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Thoughts in Difficult Moments

Money. It controls everything. From the amount of food you can afford to eat this week, to the phone you can use to conduct your business dealings, to the money you earn which will influence your ability to rent or buy a house in the future. 292 more words

Darkness of Skin

Sharing poem written by my son Cliff

The increased darkness of skin
akin to sin
We can judge a man
Beat a man
Kill a man… 131 more words


Humble Beginnings

I grew up as the oldest child in a family of 7. Dad worked 2 jobs to support us, and Mum had a full-time job raising 5 children. 1,110 more words

Moving 'Home' Again

Sitting in our house in Lakewood, Colorado and contemplating ‘home’ as I enjoy the many dragon flies zipping around the back yard.  Don’t ever remember there being so many as there are this year, maybe they liked the weeds and mess of our yard?  1,190 more words

Coffee Break (Part 1)

She’s from Saudi Arabia. He’s from America. The first installment in a series of conversations between two friends from very different places. 1,078 more words

The Airport Book

The Airport Book, by Lisa Brown.  Roaring Brook Press, 2016.

Continuing with our summer travel theme, we take to the skies with this delightful new book from Lisa Brown.   405 more words

Early Picture Book (age 3-5)

The Kiss of Desperation

PART 35 – She had been sitting on the floor of the bathroom, tears running down her cheeks when she heard the door open. Peter was back! 3,631 more words