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Sissy Homecoming

Four days with the family.  It can be a great time to reconnect and kick off the holiday season…oh god, excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth. 329 more words

Alpha Male

Thursday Morning Dress Up

Sometimes I wish I could write something a bit more meaningful than this. I got the chance to dress up today for a few relaxed hours and I had a really nice time. 145 more words


A hole in tights...

It was a cold winters night and I thought I best get some extra layers out for work the next day. I went upstairs and got out a vest out of my wardrobe. 387 more words

Ex Boyfriend

The Shock of Silence.....

Mr X had confessed that he liked wearing womens clothes and not only this but he wanted to dress up as a woman and have sex! 441 more words

Ex Boyfriend

Sissies Eat too Much...Dick

It’s that time of the year again.  Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures and our desire to huddle together to stay warm in the chilly, dark night.   368 more words


a new first on the horizon?

As things with Dave have gotten more relationship-y (actual dates, conversation, full-on mouth kissing!, etc.), things with Lindsay have taken a sharper edge.  It’s not like they planned it, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either.  1,175 more words

Calamity Jane: "Woman of the West"

In the early Americas and development of the West, there were many standards that middle class women had to meet; unless you were Calamity Jane. Many still dream and tell stories of the wild woman of the West whom fought in battles, shot from horseback, and saved  people from various Indian war parties while also maintaining her harsh reputation and manly disposition. 1,211 more words