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Gardening Success and Taco Night

I have a tomato!! And a few strawberries! It’s an exciting time at my house!

They are tiny and green but they are there! YAY! Check out my full container garden. 220 more words


mum's day veggie sampler.

Working away on this vegetable sampler to frame for my mum on Mother’s Day. She said she wanted color in her her self described “boring” lake house kitchen–with a vintage feel. 22 more words


This Week

I logged on today determined to write something positive instead of grumbling about stress and sick kids and work trips. This is a challenge since those things have been consuming my life lately. 52 more words


Cross Stitching

I never mentioned in my introductory post that I’m quite craft, at least I would be if I was better at anything crafty. I started thee year doing a lot of knitting, which wasn’t going to badly but I never really felt like I’d progress enough to actually make something functional. 344 more words


Hello Wordpress!

Just getting started here. Check out my Etsy shop! I’ll be using this blog for updates on new items.

Cross Stitch


I learned how to cross-stitch when I was about 12. My middle school sewing teacher didn’t really go into much detail into the process. Basically, she showed me how to make the X’s and sent me on my way. 549 more words