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BOYS WILL BE BOYS - Greyson Perry exhibition

“The rise of gyms, factories of cosmetic muscle, is partly down to an increased desire to sculpt an idealised body – a body not formed by experience, but to fulfil a well-marketed visual stereotype”- Greyson Perry…

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In A Nut Shell

Transgender Ideology is a very faulty ideology.  In actual fact, there is nothing wrong with one’s gender, body, and most of all one’s sex. The person claiming gender dysphoria is just a neurologically impaired individual with lots of childhood traumas, low self-esteem, and in the case of an MTF, their male characteristic brain sex is usually very much on target as seen in their typical behavior. 301 more words

Book Review: Hubby to Hussy: Pegging My Cross-dressing Husband - Adverbs! How do they work?!

“Luckily, he was already so lithe and feminine in stature…”

Hubby to Hussy: Pegging my Cross-dressing Husband (Locations 118-119)

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IN THEATERS (SF) - "Chavela"

Chavela (2017; Dir.: Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi)


By Daniel Barnes

*Opens Friday, October 6, at the Landmark Opera Plaza in San Francisco and the Landmark Shattuck in Berkeley. 183 more words

In Theaters

Video: The Secret Life of Dr. James Barry

What makes Dr. James Barry—born in Ireland as Margaret Bulkley, niece of the painter James Barry—such a noteworthy person besides passing for male in the company of people who did not tolerate gender fluidity? 94 more words

Opinion Leaders

Japanese video game with cross-dressing male teen protagonist seeks fan support

Developer thinks the planned game could be great, but worries about whether or not a fanbase exists. 387 more words