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My wife is now my Mommy. I am now her daughter

“No! I won’t do it!” I responded to my stepdaughter.

“Mom,” she whined turning to my wife. “It’s the only way I can get this finished.” 2,927 more words


Sunday in Las Vegas, day 3 of Diva Las Vegas vacation

It is Sunday, Day 3 of my Vacation to Diva Las Vegas 2018 and our first full day in Las Vegas. Now we really have nothing planned for today so we slept in and got a late start. 1,655 more words


Saturday evening out in Las Vegas

It is Saturday evening, our first day in Las Vegas. Cassandra is ready and I have gone back to the room and put on my casual dress as there really are a lot of ladies walking around the casino in dresses, some really tight and short but after all it is a Saturday night. 1,237 more words


Friday and the drive from Portland to Palm Springs

It is Friday and we are driving from Portland to Palm Springs to pick Julie up for Diva Las Vegas. Now our plan is to leave at 2am as it is a 16-hour drive maybe more if we it traffic. 795 more words


68: Dealing with Summer (Tip)

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English हिंदी English

Don’t you think saree is a wonderful garment to wear during the season of scorching sun? For ladies like us, we can cover our skin completely with our sexy sarees which protects it from burning under the hot sun.

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Saturday before Diva Las Vegas, out at the Escape.

It is the Saturday before Diva Las Vegas and I am going to the Escape tonight to spend some time with my friends. I won’t be out here in Portland with them for a couple weeks. 553 more words