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What is XSS?

Hi there, today I will introduce you to a type of web vulnerability found on most servers on the internet. It is called Cross site scripting. 243 more words

Web Security - Server Security - ( Part 2 )

SYN Attack
SYN attack ( SYN flood ), is a form of denial of service attack. This is an aggressive form of attack traffic sufficient to request the legal system can not meet the state server in an attempt to consume resources, targeted system consecutive SYN requests ( SYN requests)…

Web Security – Server Security – ( Part 2 )


Cross Site Scripting - Part 1

2 things before we begin

  • Don’t confuse this with CSS (Cascaded StyleSheet). Some genius replaced the C with X thus giving it new identity i.e. XSS.
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Application Security

More XSS Flaws Are Being Patched in WordPress Plugins

Do you remember my statement of how plugins leave open doors into the WordPress core in my article about the All In One SEO plugin being vulnerable… 479 more words


Large botnet of CCTV devices knock the snot out of jewelry website


Welcome to the Internet of things, where security is lax or altogether nonexistent.

by Dan Goodin – Jun 27, 2016 5:10pm MST

Researchers have encountered a denial-of-service botnet that’s made up of more than 25,000 Internet-connected closed circuit TV devices. 457 more words


Lack of Input Validation and Security by Obscurity

This post is about something very common among web applications, user input validation. I’ve assessed a ton of web applications that relies in trusting the good behavior of users and hoping they respect, or at least don’t discover, what his current user profile is able to do. 923 more words


Real-life hacker finds serious bug in hacker TV show Mr. Robot website

The TV show “Mr. Robot” received a lot of praise from its tech-savvy audience after the USA Network drama about a group of anti-establishment hackers debuted last year. 374 more words