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A slow week for stitching

I haven’t done as much as I should like over the past week, but oh well. I’m going to try to push myself a do a lot more before this Friday, when my sister and two of her kids move in. 49 more words

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Haiti Fundraiser Pt. 2

The craft fair fundraiser happened last weekend and went off without a hitch!  I’m glad I was able to participate in something that was both successful and helpful. 442 more words

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Sunday - The day of stitching.

Seeing as it’s Sunday, I plan to re-name Sunday’s to Stitchday’s. My husband and I call Monday’s F**kday’s because no-one likes a Monday and we all wish Monday would just F**k off. 17 more words

Pumpkin passport: August 

We visited India. I’m glad India is part of the adventure, my Dad worked in India (commissioning cement plants) & most of the girls I teach have Indian heritage, I went to school & grew up in the area, I found it really strange when we moved to a different area, missing the Indian ladies in their brightly coloured silks. 23 more words

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Mini Daily Inspiration

Hi everyone!

I was sitting on my balcony the other day, enjoying the cool breeze and trying to escape the heat inside my house. It was nice for sure but the view was the typical North-American reality. 298 more words


Trees moving along 

Posting from a cell phone in Reykjavik is tricky, but here goes. Getting there. Needs work. Not enough snow. But that’s fine, got four more months to work on it.

Back to vacation.


Baby blanket completed!

Last year I went through a stage where I cross-stitched baby blankets, using stitch-able afghan cloth. I cross-stitched three, but only finished the last one this past week when I added the backing and binding. 44 more words