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Flying Pretty

One of my goals is to “fly pretty”,  a term that refers to going on a flight dressed.  I have no fear of doing it, but I have no travel plans on the horizon.  50 more words

Indian Ladies Club: Final Part

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. 2,508 more words

"indian Crossdressing Story"


I once had a gay haircutter I regularely went to; he knew me, about my passion, but since he left the shop from one day to the other (must have been drugs or something), I am a homeless hair cutting studio visitor. 120 more words


Lilly on the Spot!

I have agreed to do a series of 60-second interviews for the fashion press. This is a very popular format for features on celebrities – it’s quick to do and fits easily on the magazines’ back pages. 390 more words


Some red light

Hi there!

On my way to become a crossdresser it took me so long to articulate myself, and even longer to document my thoughts and my visual nature. 126 more words


My Crossdressing Journey

I cannot remember the first time I wore female clothes. I know I was young, a teenager going through the mind field of puberty. I remember reading a story in an adult magazine (yes i read the stories) and it talked about a woman working in a shop window and a man noticing her pubic hair sticking through a rip in her jeans. 258 more words