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Developing my style

Do I even have a style? Of course I do, but I’m very much developing it, and my personal sense of style is still evolving. In boy mode, I tend towards mostly solid colors and some plaid, all in earth tones. 281 more words


So, about that crossdressing thing...

Katy Perry’s song lyric ‘You’re hot and you’re cold’ goes some way to summing up my approach to cross dressing. I’ve often blogged about that ‘uncontrollable urge’ but it’s been a while since I’ve experienced that almost indescribable pent up feeling that I can’t say I necessarily like and feel so much better when I’ve physically responded to it and have got home to dress in exactly what I’d planned. 899 more words


"Happy birthday to me!"

At two minutes past 4 o’clock on the morning of Sunday, August 3, 1969, a beautiful thing happened to a certain husband and wife at a hospital on the west side of Chicago, Illinois: They welcomed into their world a bouncing baby boy. 939 more words


The hubby, the Geek, the Cuckold and the Cross-Dresser

My first post regarding my current lifestyle, I hope to find it easy to speak about all the challenges, steamy fantasies, desires, mainlining a stable family, all while pushing boundaries and keeping some level of control so lust does not always win. 823 more words


My first post

So this is my first post and i I will say something about me, I’m a 29 year old closet sissy I have dress since i was 15, I’m 5.6 tall, I weight 180 lb, my clit is 5.5 in when hard and 1.5 when soft, I’m currently owned by my GF (Mistress Ashley). 43 more words


My items for Voyager

I’ve often been fascinated with the concept of time capsules.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Wikipedia (as of this writing, anyway) defines a time capsule as this: 1,274 more words


Anniversary dinner: Out and about at the mall and a trans* girls problems (with some politics thrown in too)

It was (sort of) the first anniversary of our first time out on Saturday. So my lovely wife and I decided to celebrate with a trip to the mall and a dinner for two. 1,863 more words