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I shouldn't think like this... but I do

There has long been a thought in my head that isn’t really pleasant to think about, but one that I frequently return to time and time again. 1,050 more words


Ask Hannah!

I love your blog and follow it every day. You are so inspirational (and cute). One thing you have mentioned is that you are not “out” to most people. 176 more words

Romance Writer Roslyn Holcomb Says She Would Have Shot Trans Woman In Planet Fitness Locker Room | The TransAdvocate


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I get that many feminists are extremely anti trans* people. I also understand at least some of their reasoning in this regard and I think that we as a trans* community have a long way to go in breaking down barriers between us and our sisters in that community. I think many of us need to think about our attitudes and behaviours. We are by no means perfect and some of us are sexist and misogynistic with frankly weird ideas about women, femininity and what it actually means to be a woman. However none of this excuses this level of bigotry and hate. I am astounded and saddened. All that I can hope is that she has been misquoted somehow.

Don't you dare be camp - and crossdress only if you're queer

National Union of Students passes discriminatory motions

Dears, I don’t know what has become of the dear old National Union of Students (NUS).  When I was a member, more years ago than I like to think about, it was a welcoming, all-inclusive body where you could be yourself, nobody judged you and they fought bigotry and injustice wheresoever they perceived it.  1,160 more words


I've been manipulated, and I like it!

There is a lot of debate about photo manipulation. Some are for, some against, and some are floating voters. I’m in the camp where I like to use digital manipulation to enhance, but not necessarily radically change the nature of the subject. 674 more words