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Transgender vs Cross-dressers

Let get ready to rumble!!!

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the differences between a transgender woman and a cross-dressing man.  The simple answer is in the question.  489 more words


The Confidence Trick 4 - Change with a Happy Ending

And all this is about confidence. Your confidence doesn’t come from how many times you’ve gone out dressed up, although it does help. It comes from who you are. 15 more words

Cross Dress

What's Transitioning?

Definition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

That’s helpful, we know what a transition is. What does it mean for a person to transition from male to female or female to male? 864 more words


Chapter 1: "The Bayan Gal"

Dear our fans of Yisak’s Beauty Bible, welcome to our second chapter! This week is a very special edition, because we used our only male blogger teammate Queen B (sort of cross-dressed him but he is NOT homosexual). 539 more words

Wild Wild Twist

By last spring, I’d decided I’d had a long enough break from cross-dressing and doing photo shoots. I wanted to do more. Each one is like a mini-adventure, and I’d generated enough ideas to do another calendar for my friends*. 398 more words


How it developed

This is a continuation from

How it continued

About a year later I met what was to be my wife. To begin with she was always in the mood, which was great. 937 more words


The Danish Girl (2015)

I’ll admit to not being predisposed to liking this:  Tom Hooper’s direction is dreadful. His wonky angles ruined the TV series John Adams; he set The King’s Speech in a dilapidated stage set; and nobody told him that there are microphones now so that he really didn’t have to shoot up the actors’ nostrils when they were singing in Les Miserables. 183 more words