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Waves could be heard as the ship cut its way through the ocean. The suns orb was kissing the horizon and casting the last of its light on the rippled water. 388 more words

Cross Dressing

Hair highlights

Like the proverbial London bus, I don’t blog for ages then several entries come at once.

In my enthusiasm to talk about yesterday’s shopping experience I forgot to say anything about the hair salon. 195 more words

It's all in the mindĀ 

Well, not quite but I increasingly believe that the biggest barrier to getting out en femme is one’s own fear and lack of confidence.

If you read this blog you will undoubtedly also be readingĀ  129 more words

That's a nice dress

20% off in the window of one of my favourite stores (Phase Eight) is always a strong incentive to step inside.

I was already riding high. 131 more words

To sew or not

Maybe it’s the man in me, but I want to buy gadgets. My brother buys tools to work on cars. He bought a pressure tester to use on radiators to find leaks. 412 more words



Honestly, I don’t have anything to share. I just love this pic.


Losing my bottle

I usually get out en femme at least once a week. Recently, work and other commitments have conspired to keep me solidly in guy mode for the last 3 weeks. 78 more words