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Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting or XSS is a web attack at application layer. XSS rather than targeting the script embedded in a page executed on the server side, it tagets the script executed on the client side. 386 more words

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Cybersecurity threats 2015: Four new vulnerabilities in the Cisco products

Four new vulnerabilities in the Cisco products

Four Cisco security products are vulnerable to the DDoS and XSS attacks. Four new vulnerabilities have been found in the Cisco products. 408 more words

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Web Application Security in a nutshell

I created this presentation for two purposes: On the one hand it can be used as an ultra-compact introduction to Web Application Security. It is best combined with a live-demo, e.g. 79 more words

How Someone Can Take Advantage of Old IE

According to statistics, IE 8 surprisingly still have a 3.71% market share next to IE 11, which currently has 10.74% browser share worldwide. IE 9 and IE 10 trailed behind at 2.53% and 1.94% as of January 2015. 313 more words


Rails : XSS (Cross Site Scripting) : Sanitize your data from harmful HTML tags : , , etc

Do you know what XSS is?

The most widespread, and one of the most devastating security vulnerabilities in web applications is XSS. This malicious attack injects client-side executable code. 105 more words

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Dangers of The Internet

“Teh Internets

Many of us use the internet every day. Multiple times a day. Multiple… multiple times…

We do it because the internet is awesome. 1,091 more words


Hacking Facebook Accounts Using Android 'Same Origin Policy' Vulnerability

A serious security vulnerability has been discovered

in the default web browser of the Android OS lower than 4.4 running on a large number of Android devices that allows an attacker to bypass the Same Origin Policy (SOP). 8 more words

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