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My Sin

Let’s talk about obedience.

Now, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written here, but the truth is you can only dodge the Lord for so long before you have no other choice but to submit to Him. 598 more words

Appalachian Devil (a poem)

Once there was an Appalachian

Village, easily mistaken for its older,

And much wiser European cousin,

Who, late one night, played host

To the Devil, manifesting himself… 354 more words



Ken Block has finally unveiled his newest gymkhana video. What makes this one different to all his other videos? This time its on dirt. Called Terrakhana, the video sees Block throwing his new 600BHP Ford Fiesta ST RX43 round the Swing arm city in Utah. 262 more words

The DEFEATED enemy within [446]

I had a draft article entitled “I am the enemy”, but this may be a bit strong. If we consider Paul in Romans 7 saying v20 “…sin that dwells in me” we are told that sin in the flesh is the problem here. 184 more words


Voicemail Box FullĀ 

Lately I have had absolutely no motivation to post on this blog. I’ve just been holding it off, each time telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow; it’s been an endless cycle of procrastination. 217 more words

The Mysterious Man

Morning Thought: The cross of Jesus is the basis on which you receive God’s grace. Imagine you were a slave being sold to the highest bidder. 121 more words

Morning Thought

Crowe on Worship

Spend your youth (and every day of the rest of your life) in wide-eyed, soul-saturated worship. Fix your eyes on the life-giving, soul-redeeming, burden-relieving, sin-forgiving, service-demanding, all-satisfying, step-guiding, life-changing God. 35 more words