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A new leaf

Well, it happened. ¬†After about 4 years of working through this, and many ups and downs, I finally just gave in and put on a bunch of my wife’s clothes last weekend. ¬† 831 more words


I was looking around online for some cute or sexy sandals (or both!). These are what’s left after narrowing down the field. Want! Want! Want! Would LOVE to see my painted and stocking-covered feet and toes in these.

Cross Dressing

Practice, Practice, Practice

I love my free time in the morning! My wife usually leaves around 5:30 AM to catch the bus and my girlfriend is usually out of the house by 6:15 at the latest. 135 more words

Cross Dressing

A Lot to Learn

What do I mean by a “lot to learn”? Well, last night we had some friends in from out-of-state. Before I picked my wife up at the bus stop I ran home and touched up my make-up. 263 more words

Cross Dressing

Dressing Is Such A Relief

This is a re-working of an older blog I know, but recently I have genuinely realised how important dressing is to my state of mind and how the life of a Transvestite becomes intertwined with my male persona. 1,109 more words

Cross Dressing

Some New Goals

I decided last weekend to add some new goals for the next few months: Going out in public! Aside from work (which will be a huge deal), I am now planning some more “mundane” endeavors. 103 more words

Cross Dressing