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Refugee Made

I’m back in the Middle East! I have been enjoying my return to the city I came to six months ago. Winter here is pleasant, and it’s good to see familiar faces and places–especially since I’ve decided to take a longer sojourn here this coming autumn. 92 more words


Amphibians, Chameleons, and Cross Cultural Kids

“But those people who are fishes out of water were often the most vibrant ones in the room. I’ve begun to recognize a social type, the Amphibians — people who can thrive in radically different environments.” … 546 more words


6 words: Linguistic proficiency

“Well conservant conversant with the English language.”

One NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) prompt was to write a poem that contained at least five words in another language. 85 more words

The Daily Post

Long Distance & Cross Culture Relationships: You are Not a Burden

Let’s just begin with the main point. The main point of this blog is to encourage you; I want you to know that you are not a burden to your cross-cultural or long distance love. 587 more words

Long Distance

Wanting Better Things

Today is my last day in North Africa. I have quickly grown to love the country where I am. The people here are relaxed, warm, and open. 366 more words

Thoughts on this Florida school massacre.

As I was wading through a bit more of the book, “The Spirit of the Disciplines” by Dallas Willard just now, I got struck in my heart by this portion, in light of this most recent tragedy of the school shootings in Florida, U.S.A., day before yesterday.   755 more words


Mint Tea Tuesday

I sit down with my American friends on the terrace, a shady respite that offers sight of pale buildings gleaming in the distance. The waiter, a young, bespectacled Arab, tells our ginger-haired friend that he is the Ron Weasley to his Harry Potter. 290 more words