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Just a dress I like...

I was looking at dresses today (Some of you already know I like dresses), and this caught my eye. It’s probably not good for my self esteem, because I want to wear something like this and I’m so far from passable, it’s unreal.

Bi The Way

Putting Ourselves Out There

Well, that was fun! In our wisdom we decided to promote Priscilla’s Services on Facebook. This is what happened.

Facebook sent me a message last week, saying that for a ridiculously small amount of money I could reach an astounding number of people all within a tiny radius of our business. 1,121 more words


I'm very grateful

I have no real recollection when I first started to cross-dress. Or feel the inclination. Probably around nine. I’m eighteen now. The urges – the feelings – are strong and compelling; but the reason ‘why’ remains inexpressible, beyond some vague enthralling sensation that ‘it just feels good!’ An enduring curiosity persists, but not related in any way to sexual stimulation or gender identity. 508 more words

Peter is turned into a sissy by his wife and her girlfriend. A life of pleasing clients as a masseuse awaits him.


Helen and I had been married or five years and I guess our sex life wasn’t quite as it used to be. 4,348 more words

The Audience in the Mirror

We all love to put on a show for ourselves in the mirror but wouldn’t it be nice to have a real audience for a change? 1,434 more words


The first week at uni can be fun, but not every femme boy is lucky enough to meet someone like Kerrie who will guide them to their destiny. 1,812 more words

Read my novel!

You should read my novel. The story of my life, so far. It’s absolutely fascinating. I promise you’ll never read anything like it again. Ever. 480 more words