s name. He described a person’s name as the handle that will open the drawer to who that person is. 661 more words


Expressing Confidence Through Your Style: Amayrani Nuñez

As she adjust the fitting of her aqua colored slip dress, she poses for a picture staring fiercely into her bathroom’s vanity mirror. She turns to me and giggles bashfully. 566 more words