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Fabulous Renaissance Lesbians, Part Two. Or, the Notorious CdE.

Well, it’s been two full years since I last updated this blog, and if it weren’t for a helpful kick in the ass from Ugo… 6,588 more words

Women And Culture

Hooked on a feline

On another old photoshoot, I had the idea of finding everyday locations that might be a bit science fictiony when seen from a certain angle, and try to get some sort of action heroine shots. 1,054 more words


The Notorious 1880 Police Raid of the Cross-Dressing Ball at Temperance Hall

“…one of the foulest and most disgraceful orgies that ever disgraced any town.”
The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, October 1, 1880.

On September 24, 1880, the Manchester City Police received information that a fancy dress ball scheduled to be held that night at the Temperance Hall in York Street, Hulme, was going to be of an improper character. 

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19th Century

My Son Wants to be a Princess

“What do you want to be for Halloween?” I ask nearly-5-year-old #1. “Hmmm…” she thinks carefully before landing upon her decision, “Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty.'” She is concrete in her choice. 612 more words


Some New Shoes

A couple weeks ago I had a dream.  When I woke from that dream I had that immediate sense of vulnerability that comes after a visual tour of the mess that still exists from over a decade of depravity.   628 more words

Christian Crossdresser

Cynthia's Summer Update 2016

It’s been awhile since my last post and since then Cynthia has been packed back into storage till the fall comes back around. Or so I thought. 438 more words

Preschool kid made to wear hair clip in front of class

From ‘Pre-school teacher suspended after parent complains about ‘humiliating’ punishment’, 10 July 2016, article by Sanjay Nair and Chew Hui Min, ST

A teacher has been suspended by a pre-school after a parent lodged a public complaint about her behaviour towards his son.

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