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New cross-cultural analysis suggests that g or "general intelligence" is a human universal

By Alex Fradera

Intelligence is a concept that some people have a hard time buying. It’s too multifaceted, too context-dependent, too Western. The US psychologist Edwin Boring encapsulated this scepticism when he said “measurable intelligence is simply what the tests of intelligence test.” Yet the scientific credentials of the concept are undimmed, partly because intelligence is strongly associated with so many important outcomes in life. 823 more words


Gather Round

Today I had the opportunity to step into a mosque for the first time. My internship class, all of us followers of Jesus, went together to the Islamic Center of Virginia. 162 more words

Monkey Moments: What Should You Do When Culturally Adapting is Impossible?

What beverage do you order with lunch?

In the US, you might have a Coke.

In Germany, you’d probably order a beer.

And in France, perhaps a glass of wine. 394 more words


The story of us.

I am a fan of cross cultural marriage. In fact, when I hear about a cross cultural couple, my shy, introverted self is much more likely to actually talk to them. 1,816 more words

I hope the new work-week finds you all well. This is ‘J.T.’ of Cahuenga Library’s Open Mic Saturday this past weekend, taking just one more moment to thank every one of our attendants for making it out to the first ever Open Mic hour as such at the branch. 606 more words

L.A. Stories

Palakwali Lobiya | Black Eyed Peas with Spinach

Lobiya or Black Eyed Peas are one of the beans that I grew up eating. In my parents household Rajma was king and a close second was the humble lobiya, also known as rongi. 534 more words



I was dreading working this Saturday. Following recent realizations that I am approaching burnout, the last thing I wanted was to spend six hours hosting people at a conference today. 363 more words