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2016 | New York Day #03 Highlights

An early start in Times Square and spent the day walking around Manhattan. From Times Square, we made our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then went up to the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center. 276 more words


2016 | New York Day #02 Highlights

We started our day at Central Park and spent most of our morning walking around the park. We had a quick lunch at the zoo’s Dancing Crane Cafe before making our way to  Pure Space and the High Line. 99 more words



Took this lady down into an arroyo hence the dive suit.  A warm Texas day so the suit stuck to her, she needed my help in getting out of it.  33 more words

Michael Vasquez Art

Week 16, PPP: Pano Pinhole w/Portra

This was my Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day outing, and I decided to cross-process with my first batch of E-6 chems. Other than having more items to mix than C-41, I didn’t find it anymore difficult. 269 more words


Project 365 Film edition – April 2016

This project focused solely on film has become so much bigger than I thought it would.  I’m obsessed.  The loading of the film, the guessing with the metering (I’m too lazy to pull out my handheld meter most of the time, a goal of mine is to get better at metering accurately), deciding what to rate the film at, if I’m going to push it, shoot without knowing if I got the shot, or how it will look after it’s developed, the process of packing up the film to mail out and be developed by a film lab, the anticipation of getting that email saying that my scans are ready to be downloaded, clicking on the link, and loving close to every one of my photos.   119 more words

Expired Film Day

I am skipping over a backlog of film (27 rolls or so from 2016) waiting to be posted in order to celebrate Expired Film Day… 255 more words