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The Venomous sting of Transphoibia

As I have stated before,  I spent the majority of my childhood living in fear that someone would find out about my Crossdressing.   From all that I had seen and heard, people like me could not have a regular life and were destined to be alone.   515 more words

Sox Cottage

Birds accompanied the sound of the stream as its rhythmical babbling filled the air. Sunlight made the water sparkle as it danced downstream to its own music.  371 more words


The Danger and Futility of Healing Through Religion

During my research for future posts, I came across a blog called “Healing from Cross-dressing“. It’s a blog run by, and with contributions from, former Cross-dressers who, through their Christian beliefs, have recanted their old ways and are now helping others to do so. 990 more words


Nothing much happening

All quiet here at our little flat. The daffodils are in flower and the last few days have been quite warm, 16 degrees yesterday. Positively barmy for this time of year. 324 more words

Cross Dressing

I Wonder...

Not that I’d encourage cross dressing but… Wonder what would happen if a deviant put on a hijab and took HIS case to the European Court? 29 more words


Boys Will Be Girls

So, there I was working, paying the rent, as they say, when a rather robust, muscular  woman popped out of a stall in the ladies room. 141 more words


Well Heeled

Photgrapher: Mark Kolbe

Glitter gambols

stiletto-ed into the heart

of candid costumed

and juxtaposed

against sports socks

Tattooed legs

stagger across the divide

to carry the incongruous… 9 more words