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Princess Jellyfish Anime Review

After moving to Tokyo to try her hand at becoming an illustrator, Tsukimi now lives in the Amamizukan apartment building where no men are allowed and every tenant has their own obsession. 1,803 more words


Drag vs Cross Dressing, Being Me!

Was I a strange kid? Why was I so infatuated with dressing up as a girl in any my alone time. I used to sit in class at school and look around at other boys in my and wonder if I was the only boy who did what I did. 6 more words

Cross Dress

I had a moustache for a day and this is what I learnt.

Cross dressing is not entirely unfamiliar to me – as a child I was always given my brother’s hand-me-downs and in high school I was often chosen to act as male leads in plays because of my height (and also we were rather short on boys since I attended an all-girl’s school). 827 more words

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