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Someone Needs The Wood

Today’s readings (click below to open in new tab/window):
Psalms 56; 149, Nehemiah 13:4-22, Revelation 20:1-6, Matthew 16:21-28

You may have heard the expression, “Get off the cross; someone else needs the wood.” It’s generally used in response to someone who engages in showy, unnecessary, and/or self-inflicted martyrdom – probably over something trivial. 537 more words


⌈⌊You Feel Broken⌋⌉

A few weeks ago during worship at my church, as I was on my knees worshipping and talking to God, I received a new meaning of the cross. 955 more words


Poem 1: "The Thief"

Oh the day of my crucifixion

Is also the day of my salvation

The penalty of my debt and sin

On the skull hill you wash me clean… 135 more words


"Exit 53"

Location: freeway exit median.
Reason for Memorial: single vehicle, single fatality accident.


Our Need For A Savior

God’s presence either pulls you in or pushes you away. Nowhere in the Bible does someone encounter God without either becoming humbled or hardened. Pharaoh encountered God and became hardened, Saul encountered God and became humbled. 952 more words