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Healing or Strength...for which should we Diligently Pray?

I listen to the scriptures everyday as I do other daily tasks. I read the scriptures as well but I have found that I can listen to scripture for eight hours a day plus when I do other activities so the time is well used. 1,764 more words

Welcome to the Revolution

I recently picked up N.T. Wright’s The Day the Revolution Began. Admittedly, I loved it as soon as I read the title. I loved it even more after being pulled into the biblical storyline and enjoying Wright’s ability to pull me into the narrative. 524 more words

Wooden Pilgrim Cross

Pendant carved and burned on mulberry tree. Based on an original cross pendant of  VIII-IX century AD from Moravia. On the rear side the verse in ancient greek “rüsai hemàs apò tu ponerù/ deliver us from evil” 38 more words


How can you suffer well?

This life is full of suffering, pain, and trials and we often get caught up in wondering why we have to suffer and why God is allowing it. 157 more words

Following the Blood Trail

The story of Jesus Christ is bloody—bloodier than most of us are willing to contemplate. Centuries of artistic expression have whitewashed the horror of Calvary. Instead of a naked convict, we have the loincloth-clad Christ. 2,997 more words

Blood Of Jesus Christ

Spida Lee | EXCLUSIVE BARS 2016

Published on Sep 16, 2016

Late night on Cross Lane, Huddersfield

Spida Lee gifted us with exclusive bars from his forthcoming album ‘Rise Of A King’ – OUT SOON… 12 more words

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