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Sex and the Cross Dresser

There are always lots of straights at the Zebra Club. I see them looking at me – thinking ‘is she a ‘real’ woman?’ But they’ve come to ogle the cross-dressers and so they presume I’m a man – they are fascinated, bewitched, enthralled. 513 more words

Tales from the Zebra Club - Part III

Be careful how you judge cross dressers.

Let me just tell you one more tale from the Zebra Club. Because there’s a lesson to be learned from it. 501 more words

Start of the re-discovery

Don’t panic, I’m not going to bombard you with daily posts, I just want to get this thing started.

I married my wonderful wife by my mid twenties after about five years of being a couple. 731 more words


The fully trained Crossdresser

I’m back.  Wearing my black silk lace panties, lacy trim half slip, sheer pantyhose, lacy pink bra, breast forms, white see through blouse, black mini-skirt, silver high heels, and blonde wig. 397 more words



Sitting here watching the Olympics on the television feeling inspired to maybe take up another sport, slowly sliding forwards on the leather settee that came with my apartment. 308 more words

Cross Dressing

I suppose I'd better introduce myself...

That’s how all these blogs start isn’t it? A little background so you, the reader, know what to expect. However, with me, that’s a little more difficult than it should be. 596 more words


Tales from the Zebra Club - Part II


Oscar had taken me to the Zebra Club where he’s a singer.

It’s been the highlight of my previously dull, mundane life. 583 more words