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Demonstrating Cross-Site Scripting Part 2

Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Attack.

A more serious attack on a web application using XSS involves an attacker storing HTML tags permanently in a web application. The surreptitiously injected HTML tags is then rendered onto a client browser without knowledge of the browser user nor the web application developer. 1,439 more words


Demonstrating Cross-Site Scripting Part 1

What is Cross-Site Scripting ?

The following is a good concise description of cross-site scripting according to Wikipedia:

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications.

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4 Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers Proficient in YII Framework

YII framework (pronounced as “YEE” and an acronym for Yes It Is) is a free open source web application development framework written in PHP5. It is fast, lightweight, secure, reliable and professional. 24 more words

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4 Reasons to Hire PHP Developers with Expertise in CodeIgniter

PHP frameworks are in a great demand among the developers’ community because of the large number of benefits and advantages they come up with. These frameworks drastically reduce the development time and offer ample room to the developers to comfortably execute the debugging process. 31 more words

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WordPress Releases Security Updates (January 2016)

On Wednesday of last week, WordPress released version 4.4.1 of it’s popular self-hosted blogging tool/content management system (CMS, defined).

This update resolves 1 security cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability ( 127 more words

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Apakah Same-Origin Policy Pada Web Browser Sudah Cukup Untuk Melindungi Pengguna Pada Saat Mengakses Suatu Website?

  1. Same-Origin Policy

    Menurut situs w3.org, Same-Origin Policy yakni, “An origin is defined by the scheme, host, and port of a URL. Generally speaking, documents retrieved from distinct origins are isolated from each other.” Dan menurut situs…

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XSS and SQL Injection Plague Several NMSes

A slew of cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi) vulnerabilities that affect several network management system (NMS) products has been uncovered.

Security firm Rapid7… 615 more words