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At The 212 Club

I finally went through with it, and left the confines of the apartment. It started of as another drive through town, but the novelty had already disappeared, the excitement faded, and there really was nothing left but to take the next step. 581 more words


Bared Soul

I bared my soul a little last night. It’s one of the hardest things for me to do, to let someone in. It’s a side effect of being an introvert. 634 more words


28 April journal

It’s Thursday morning folks. A almost the weekend. I’m having a tough time deciding what to discuss on this post today. With no much negativity and hate towards us trans folks, especially trans women, it’s hard to stay positive. 553 more words

Three - Getting in Touch

So I’ve tried calling, texting, left messages on Whatsapp, I even tried carrier pigeon. ¬†Getting in touch with my feminine side has not been easy, but finally I did it. ¬† 25 more words


Feeling the itch

I’ve been neglecting my blog for too long. I feel bad about it. It’s been a great way to put myself out there without the risk of being in pubic. 292 more words


Learning of myself

As the week out of town closes and we begin traveling home, I reflect on my self and how this all affected me in my personal life. 485 more words



Here’s a bandage for your feelings
A tourniquet to stop the bleeding
A soothing balm to aid the healing

Here are some words to stem the sadness… 37 more words