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Body Work

Transforming the masculine form into something feminine is both the literal and metaphorical equivalent of “putting lipstick on a pig”. It takes talent, dedication,and the hard work of those in sweatshops worldwide to make it event remotely believable. 584 more words


The male chastity belt : A cage or a silk prison?

Many female dominants lock the male in a chastity belt.  Yes, I myself have been locked in the CB-6000 for weeks at a time.  If the male submissive being trained, broken or conditioned thrives on pain – a chastity belt is probably a great device. 362 more words


Caught by a girlfriend wearing HER clothes and then punished by her. PART #1

Yes, I was caught by my girlfriend wearing her clothes.  Forced to stay dressed in front of her, she skillfully enticed and seduced me.  It was long before she learned all about my secrets.  165 more words


October Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all fabulous, I know I am loving the spring weather and enjoying life. It has been a while since my last newsletter, sorry, but my usual excuse applies… busy! 581 more words


Breast Form Review

Hello, my name is Daniella and I am addicted to my forms. That is right people I have succumbed. I have finally upgraded from my rice filled knee high nylons to ‘proper’ breast forms. 2,041 more words


Mrs. Johnson's Sissy Harem

This is not your everyday hazing ritual…

A secret society on campus? Exclusive orgies at a secret location? It’s the story of the year, and Bobby’s going to be the one who pens the article. 2,216 more words


Something Funny

Run for the hills! It is Friday the thirteenth! Why am I stating the obvious? Well, my eldest daughter’s school is celebrating Friday the thirteenth with a little dress up day. 263 more words