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What is it with males and dresses?

I have a beef about men and dresses. Either they love them or they hate them. No middle ground- it’s a polarising topic. Many men would run as fast as they could in the opposite direction when even the merest whiff of dresses comes up, while for other guys the chance to play dress-up is irresistible, and they will never say no when the opportunity arises… 1,043 more words


Vesta Tilley

Since I first posted about the wonderful Vesta Tilley (a year ago today, actually), I have developed what I guess you could term a slight obsession.   287 more words


What Is It to Be a Man?

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The first time I cross dressed, it was Halloween. I wasn’t an especially attractive man. The clothes I had were not what I would have chosen: a pair of jeans that were too big and a baggy t-shirt.  831 more words

New Wintry Day Tights

It’s a cold, very snow day here so trying my new tights today. I LOVE ’em!
Of course, they’re covering a nice pair of black and pink boy shorts panties… 20 more words

Cross Dressing

Look what the cabaret dragged in!

Anna Secret Poet takes her crossdressing to the next level with a cabaret performance – come see!

Cross Dress

A little bit of this... and then some more of this


Noun \ frag·ment \ˈfrag-mənt\

a portion broken off, detached, or incomplete part

Valerie Fragment

Noun \ val·er·ie frag·ment \ val·(ə-)rē ˈfrag-mənt\

a portion or broken thought, detached mental meanderings, or an incomplete selection of rumination… 816 more words


Going Out: The Actual Experience

Well my lovelies, that was fun! I ran home after work, switched out of my “guy clothes” and started getting ready for the movie. It helped that I had worn panties and tights under my jeans all day so all I had to do was pull on my body shaper then apply my make-up and wig, and throw on my heels. 886 more words

Cross Dressing