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Rational thoughts, irrational behaviour

If I’ve never had a bad experience, en femme, with strangers then I shouldn’t expect worse from those who do know me. Not unless I completely mis-judge them. 8 more words

Purple Drops at Clip-On

Beautiful Handmade Gold Clip-On Earrings with Purple Howlite Drops

Would you like to wear these earrings? Please let me know, thank you :-)

You can find these earrings… 17 more words


Shoe envy success 

Even before returning from a conference last week where I saw some shoes I had to have, worn by another delegate, I hit the Internet to search for them. 65 more words

Cover girl at last!

I’ve been making an album on and off since July and I finally finished it last week. The tracks are all sequenced in order and the gaps between songs have been applied with maddening precision. 495 more words


A conversation with my parents

Today I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with my parents. In it they said something that has stuck with my ever since, “we will always love you, but don’t expect us to ever help you buy a dress.” While this probably seems insignificant compared to the violence and disownment most genderqueer people face, I was really quite hurt when they said that. 200 more words

I am Leo

This film, made for the BBC, is especially notable because it is about a f2m child (media coverage of trans issues is usually m2f) and the film was made to show on their children’s channel. 283 more words

Loving being me

It’s Sunday night, and I’m all dressed up. I wish I had somewhere to go. Instead, I’m playing online, mostly on my phone, flirting with guys who like crossdressers. 197 more words