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So what's wrong with you? or... Needing a feminine influence

This is not a posting about cross-dressing, at least not directly. In fact, it feels almost like a rant… but it’s not quite that either. Maybe it’s whining? 1,121 more words


Allison's fashion summary (4/26/2015 edition)

Scrolling through my feed on Google+ this weekend (and, yes, I am indeed on Google+), I came across this awesome outfit from Charlotte Russe that looks so awesome for spring and summer.  370 more words


The Talk pt. 2

After much reading this morning, I decided I am scared. My ex girlfriend was bi, and really exited about Becki. She was also the first person I told about her. 236 more words


This isn't flying!

“This isn’t flying! It’s falling with style!” conceded Buzz Lightyear at the end of the first toy story movie.  This is how I felt as I toppled on my new heels last night.   360 more words


The talk pt. 1

After careful consideration, I decided we should sit down and talk about this aspect of my (our) life. I have a fairly good idea of who I am, and I like to think I don’t have any identity confusion. 430 more words


Better While Dressed!

When I work from home, I generally dress completely with wig and jewelry but no makeup (while I used makeup years ago for a time – I don’t anymore because I don’t go out presenting as a women). 466 more words