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Understanding Crossdressing, Gender Fluidity, and Why It's Not a Problem

Before reading this post, I encourage you to read it with an open mind and heart. There’s a lot of info in here, some disagreeable to some, so just be prepared to receive my opinion, think about it, and feel free to explore more yourself after reading. 2,342 more words

I bought a tent

I’m a sucker for a deal. It never occurs to me that the sale bargain is priced low because no-one wants it at the original price. 80 more words

Eyeliner eye-opener

Needing contact lenses to focus at short distances I always find eye makeup a challenge.

Eyeliner pencils are the most controllable (forget liquids – they always turn out like art class for kindergarten) but I can never sharpen them satisfactorily as they wear down. 57 more words

Silicon support

When I was first getting out and about I used to scour the Web for “how to” advice on both dressing and makeup.

I soon realised that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. 137 more words

Amethyst & Clip-On

Beautiful Handmade Silver Clip-On Earrings with Facetted Amethyst & Heart

What do you think about these earrings? Please let me know, thank you .-)

You can find these earrings… 17 more words


Size 16 or a tent?

Men’s and women’s bodies are a different shape, so that dress you’d love to wear won’t necessarily fit the way you would like.

A UK size 16 usually fits across my shoulders, but I only need a size 12 for anything from the waist down. 135 more words


So after my previous dressing session (that somehow lead to some kind of drama) I still felt girly. And I still hadn’t get myself a self-facial (yes, that makes a lot of “self” in one sentence, what can I do, I am selfish). 200 more words