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Friday Five: Free Fiction

I know, the alliteration is cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself.

It’s Friday, which means the weekend is almost upon us! And since everyone loves free things, I wanted to recommend five of my favorite novel-length romances… all 100% free to read online! 767 more words

Gay Romance

Lucky Lady

A fellow blogger posted “To Become a Gurl” today — you should definitely check Alcazara’s blog out for some smoking, hot BDSM stories — and I realized that I really, really like all the ladyboys. 204 more words

Reader Pics

Transforming My Sissy Husband

All week long, my sissy hubby has to wear his boring suit and tie. Of course, if the real boys at work only knew that underneath the Brooks Brothers, he’s definitely not business casual, that might be a different story. 116 more words


The Threat of Cross-Dressing in 1920s Britain: a series V

How Crisp and Hull differed from the increasingly popular act of stage drag was in that their transformation occurred out of sight of the viewer. Cross-dressing as entertainment was constructed within a contained boundary in which the spectator could clearly see the object, site and outcome of transgression; it was reversible and temporary, ‘fun and functional’ 309 more words


Your Perfect Gurl

She’s every sissy faggot’s perfect lady love.  She’s gorgeous, she’s got curves in all the right places and she knows just what to do with them too.   266 more words

Big Cocks

Dicks and More Dicks

What do you call a sissy on her knees with two gorgeous trannies and one massive Alpha male?  I don’t know about you but I call that a filthy, smoking hot good time.   189 more words

New Series

Flash Fiction: The Necklace

The necklace had lived in the velvet box on her Grandmother’s dressing table for as long as Rose could remember. After the funeral her mother lifted it out, the diamonds uncurling languidly, as if she were waking them from a heavy sleep. 140 more words

Short Stories