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How to live fully in the moment

Yesterday, I wrote about my intention to be fully present in every moment so I don’t miss out on key opportunities God has given me. Today, I want to talk through a few tangible ways to practically be present in each and every moment. 641 more words

Felicia Carter

What Voices Have Kept You From Reaching Your Dreams?

What is the difference between “Impossible” and “I’m Possible?”  Grammatically speaking, just one space and one well-placed apostrophe, but in practical terms the chasm may be deep and wide with long tentacles that reach back into your personal history.  452 more words


Being fully present in the moment

Most of my life has felt like some period of waiting.

Waiting is a part of life. It has slowly taught me to be a little more patient (okay, not really…). 512 more words

Felicia Carter